November 10, 2017

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Sutherland Springs: This a time to mourn for the soul of our nation. Let us pray for Sutherland Springs and all the families affected by this event. Our hearts are heavy, but God is on His throne and we WILL be victorious in spite of the evil in the hearts of so many. 

A time to weep and a time to laugh, 
    A time to mourn and a time to dance.
”  Ecclesiastes 3:4


Thank you for praying for our annual board meeting. It was held at our beautiful Oaxaca Mission, a place where everyone should visit. We had the opportunity to go to the prison and other historical places.




The youth group at the Oaxaca Mission is experiencing a move of God the Holy Spirit with the leadership of Pastor Edgar Rivera. Pastor Edgar ministered in the remote regions of Oaxaca for years. Five teenagers were baptized Sunday afternoon.

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In preparation for the board meeting, the work group from Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin spent days laboring. They worked from early morning to late at night and were tremendous representatives of servanthood.

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The monthly Friday night prayer group was tremendously blessed by the ministry of Keith and Maya Durkin who work with the street children in Tijuana. Thank you all for praying for the Durkins. 

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We thank God for Jack and Lois Schofield who are back with us again this year. They are busy sending out cards with beautiful ornaments to those who are participating in giving to our Alternative Christmas

If you would like to participate and give a gift towards Alternative Christmas click hereYou can also order free paper ornaments to send to your loved ones.

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Although Doug Williams, our C.P.A. has yet to finalize our annual audit, we believe FFHM is approximately $58,000 in the red. This is the second year we have had a deficit. The fact that it is nearly impossible to transport donated goods across the border into Mexico is the reason for this deficit.

We know that God’s work done God’s way will not lack supply.  


Andrea Pereau Lombard went through surgery on Wednesday to put in a pacemaker. Please pray for a quick recovery and total healing.


Please join us in prayer for Pastor Leland Lantz and wife Marcia, who will be traveling to Uganda, Africa to visit and minister to the world’s largest refugee camp. They are dear friends of His Ministry.  They will be bringing support to three different missionaries located in MoyoMbale, and Kampala. 

November 3, 2017

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The U.S. Board will hold their annual meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico from November 2nd – 4th. We would appreciate your prayers that God would grant us His wisdom, direction, and purpose for this vital ministry.


Our beloved Keith Durkin will be sharing at the Friday night dinner, November 3rdKeith and Maya have served in Mexico for many years as church planters. He began his ministry at the Baja Mission. Presently they're feeding hundreds of displaced children in Tijuana.

Please call Linda at (949) 492-2200 if you plan to attend the dinner. It will be held at Lutheran Church of the Cross on El Toro, Laguna Woods, CA.



Barry Wineroth introduced us to Brian Mooney who served as the mission host for a number of years. Brian often told the miraculous story of his healing as a child. He married Margaret and they went on to Belize to serve the Lord at a daycare center. Then the Lord took Brian home. Margaret was left with three children and continues to serve in Belize. Please pray that God will meet her many critical needs.



For 50 years Bel Air Presbyterian Church has furnished turkeys and the makings for our Thanksgiving dinner. But the day has come when we can no longer transport turkeys across the border into Mexico. The Van Dykens, who have made all the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner for many years, were prepared for this year but we have no turkeys and fixings. Please pray. This may be a project to which you’d like to contribute so we may purchase the ingredients in Ensenada.


Judy Gama is the founder of Wings in Redding, CA, our only auxiliary. Judy is in critical condition and has had multiple issues related to her heart. We can never forget the celebration she hosted for our 50th anniversary. She was led by the spirit to honor the oldest member of Wings and Lorraine Barter, our bookkeeper, who graduated to heaven shortly thereafter. Judy needs a healing touch by Jesus. 


Charles and Robin Nahas have faithfully served our newsletter mailing team for years. They come to our Friday night dinners every month, and each month I see Charles’ strength waning. Please pray for him and for Robin, who had a bout with cancer.


Connard and Deanna Hoffman have served both in Oaxaca and at the Baja Mission. The Hoffmans are multi-talented missionaries and very faithful prayer warriors. Connard will be having a kidney and growth removed on November 30th. Please pray. 


Linda StromDiscipleship Unlimited, has been a faithful supporter for years. They have purchased Charla’s Children and The Little Lost Pup and distributed them throughout the prison at Gatesville, TX. How we thank God for Linda and her ministry to “the least of these.” Thanks to their donation, one of the staff members in Oaxaca was able to travel to Ixtepec, which was affected by the recent earthquakes. They were able to construct a shower for them and are providing the water needed to run the shower. They also handed out needed supplies to the people living in this camp. 

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Our annual Alternative Christmas campaign started in October. You can help meet the basic needs of the ministry as well as our surrounding communities in Baja and Oaxaca. 

A friend of the ministry included a note with her donation: "This gift is given to further the wonderful work you are doing. It it given in memory of my husband, Reverend Alfred W. Walck and his sister, Amanda M. Walck, parish worker, it is also given in honor of our family of 12 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

My husband and I were foreign missionaries to Papau New Guinea for 26 years. 

