September 22, 2017



Minerva Trujillo, our Baja secretary, was there visiting her mother. She says they are safe, but the damage seen in the city is overwhelming. Please pray for those who are ministering to the victims. Stranger than fiction, it hit on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that destroyed a large section of Mexico City which killed thousands. 

 “And there will be earthquakes, in various places. …”  Matthew 24:7.  

“Look up your redemption draws night,”  Luke 21:28.

maya & keith durkin.png


Keith Durkin’s wife Maya, is having a biopsy this week.
Please pray it will come back negative. 

oaxaca_elaine & ian.png


Update on Elaine Croft who underwent cancer surgery on Sept 13th: "I am so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends who God is using to keep me focused on Him and His promises. 

The pathology results will be given to Elaine to Sept. 28th. Thank you for your prayers

san clemente_gracie yousef.png


Our Media/PR Coordinator, Gracie Yousef, at the US FFHM office is pregnant with her second child. Unfortunately, she has shingles. Please pray for a speedy recovery and for the baby to be unaffected by the medications she has to take.

jan holter.png


An update on Jan Holter, whom you have been praying for: The oncologist estimates that Jan would have two months or less to live. Carl says plan B would be intervention with a new drug treatment. Please keep Jan and Carl in your prayer.

tj house_daniel lucas_ricardo.png


Daniel Lucas from the TJ House, had surgery on his eye this week. In this surgery they removed cataracts and placed a permanent contact lens over his eye with a colored iris. 

Please pray the surgery is a success and he has a speedy recovery. Praise God, all the money came in for this procedure. 

missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

September 15, 2017



“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn," Romans 12:15.

Oaxaca: A Midnight earthquake of a 8.2 magnitude shook our little world on Thursday, September 7. Laura Rodriguez reported “no major structural damage." How we thank God for Peter Bianchini, Ian Croft and the builders who designed and built these wonderful buildings. Naturally the children were fearful, but they were all safe and secure back in bed before 2 a.m. We received a report from Maria in Juxtlahuaca, all is well there and we have yet to hear from other missionaries in the mountains. Janelle will be traveling to Oaxaca next week.

baja_independance day.png
baja_independance day_barry wineroth.png
baja_independance day_dancers.png


The Baja Mission celebrates Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 15. We expect over 1,000 to attend the gala festivities. Staff and children will be dressed in Mexican costumes, there will be traditional food, and Barry Wineroth, Youth With A Mission, will serve hot dogs wrapped in tortillas with hot sauce. And of course, the Gospel will be presented in dramatic ways. We so wish you could attend this special event.

baja_dulce & javier.png


Mario and Graciela Cordoba will celebrate their daughter, Dulce’s wedding this weekend. Please pray for this blessed occasion and for the bride, Dulce and the groom, Javier.

oaxaca_laura rodriquez_rachel little.png


Praise God, Laura Rodriguez and Rachel Little, who serve at the Oaxaca Mission, were granted their visas. Thank you for praying. 

jan holter.png


We continue to intercede for Jan Holter, who is recovering from major cancer surgery. The Holters reside in Wisconsin. Carl Holter serves on the FFHM Board, Jan is a concert pianist and has taught piano to a multitude of children. Her constant fatigue is delaying future cancer treatments.


Teresa now holds classes for women and children in the remote areas of Oaxaca. There are 15 children who come faithfully to this class. Pray God gives her strength and the anointing for this ministry close to the heart of God.

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missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

September 8, 2017

oaxaca mission_Sakina Mission.png


Laura writes: The mission in Oaxaca and everyone here is doing ok after the major earthquake tonight. The leadership team checked all the buildings and there seems to have been no structural damage. Just feeling real shook up.

Please pray for Chiapas where the epicenter was and the southern coast where there is a tsunami warning.

san clemente_dale & chuck loading truck.png


We thank you for your donations!
We thank Chuck Pereau and Dale Forsee for loading another truck.

