Macadamia Nut Orchard

Macadamia Nut Orchard

The Vision

In 1981, John Moore, a horticulturist serving at the Baja mission, had a vision to develop a way for the orphanage to become self-sustaining. His dream was to identify a fruit-bearing tree that would be both drought and frost resistant, but that could also produce a crop that would not compete with local farmers. Using one acre of land, which is now the prayer garden, he researched and experimented with many varieties of trees and plants to find the right solution. He ultimately determined that the best choice for mass production was the macadamia nut (most commonly grown in Hawaii and Australia). As a result the Baja mission is now home to a 10 acre, 3,000 tree orchard. The nuts, which are grown organically, are harvested by orchard staff and visitors from October to April. We currently harvest 30,000 pounds (in shell) per year, but when all the trees reach full maturity, we expect upwards of 300,000 pounds annually.

Over the years, we have appreciated staff and visitors alike who have contributed many insights, improvements, and investments into the equipment and processing in the Nut House. We are also so grateful to McCormick’s for the ongoing donation of spices to flavor our roasted nut products. We market our flavored nuts and baked goods to Mission visitors through our on-site gift shop, but we also are blessed to be able to sell our shelled nuts to several bulk buyers within Mexico.

We believe John Moore’s vision is part of God’s plan to support the orphanage – and much is needed to enable us to process the growing intake of nuts. We trust the Lord of our harvest to provide and send the help and knowledge needed to maintain the bounty He has so richly given.

Are YOU part of His plan and provision? Please contact us if you can help in this ministry.