We have been impressed with your work and regularly read your newsletter, often sharing it with the family. The grandchildren chose to give toward the peanut butter and milk project. The little ones will enjoy receiving an ornament to hang on their Christmas tree to let them know where their grandfather's memorial was sent. 

Thank you for the good work among the children of Baja and Oaxaca."

If you would like to participate and give a gift towards Alternative Christmas click hereYou can also order free paper ornaments to send to your loved ones.

The Mission Exists Because of This


Graciela Cordoba, Baja outreach supervisor, writes: I received a call from a brother asking for help for a family in great need. When I had time at the end of the day I went to look for the family. They were in a sad situation. They literally had nothing. That day they had to leave the house that had been loaned to them for a year. Now their aunt loaned them some land, but there was nothing on it. It was only a piece of land.
The 12 year old daughter, Beatriz, went out to look for work and arrived at Roberto Rojas’ camp. She told him she was 18 years old so they would give her work, however Roberto saw how young she looked. 

He still wanted to help the family, so he took them pasteboards to make a small house. He gave them laminate sheets for the roof, a nice stove, a gas tank and a lot of food. They now had a house with eight children, the oldest was Ricardo who is 17 and the youngest was Milagros who was three years old. 

Their beds were wooden racks with cardboard on top and they had four blankets for 10 people. They had no glasses, so they used cut plastic bottles.   

I brought Ricardo and the three oldest girls to the clothing room in outreach at the Mission. 

The siblings

The siblings

Beatriz said, ‘Wow, my mom has never brought us to such a big clothing store!’ They were overwhelmed to find clothing and shoes for the whole family and a blanket and pillows for each of them. It is our privilege to serve the poorest of the poor.

The mother is 34 years old, from Guerrero and is sick in bed. The father is Triqui from Oaxaca. He is the only one who works in the family. Their situation is very difficult, but God is faithful. Beatriz said to me, ‘Isn’t it true sister that our house is beautiful?’ ‘Of course it is,’ I said, ‘it shows your effort and work.’ 

The Word says that when we give to the poor, we are loaning it to Jehovah.

The Little Lost Pup

Al Cunningham, San Quintin State Prison, is one of many inmates who have received a copy of The Little Lost Pup. Hundreds have been sent to prisoners, in both English and Spanish in the U.S. and Mexico. 
Another prisoner found a copy of The Little Lost Pup that was left behind and thought it was a kid’s book. He began to read it and was captivated. The lights went out in his cell, but the halls were illuminated. He moved over to the bars and continued to read. He was shocked; he was in the book on page 26! He was the inmate with the tattoo “Pup” on his arm! Craig had led this white supremacist to a saving knowledge of Jesus while he was incarcerated in Norco State Prison years before. A compilation of these stories is included in The Little Lost Pup, a must read.
Terry Meeuwsen, Co-Host of 700 Club said, “Sometimes a story is written that is so poignant in its simplicity and truth that it is powerfully effective! I highly recommend this book.” 
“Craig Pereau’s story reminds me of Isaiah 61:4, that the Lord bestowed on him beauty for ashes and the oil of gladness instead of mourning. His story deeply moved me, as it will you also. Craig’s saga is a gripping parable of his own life. I encourage you to read it and share it with your family and friends.” – George O. Wood, Former Assemblies of God General Superintendent.  

Many of you have read an Angel Award-winning book, Charla’s Children; “A wonderful twenty- first century missionary story with accounts of God’s miraculous power.” God Among Us compiles many more stories of God at work, using ordinary people to accomplish what no one thought possible.  

All three books can be had for your $30 donation to Foundation for His Ministry, or in Canada, Maranatha Evangelistic Association. Separately they can be mailed for $13/each shipping included; a precious gift for your Christmas giving. Order online or use the pink envelope. 

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Count Your Many Blessings,  See What God Has Done! 


 Thanksgiving is an autumn day
And a tree of scarlet hue, 
A special time we set aside
When thanks alone are due. 
Thanksgiving is a quiet place
Where we may kneel in prayer, 
And there converse
alone with God, 
Enfolded in His care. 
Thanksgiving is a table spread
With bounties from the land, 
A special time to share with all
God’s wealth in every hand. 
 Thanksgiving is a sacred time
To praise our Lord above, 
For guidance through
our earthly day, 
His comfort, care, and love. 
 Thanksgiving culminates a year
Of blessings from God’s store. 
He pours them forth to all on earth
Then offers more and more. 
We give our thanks and
praise to Him, 
For He has blessed our days
With life and health
and blessings
In many uncounted ways. 

By Al Cunningham, San Quintin State Prison


No words better express the spirit of this season, than these from a great old hymn: “count your many blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” I hope your heart, as mine, is singing them today. Despite the tribulation and trials that come our way, God is good and gracious. He has seen us through another year and produced another harvest. It’s a joy to partner
with you. A blessed Thanksgiving.