Urgent need for intercessors. Saturday morning we have a truck load of furniture and miscellaneous house hold items to be transported across the U.S. border into Mexico. Jorge Diaz was one of the first children interned at the Baja Mission in Mexico. He now owns a trucking company, JD & LA Trucking. We are so proud of him. Jorge has volunteered to send a driver to take the load to the Baja Mission. Janelle Keller will accompany the driver to the border and do the necessary paperwork. As always, we need to pray that this truck loaded with donations will be allowed to cross the border and arrive safely at the Mission.  

volunteers_lutheran church of the cross.png


We have space for large and small groups this fall and winter; like Pastor John Foss' group from Lutheran Church of the Cross in Aliso Viejo. “They did work projects in the community at the Baja Mission and at Rancho de Cristo. They ate awesome tacos and their lives were changed forever.” For more information call guest relations at (949) 340-2051 or send an email to

shirley burris.png


Shirley Burris, a faithful supporter in prayer and giving, has an acute type A Diabetes and the doctors have no cure. 

jan & carl holter.png


A new month and new phase in Jan Holter’s battle with kidney cancer. She is being lovingly cared for by Carl, her husband, who serves on our U.S. Board. There are side effects with the drugs she is taking. We are believing God that they will effective against this advanced kidney cancer. The Holters express their gratitude to all of you who are holding them up in prayer. They thank you for the many cards and Bible verses sent.

So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you andhelp you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,” Isaiah 41:10. 



Our dear friends Patrick and Shari Bailey, serving in the Philippines, are in need of prayer. Patrick has had surgery, has two screws in his foot and uses a walking boot. Shari also had surgery and needs healing so she can eat and digest solid foods. She needs increased energy.

The Gospel Song Celebration is coming up SaturdaySept. 23, 2017 at the Robert Moore Theatre at Orange Coast College. They have prepared an uplifting celebration, and we know you will enjoy it. You can purchase tickets on line at or send a check made out to: Noel Wilson, 3420 Calle Azul 2E, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. Tickets are $20/each. 

oaxaca_elaine & ian.png


Elaine Croft, missionary to Oaxaca, will be having cancer surgery Wednesday Sept. 13. You can read about Ian and Elaine in our October newsletter.

dave & michelle.png


“Thanking God for every remembrance of you.” Dear friends and former Board members stopped by the San Clemente office. Dave Cumberland served as personnel director, Michelle was treasurer on our Board. She trained Lorraine Barter, our bookkeeper. What a blessing it was to see the Cumberland’s again. They now live in San Felipe, Mexico.  

missionaries_calugaru family.png


All over the world the spirit is moving, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” 

Marius and Florentina Calugaru are U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States. There are an estimated one million Romanians in the United States. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians! Marius will be ministering on Friday night Oct. 6 at the prayer group dinner. He will minister with guitar and song. Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Please call (949) 492-2200 to make reservations by Wed. Sept. 27.

Has Kristi Called You Yet?

Everett Wilson, former President of Bethany College in Santa Cruz, CA, earned his doctorate in Latin American Studies with extensive focus on the Pentecostal movement in Latin America.

Dr. Wilson recommended his daughter, Kristi Garcia, to fill a vacancy in our U.S. office. We are so glad he did. This very talented young woman has been a great asset to the ministry.


Kristi is focusing her efforts on calls to our FFHM family to thank them for their gifts and of course, she offers to pray for them. This is a way for FFHM to give back to the many wonderful donors who have supported His Ministry with their resources and time.

Recent calls Kristi made generated a lot of stories of time spent at our Missions, of lives changed, and of personal need:

“Charla’s vision for the work in Mexico has been so inspiring and has encouraged me to pray and persevere in my own life as I face many health challenges. I’m praying that the ministry gains recognition around the world and, in addition to being encouraged like I have been, that great resources would be available to FFHM as they continue to help homeless children and those in need in the communities FFHM serves.” 

“I wasn’t planning to take the call since marketers call often, but when my teen told me to take the call because it was FFHM and he knew I would want to talk with you, I was encouraged. My trip to the Baja Mission in my youth impacted me greatly and I still think about how I can use my resources to support the ministry. It obviously made an impact on my teen too!”

“I traveled to the mission several years ago and was so touched by the children and their joy experiencing the love of a family. Even after many years I still get emotional when I think of my experience and the impact of His Ministry on those children’s lives and my life. As I look to God for next steps in my life, I am thankful for the resources I have and the opportunity I have to bless FFHM.”

Let us know if there is a need in your life that we can pray with you about!

FFHM is now using a new management system called Kindful to make online giving easier than ever.

Visit and create a user account using your email address and a password.

