Angelina Garcia Jimenez

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 43

I come from a family of divorced parents; I can describe my family as a quiet one but without purpose or direction.

When I was 6 years old my mother decided to put me in an orphanage, and today I am so grateful that she did it. It was there that I met Jesus and got to know of his love for me and where I decided to give him my heart; after that my life took meaning and I was able to enjoy it. The desire of my heart is to live for him and to serve him all the years he allows me to live.

I was married for many years but I am divorced now. The divorce was very difficult and I felt bad for a long time because I know God doesn’t like divorce. But the situation made it unavoidable.

For many years I was helping as a Sunday School Teacher at the church of Pastor Glen Almeraz, and then I spent 2 years in the outreach department teaching in the camps and helping a little bit with drama and music.

Ministry for me is to serve God giving the best of us and to share his word wherever we are.

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