October 27, 2017

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The memorial for Jan Holter will be at Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI on November 4th at 2pm.

Carl, Jan’s husband who serves on the FFHM Board, requested these verses be prayed for him: Psalm 25:4-5 “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths: Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” 

And a verse from Jude: “But you dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.” 

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The Board will be traveling to Oaxaca on November 1st for our annual meeting. The Oaxaca Mission will host us from November 2nd-5th. Please pray for those who will be traveling and that we be granted God’s wisdom and understanding as we direct Foundation for His Ministry

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Our beloved Keith Durkin will be sharing at the Friday night dinner on November 3rdKeith began his ministry at the Baja Mission, and together He and Maya have served in Mexico for many years as church planters. Presently, they are feeding hundreds of displaced children in Tijuana. Maya recently went through breast cancer surgery. To know them is to love them.

Please call Linda at (949) 492-2200 by noon on WednesdayNovember 1st, so Valerie, our cook, will know how much food to prepare. It will be held at Lutheran Church of the Cross on El Toro in Laguna Woods, CA. 

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Chuck and Charla have been invited by Ruth Diehl to speak Saturday night, November 11th and Sunday morning, November 12th. The Sunday morning service will be at 10 am at Arizona Hills Community Church, 40404 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy, Anthem, AZ

For information about Saturday night’s 6pm service,
please call Ruth Diehl at (623) 256-5461.

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Wonderful news: Friend of the ministry, Bruce Camp will be flying to Cuba despite two hurricanes, on Friday, October 27. Pray that he and the missionaries with him do not encounter any difficulties on their journey. Pray that the medicines and Christian materials arrive safely and clear customs.



Laura Rodriguez, Oaxaca Administrator writes, “We are discouraged!” In Oaxaca and other places in Mexico there is an annual practice of Day of the Dead on October 31st. There is often demonic manifestation connected with this celebration We don’t know whether or not this is a demonic manifestation, but…we’ve had mechanical failures, two washing machines that refuse to run, the internet has been sketchy, the copier is jammed and the guy who promised to come fix it didn’t. The children are struggling in school. All this to say we are in need of your prayers as we prepare to hold our annual Board meeting November 3rd and 4th in Oaxaca.

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John Gause, husband of Doranne, is recovering from extensive heart surgery on Tuesday, October 24th. Doranne has accompanied Charla a number of times on visits to Oaxaca. They are faithful supporters. 

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We have another request for distribution of The Little Lost Pup at a prison in San Diego. This is a very powerful tool in making Jesus Christ known to inmates and to those who love them. Perhaps you would like to make a contribution to this worthy cause? Any amount would be appreciated. We would like to send the books as a gift to this Chaplain. Donations can be made here.

October 20, 2017

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Even the children in the remote areas of Oaxaca recognize their need to speak English. Our missionaries Glenda and Manuel are willing to serve children and adults by giving these classes. The group speaks Mixteco, one of 157 languages currently spoken in Oaxaca. More than 30 children gather in this primitive setting.
Of course the Gospel is presented. 



Modesto, who is legally blind, walks the mountains of Amoltepec sharing his faith and preaching the Gospel. He walks many miles every day, frequently falling on the rugged terrain. Modesto says, “It’s always worth the effort, these brothers and sisters wait attentively to listen to the Word of God." Thank God for Modesto who is reaching the unreached of Oaxaca.

We just received this prayer request from Modesto and his wife Eugenia: they took their infant son to an urgent care in Oaxaca where he was hooked up to oxygen. They will be staying at the Oaxaca Mission.

lutheran church of the cross_rummage sale_success.png

The Lutheran Church of the Cross rummage sale raised $9,000 for the benefit of the hurricane victims. It was a lot of work. However, many poor neighbors were blessed by their purchases and the remainders from the rummage sale went to Working Wardrobes and the Orange County Rescue Mission.  

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Praise God, the surgery was successful on Maya Durkin and no follow up chemo is needed. Keith will be our speaker at the Friday night dinner on Nov. 3, 2017
Noel Wilson will lead praise and worship and our faithful friends Tom and Georgia Klebau will be the hosts for the evening. Chuck and Charla Pereau will be at the annual Board meeting in Oaxaca. 


Jan Hume Holter was called home at 1:30 a.m. the morning of Oct. 19, 2017. She was able to communicate her last wishes in a soft voice and the loving heavenly Father took her home. Her husband, Carl, writes “From my first date with Jan 51 years ago in October of 1966, I was gradually pulled into her world of giving and caring for others. It has been a privilege and honor to be united with Jan on our journey together. She never told me what to do but the invitation to join her in music and care of others was there and eventually I was able to sing with her in front of a crowd of people. She impacted everyone she met.” 

2017 ffhm_christmas stocking_janice larson_lucy stand_lynora wilson.png


The women from the Village Church gathered at Vicki Gravell’s lovely home. The project was to assemble the Christmas stockings which are given to the children at the Baja Mission. Vicki is amazing! She and her husband have shopped all year long, purchasing the very best gifts to be given to our precious children.  Perhaps only God knows the countless hours she spent shopping and organizing for this event. 

