Mariana Berenice Aguayo (Perez)

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 26

I was born in a Christian family and grew up hearing Bible stories, going to VBS, and interacting with other churches in Christian camps and Christian conferences.

I first participated as a teacher in a program for children and then I went in a missionary trip with my youth group to the States of Puebla and Veracruz and we did a VBS for the children with the program “Rancho Vaquero” from Life Way, I was in charge of crafts, we did the VBS during 3 years.

In one of those trips I started to feel the desire to serve on the mission field. In fact I had been doing it so I only needed to keep doing it. At the same time I started teaching Sunday School in my church.

Now I am sure of having made the best decision in coming to the Bible Institute, this time will help me to develop myself spiritually and to follow God’s will. 

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