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Don’t forget the Canadian mailing is October 25 and the U.S. mailing is October 26.Come all ye faithful! They gather in the rec room at 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, CA. 

October 13, 2017

lutheran church of the cross_rummage sale.png


Come and shop till you drop - for those in the Orange County, CA area there is a giant rummage sale at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 from 7am to 3pm. All proceeds will be given to earthquake and hurricane victims. This is a great cause that will bless others.  Donations are accepted. 

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Bertie and Jim Knowlton have both gone home with rewards waiting for each. Bertie was an artist of note. She illustrated Craig Pereau’s book, The Little Lost Pup.  Jim and Bertie served in Papau, New Guinea as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Jim was a history teacher. Jim graduated to heaven Sept. 28, 2017.   



Tarps provide protection from torrential rains in Oaxaca for earthquake victims.

lutheran church of the cross_women's retreat speaker.png


 The Women’s Retreat at the Lutheran Church of the Cross in Laguna Woods was a great blessing. Thank you to those who prayed. Sheila Miller, a prayer warrior organized this very special event.

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Thank you for your prayers for Pio's eye surgery. He had cataracts removed and permanent contact lenses placed in both eyes. Please continue to pray that Piowould gain clear vision as his eyes heal.

dclc_esther torres.png


dclc_esther torres_child on computer.png


We are having to say good-bye to Dirk and Mary Kos, founders of the Disabled Children’s Learning Center (DCLC). May we introduce Esther Torres, DCLC administrator. Pray for her as she assumes this vital ministry to His special little ones.

tj house_ricardo_andrea_students.png


Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos oversee the students going onto higher education. Our children are given the opportunity to pursue higher education at the University, Tech School or nurses’ training. Pray for Ricardo and Andrea, as they oversee these children of promise; and for these young people, that their faith in Jesus Christ will remain strong in this secular environment.

October 6, 2017

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Dear family and friends,

Perhaps it is needless to say, but Chuck was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love celebrating his 88th birthday. Thank you so much for the cards and gifts. For those who were able to attend his party, he stood in amazement as he looked out over the room filled with loving family and friends. 

"As it is written, things which eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love him..." this is what is prepared for us. Until then, Chuck will go on singing.

Much love,
Chuck and Charla

oaxaca_earthquake rubble.png


Ricardo Santillan and Joel Pedraza will be traveling Monday October 9th, to Oaxaca with a team of doctors, ministering and providing medical services in a number of communities. Please pray for not only the victims of this major earthquake, but for those who minister. Mario Cordoba, our Mission Pastor, is unable to accompany them, but his heart and spirit is with those who suffer in Oaxaca. 

oaxaca_earthquake rubble 2.png


Pictures of earthquake in Oaxaca. All over the world there is great tribulation but look up your redemption draws nigh. Praise God we were able to send a team to Oaxaca to minister to those suffering from the effects of two major earthquakes.   

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Received Wednesday, October 4: After a plethora of doctor's visits, tests, prayer, tears and wonderful times of worship Maya is scheduled to be operated on tomorrow at 4:00 PM Pacific time for a mastectomy. We are still asking for a complete miracle healing yet at the same time walking the path in light of the limited understanding we have. We are so appreciative for all the prayers, texts, e-mails, phone calls and acts of love that you have poured out over Maya and our family.

Ironically, this is breast cancer awareness month and Maya will be our poster child. She has been diligent to have a yearly mammogram and this may be a life saver for all of us. God is with us and He is a very present help in time of trouble and ultimately He is our healer.

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Charla will be speaking at a Women’s Retreat Saturday, October 7 at The Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for a suggested donation of $10. Please pray that God, the Holy Spirit will minister to each and every participant.  Charla is a little concerned. She had a minor stroke in July and her ability to read is limited.  

jan holter.png


Carl Holter writes: “Jan started the new chemo infusion last Friday. She asks for prayer that her faith in Jesus remains strong! I know it is, but facts and feelings can get confused when we are run down physically to a very low point… she feels worn out and is pulling the load with her head down exerting the effort it takes.”

We have a Story to tell the Nations

Maria Villa Pablo

Did you know we have a radio station in Juxtlahauca, Oaxaca? Recently we were able to upgrade the transmitter from 600 to 1000 watts, thanks to a very generous friend. We broadcast from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and reach the Spanish, Mixteco, and Triqui speaking people in Oaxaca. The following are four testimonies Maria Villa Pablo received from listeners: 

Emilia is a young single mother living with her Catholic parents and six year old daughter. In the past, her family wanted nothing to do with Evangelical Christians, but now Emilia and her mother love to listen to our Christian radio station. “In moments of affliction it gives us peace. It has been a great help for my mother who was quick to judge people, but now she thinks before judging.” Emilia is faithfully taking her daughter to Maria’s church because she has understood the value of God’s Word.
Cristina is a member of Maria’s church and teaches Sunday school. Our radio station has a special place in her family. “The broadcast has been a great blessing in the life of my husband, Alberto, who listens to the preaching. When his customers ask questions about the Bible, he answers according to what he has learned on the radio. 

Now Alberto has started coming to church. When I tended the store, one of our suppliers listened to the station and now he comes from out of the area especially to hear the broadcast.” 

Gudelia and her husband came to Christ four years ago, broken, because of infidelity in their daughter’s marriage.  God not only strengthened their own marriage, but restored their daughter’s marriage. “Through listening to the station’s counseling programs, I have learned how to love and honor my husband and how to give counsel to my own family.  I take care of my grandchildren and apply the advice I received from the broadcast.  I thank God for the radio program because life principles are taught from a Biblical perspective.”  

Gabriela is married and has a three year old son and a three month old baby girl. She and her husband serve as teachers in Maria’s church. “We have heard advice on the radio broadcast on marriage and health remedies. We don’t have money to buy medicine for our children so we use the home health aides. God has used the station to help our marriage and bring us closer to Him.” 

Adventures in Canada

canadian flag.jpg

The late Rev. Harald Bredesen, a noted Christian statesman, moved to Van Nuys, CA. We became the best of friends. 

Harold Bredesen

Harold Bredesen

Later, he was called to pastor at Trinity Christian Fellowship, Victoria, B.C. Harald said, “When we get settled in our new church, we must have reports of Baja Adventures.” Thus I was invited to British Columbia. 

Following the service, I was invited to High Tea at Colonel Bill Riddell’s lovely home. He asked me if I would be willing to share this incredible story with Rev. John Lucas, his friend in Calgary, AB. 

Minutes later he was on the phone with John saying,  “John, a Lutheran lady spoke at our Sunday morning service. She has an amazing story of how she and her husband adopted a Zapotec Indian baby which opened the door to their current ministry in Mexico.” 

I overheard John’s reply, “Why would I be interested in the testimony of a Lutheran lady? I’ll call you back after I’ve prayed about it.” Twenty minutes later, John called, “Fly her to Calgary and I’ll have her speak at the mid-week service.” 

Pastor John Lucas

Pastor John Lucas

It was a short flight from Victoria to Calgary, AB. As I stood at the airport waiting to be picked up, a young man inquired, “are you Charla?” I replied, “Yes.” Then he said,  “Missionaries don’t usually wear hoop earrings.”

I was puzzled by his statement, but then was driven downtown to the Immanuel Assemblies of God church where I was received with the warmest of welcomes. This invitation opened the doors to ministry across Canada. 

Our Baja adventures were shared in small and large congregations from Ft. McMurray, AB
to L’Assomption, Quebec. I was invited to be the plenary speaker to 10,000 attendants at Mission Fest, B.C. in Vancouver. 

Our dear friend, the late Rev. Percy Gutteridge recommended that I share the amazing story at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Churh in Mission, B.C.  

While speaking there, I met Olive Kieler, who was the church secretary and
 cook at Camp Luther. 

She caught the vision of bringing work groups to  the Baja Mission. Her husband, Larry, was the bus driver and they gathered up young people from all over Canada who would have their lives changed forever by the trip to Mexico. 

Pictorial journeys with Larry and Olive were amazing adventures of joy and yes, a few tears. 


Larry Kieler was a master mechanic/bus driver. He provided the transportation to Mexico. Olive made all arrangements for their sojourn. When the Kielers and their crew arrived he was sent to the auto shop. There were vehicles waiting, including our back hoe, which was always in need of repair. Olive was met with a truck load of tomatoes. She knew how to can. Olive and her crew canned thousands of quarts of tomatoes.

Often Pastor John Lucas drove me hundreds of miles to speaking engagements that he had arranged on my behalf and Olive did the same. There were times when I scheduled my own itinerary and ended up hitch hiking.

I was guest speaker at Burnaby Christian Fellowship in British Columbia and had an evening service in Anacortes, WA. There was no bus transportation. What could I do? I walked a few blocks away from the church carrying a suitcase, a slide projector and put up my thumb. Sid Fluvog picked me up and drove me all the way to the church. I will forever be grateful.

Nick and Zoya

Nick and Zoya

From Anaimo, B.C. I met Nick and Zoya Andruff. They were certainly heroes of the faith. He was a master maintenance man.  She, a gourmet cook and a healer of the broken hearted. 

The Andruffs used their van to do procurement and made a weekly trip from Osborne Neighborhood Church in Arleta, CA to the Baja Mission. For 14 years they picked up everything from nuts and bolts to restaurant supplies. 

If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, you must be servants of all. Nick and Zoya Andruff were certainly servants of all. 

More than a Carpenter

Elaine's painting

Elaine's painting

WhiIe in Wetaskiwin, AB, on one of my sojourns in Canada, I met Ian and Elaine Croft. I was invited by them to coffee at Tim Horton’s. Ian asked, “Could you use us in Mexico? I am just a carpenter.” 

I immediately thought, “He was just a carpenter.” He added, “My wife is deaf.”
Ian was more than a carpenter and she far more than an artist.  

With Elaine’s creative touch, things became works of art.

We have several of Elaine’s paintings in the San Clemente office. 

When children arrived at the home in Oaxaca, they were given a beautiful quilt lovingly made by Elaine. She taught quilting to indigenous neighbors and in the prisons. 

The Crofts have faithfully served in Oaxaca
for 17 years.

September 29, 2017

maya & keith durkin.png


Keith Durkin sent us the following letter: “We received the pathology report that Maya has breast cancer. Her faith is strong and we have many family and friends praying for her. Today we visit an Oncologist and begin to prayerfully make some decisions. We know that God is with us and will help us as He always has. We believe in Jesus Christ our divine Healer. Thank you for agreeing with us. Also, this Friday is Maya's 50th birthday. If you would like to send her a note of love and encouragement that would be wonderful.”
Her email is:

Maya’s mother Magdalena is also very concerned, please remember her in your prayers too.



Dirk and Mary Kos, who pioneered our ministry to the disabled, have now returned to Edmonton, AB. In 2005, they joined our team in BajaDirk expanded the ministry to the disabled by furnishing a variety of equipment and goods for their aid. They took disabled children into their home. From a meager beginning our ministry to disabled children was birthed. Regretfully we say good-bye to those who birthed this ministry.

jan holter.png


Update on precious Jan Holter: The latest was the good news we received today from her Oncology doctor who came to her infusion bed side while she was getting scheduled IV fluid to announce that the molecular research on her cancer cell type had shown a better cancer drug to treat her.
This is to be started on Monday September 25

oaxaca_earthquake rubble.png


Thank you for your many inquiries about the earthquakes in Mexico. We are sending funds to Oaxaca to assist those urgently in need of help or assistance. We will communicate with the pastors we know in the surrounding communities to find out their needs. To get financial help, they need to submit photos of the house or church that needs renovation or reconstruction. After completing the project we will have them send photos again so that we have something to send donors.

If you would like to contribute please click here.



Please don’t forget our Friday night prayer group gathering. If possible please call your reservations in by 2pm at (949) 492-2200. I know these special guests from Romania, the Calugaru Family, will be a blessing for all.

Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross located at
24231 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.

oaxaca_tarp roof.png


Our whole world is suffering the result of hurricanes and earthquakes. Praise God! We were able to send monies designated for tarps to cover the roofs of the destitute because of your generous giving to our Alternative Christmas.

September 22, 2017



Minerva Trujillo, our Baja secretary, was there visiting her mother. She says they are safe, but the damage seen in the city is overwhelming. Please pray for those who are ministering to the victims. Stranger than fiction, it hit on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that destroyed a large section of Mexico City which killed thousands. 

 “And there will be earthquakes, in various places. …”  Matthew 24:7.  

“Look up your redemption draws night,”  Luke 21:28.

maya & keith durkin.png


Keith Durkin’s wife Maya, is having a biopsy this week.
Please pray it will come back negative. 

oaxaca_elaine & ian.png


Update on Elaine Croft who underwent cancer surgery on Sept 13th: "I am so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends who God is using to keep me focused on Him and His promises. 

The pathology results will be given to Elaine to Sept. 28th. Thank you for your prayers

san clemente_gracie yousef.png


Our Media/PR Coordinator, Gracie Yousef, at the US FFHM office is pregnant with her second child. Unfortunately, she has shingles. Please pray for a speedy recovery and for the baby to be unaffected by the medications she has to take.

jan holter.png


An update on Jan Holter, whom you have been praying for: The oncologist estimates that Jan would have two months or less to live. Carl says plan B would be intervention with a new drug treatment. Please keep Jan and Carl in your prayer.

tj house_daniel lucas_ricardo.png


Daniel Lucas from the TJ House, had surgery on his eye this week. In this surgery they removed cataracts and placed a permanent contact lens over his eye with a colored iris. 

Please pray the surgery is a success and he has a speedy recovery. Praise God, all the money came in for this procedure. 

missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

September 15, 2017



“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn," Romans 12:15.

Oaxaca: A Midnight earthquake of a 8.2 magnitude shook our little world on Thursday, September 7. Laura Rodriguez reported “no major structural damage." How we thank God for Peter Bianchini, Ian Croft and the builders who designed and built these wonderful buildings. Naturally the children were fearful, but they were all safe and secure back in bed before 2 a.m. We received a report from Maria in Juxtlahuaca, all is well there and we have yet to hear from other missionaries in the mountains. Janelle will be traveling to Oaxaca next week.

baja_independance day.png
baja_independance day_barry wineroth.png
baja_independance day_dancers.png


The Baja Mission celebrates Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 15. We expect over 1,000 to attend the gala festivities. Staff and children will be dressed in Mexican costumes, there will be traditional food, and Barry Wineroth, Youth With A Mission, will serve hot dogs wrapped in tortillas with hot sauce. And of course, the Gospel will be presented in dramatic ways. We so wish you could attend this special event.

baja_dulce & javier.png


Mario and Graciela Cordoba will celebrate their daughter, Dulce’s wedding this weekend. Please pray for this blessed occasion and for the bride, Dulce and the groom, Javier.

oaxaca_laura rodriquez_rachel little.png


Praise God, Laura Rodriguez and Rachel Little, who serve at the Oaxaca Mission, were granted their visas. Thank you for praying. 

jan holter.png


We continue to intercede for Jan Holter, who is recovering from major cancer surgery. The Holters reside in Wisconsin. Carl Holter serves on the FFHM Board, Jan is a concert pianist and has taught piano to a multitude of children. Her constant fatigue is delaying future cancer treatments.


Teresa now holds classes for women and children in the remote areas of Oaxaca. There are 15 children who come faithfully to this class. Pray God gives her strength and the anointing for this ministry close to the heart of God.

donor letter.png


missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

September 8, 2017

oaxaca mission_Sakina Mission.png


Laura writes: The mission in Oaxaca and everyone here is doing ok after the major earthquake tonight. The leadership team checked all the buildings and there seems to have been no structural damage. Just feeling real shook up.

Please pray for Chiapas where the epicenter was and the southern coast where there is a tsunami warning.

san clemente_dale & chuck loading truck.png


We thank you for your donations!
We thank Chuck Pereau and Dale Forsee for loading another truck.

Urgent need for intercessors. Saturday morning we have a truck load of furniture and miscellaneous house hold items to be transported across the U.S. border into Mexico. Jorge Diaz was one of the first children interned at the Baja Mission in Mexico. He now owns a trucking company, JD & LA Trucking. We are so proud of him. Jorge has volunteered to send a driver to take the load to the Baja Mission. Janelle Keller will accompany the driver to the border and do the necessary paperwork. As always, we need to pray that this truck loaded with donations will be allowed to cross the border and arrive safely at the Mission.  

volunteers_lutheran church of the cross.png


We have space for large and small groups this fall and winter; like Pastor John Foss' group from Lutheran Church of the Cross in Aliso Viejo. “They did work projects in the community at the Baja Mission and at Rancho de Cristo. They ate awesome tacos and their lives were changed forever.” For more information call guest relations at (949) 340-2051 or send an email to

shirley burris.png


Shirley Burris, a faithful supporter in prayer and giving, has an acute type A Diabetes and the doctors have no cure. 

jan & carl holter.png


A new month and new phase in Jan Holter’s battle with kidney cancer. She is being lovingly cared for by Carl, her husband, who serves on our U.S. Board. There are side effects with the drugs she is taking. We are believing God that they will effective against this advanced kidney cancer. The Holters express their gratitude to all of you who are holding them up in prayer. They thank you for the many cards and Bible verses sent.

So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you andhelp you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,” Isaiah 41:10. 



Our dear friends Patrick and Shari Bailey, serving in the Philippines, are in need of prayer. Patrick has had surgery, has two screws in his foot and uses a walking boot. Shari also had surgery and needs healing so she can eat and digest solid foods. She needs increased energy.

The Gospel Song Celebration is coming up SaturdaySept. 23, 2017 at the Robert Moore Theatre at Orange Coast College. They have prepared an uplifting celebration, and we know you will enjoy it. You can purchase tickets on line at or send a check made out to: Noel Wilson, 3420 Calle Azul 2E, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. Tickets are $20/each. 

oaxaca_elaine & ian.png


Elaine Croft, missionary to Oaxaca, will be having cancer surgery Wednesday Sept. 13. You can read about Ian and Elaine in our October newsletter.

dave & michelle.png


“Thanking God for every remembrance of you.” Dear friends and former Board members stopped by the San Clemente office. Dave Cumberland served as personnel director, Michelle was treasurer on our Board. She trained Lorraine Barter, our bookkeeper. What a blessing it was to see the Cumberland’s again. They now live in San Felipe, Mexico.  

missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

Has Kristi Called You Yet?

Everett Wilson, former President of Bethany College in Santa Cruz, CA, earned his doctorate in Latin American Studies with extensive focus on the Pentecostal movement in Latin America.

Dr. Wilson recommended his daughter, Kristi Garcia, to fill a vacancy in our U.S. office. We are so glad he did. This very talented young woman has been a great asset to the ministry.


Kristi is focusing her efforts on calls to our FFHM family to thank them for their gifts and of course, she offers to pray for them. This is a way for FFHM to give back to the many wonderful donors who have supported His Ministry with their resources and time.

Recent calls Kristi made generated a lot of stories of time spent at our Missions, of lives changed, and of personal need:

“Charla’s vision for the work in Mexico has been so inspiring and has encouraged me to pray and persevere in my own life as I face many health challenges. I’m praying that the ministry gains recognition around the world and, in addition to being encouraged like I have been, that great resources would be available to FFHM as they continue to help homeless children and those in need in the communities FFHM serves.” 

“I wasn’t planning to take the call since marketers call often, but when my teen told me to take the call because it was FFHM and he knew I would want to talk with you, I was encouraged. My trip to the Baja Mission in my youth impacted me greatly and I still think about how I can use my resources to support the ministry. It obviously made an impact on my teen too!”

“I traveled to the mission several years ago and was so touched by the children and their joy experiencing the love of a family. Even after many years I still get emotional when I think of my experience and the impact of His Ministry on those children’s lives and my life. As I look to God for next steps in my life, I am thankful for the resources I have and the opportunity I have to bless FFHM.”

Let us know if there is a need in your life that we can pray with you about!

FFHM is now using a new management system called Kindful to make online giving easier than ever.

Visit and create a user account using your email address and a password.

Creating an account with Kindful allows you to manage your giving, information, print receipts and update addresses. We are here to help if you have any questions. Please call us at (949) 492-2200 and we will walk you through setting up an account to give online

Change a Life Forever

Because you sent a child to camp: They had life changing experiences and many accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There were games, crafts, music, drama, and most important, a Bible based Curriculum. Children were given the opportunity for fun, creative expression, praise and worship. We so appreciate your faithful prayers and support.

summer camp.png
summer camp_counselor with kids.png

“To Open Their Eyes and to Turn Them From Darkness to Light” Acts 26:18

dr eanes.png

Heaven In Sight Missions visited the Baja Mission for the 17th consecutive year since June 2001. As always, the blessings received were far more than any services provided. Each experience takes on a unique personality, and this trip was especially sweet. Not only was the gospel shared, but the team was able to minister to many faithful believers in the area. One gentleman who had unsuccessful surgery elsewhere that damaged his cornea stated that he had prayed for almost two years that God would provide someone to help him. We were able to perform a corneal transplant as a first step toward rehabilitating his eye. Another elderly man who walked in blind was able to walk out on his own after cataract surgery. He was somewhat stoic after his patch was removed and the gospel was shared. Dr. Eanes helping a patient He initially took several steps toward the door and then turned around and broke down in tears of gratitude to our Lord, so broken that he had to hang onto the nurses and doctors as everyone joined him in tears. Both of these men are a blessed reflection of our salvation and sanctification. When things are not always as we hope, God will provide “procedures” that begin the process toward healing and correction. As the second gentleman did, we often initially take for granted what God is doing to reveal light and clarity to our walk until we stop and realize what a huge blessing we have received,. Then we are broken in tears of gratitude. The Heaven In Sight team is grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of this beautiful ministry at FFHM. Dr Mark Eanes

September 1, 2017

pray for texas.png

We are praying for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

pastor mike bayer_judy.png


It is not too late to sign up for tonight’s prayer group dinner at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. Mike Bayer will be sharing his life story of ministry over the past 38 years. The Lord helped him plant two churches and start a radio program before he moved on to his present position as Pastor of the Village Church of Laguna Woods. He is now ordained by the Assembly of God. Together with his wife Judy they have birthed ministries, taught the Word and brought many to Jesus. Please call Linda at (949) 492-2200 to make reservations for the dinner. 

Lutheran Church of the Cross is located at
24231 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

daniel lucas_.png


Please pray for Daniel Lucas Pioquinto, one of the students at the TJ House who grew up at the Oaxaca Mission. Daniel was born without irises and has had many complications with his eyes because of this. He needs to have cataracts removed and also at an age that he can have a permanent contact lens with an iris placed during the same surgery. We need $3,000 dollars for this procedure and are praying that God provides the funds. We are also praying that this will solve his vision problems and allow him to progress in his university studies.

roberto and sharon.png


Roberto and Sharon Munoz-Flores, served on our Board for many years. I have the fondest memories of Roberto praying with men at gas stations, markets, and a special memory of him praying with a street child. In times of need they were first to be called. Roberto is battling cancer.



As many of you know, Dirk and Mary Kos pioneered our ministry to those with disabilities in Baja. They built the beautiful Learning Center with some of the resources coming from their home in Holland. The time has come for them to return to Canada where their medical expenses will be covered. Perhaps only God knows the impact this couple has had, reaching out to those with disabilities. Educational opportunities were non-existent before the Koses came to this area. They will be leaving in September.  


pastor david mendez.png

Praise Report: Pastor David Mendez is back home in Vicente Guerrero. He had an amazing, miraculous answer to prayer. Thank you for praying.

jan holter.png


Jan Holter is expected to leave the hospital this Wednesday and will be undergoing radiation therapy. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

laguan woods_lois & everett wilson.png


Everett and Lois Wilson went to the Mission last year to teach in our Bible Institute and were warmly received by all.  Lois had a very serious stroke and is recovering slowly.  Kristi Garcia, their daughter, works in our U.S. office and is assisting with their caregiving. Please pray for all concerned.