Creating an account with Kindful allows you to manage your giving, information, print receipts and update addresses. We are here to help if you have any questions. Please call us at (949) 492-2200 and we will walk you through setting up an account to give online

Change a Life Forever

Because you sent a child to camp: They had life changing experiences and many accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There were games, crafts, music, drama, and most important, a Bible based Curriculum. Children were given the opportunity for fun, creative expression, praise and worship. We so appreciate your faithful prayers and support.

summer camp.png
summer camp_counselor with kids.png

“To Open Their Eyes and to Turn Them From Darkness to Light” Acts 26:18

dr eanes.png

Heaven In Sight Missions visited the Baja Mission for the 17th consecutive year since June 2001. As always, the blessings received were far more than any services provided. Each experience takes on a unique personality, and this trip was especially sweet. Not only was the gospel shared, but the team was able to minister to many faithful believers in the area. One gentleman who had unsuccessful surgery elsewhere that damaged his cornea stated that he had prayed for almost two years that God would provide someone to help him. We were able to perform a corneal transplant as a first step toward rehabilitating his eye. Another elderly man who walked in blind was able to walk out on his own after cataract surgery. He was somewhat stoic after his patch was removed and the gospel was shared. Dr. Eanes helping a patient He initially took several steps toward the door and then turned around and broke down in tears of gratitude to our Lord, so broken that he had to hang onto the nurses and doctors as everyone joined him in tears. Both of these men are a blessed reflection of our salvation and sanctification. When things are not always as we hope, God will provide “procedures” that begin the process toward healing and correction. As the second gentleman did, we often initially take for granted what God is doing to reveal light and clarity to our walk until we stop and realize what a huge blessing we have received,. Then we are broken in tears of gratitude. The Heaven In Sight team is grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of this beautiful ministry at FFHM. Dr Mark Eanes

September 1, 2017

pray for texas.png

We are praying for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

pastor mike bayer_judy.png


It is not too late to sign up for tonight’s prayer group dinner at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. Mike Bayer will be sharing his life story of ministry over the past 38 years. The Lord helped him plant two churches and start a radio program before he moved on to his present position as Pastor of the Village Church of Laguna Woods. He is now ordained by the Assembly of God. Together with his wife Judy they have birthed ministries, taught the Word and brought many to Jesus. Please call Linda at (949) 492-2200 to make reservations for the dinner. 

Lutheran Church of the Cross is located at
24231 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

daniel lucas_.png


Please pray for Daniel Lucas Pioquinto, one of the students at the TJ House who grew up at the Oaxaca Mission. Daniel was born without irises and has had many complications with his eyes because of this. He needs to have cataracts removed and also at an age that he can have a permanent contact lens with an iris placed during the same surgery. We need $3,000 dollars for this procedure and are praying that God provides the funds. We are also praying that this will solve his vision problems and allow him to progress in his university studies.

roberto and sharon.png


Roberto and Sharon Munoz-Flores, served on our Board for many years. I have the fondest memories of Roberto praying with men at gas stations, markets, and a special memory of him praying with a street child. In times of need they were first to be called. Roberto is battling cancer.



As many of you know, Dirk and Mary Kos pioneered our ministry to those with disabilities in Baja. They built the beautiful Learning Center with some of the resources coming from their home in Holland. The time has come for them to return to Canada where their medical expenses will be covered. Perhaps only God knows the impact this couple has had, reaching out to those with disabilities. Educational opportunities were non-existent before the Koses came to this area. They will be leaving in September.  


pastor david mendez.png

Praise Report: Pastor David Mendez is back home in Vicente Guerrero. He had an amazing, miraculous answer to prayer. Thank you for praying.

jan holter.png


Jan Holter is expected to leave the hospital this Wednesday and will be undergoing radiation therapy. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

laguan woods_lois & everett wilson.png


Everett and Lois Wilson went to the Mission last year to teach in our Bible Institute and were warmly received by all.  Lois had a very serious stroke and is recovering slowly.  Kristi Garcia, their daughter, works in our U.S. office and is assisting with their caregiving. Please pray for all concerned.

August 25, 2017

pastor mike bayer_judy.png


Make your reservation for the prayer group dinner Friday night, Sept. 1st, by Wednesday Aug. 30th. Our speaker will be Pastor Mike Bayer of the Village Church of Laguna Woods. He has an amazing journey, through Presbyterian and Brethren Churches, Campus Crusade for Christ and now ordained by the Assembly of God. Pastor Bayer has a monthly healing service in a senior community.  

laguna woods_canadian mailing.png


Canadian mailing is on Wednesday August 30th at 9am.
Location:  2355 Via Mariposa W., Laguna Woods, CA,  in the basement recreation room.

laguna woods - volunteers - newsletter.png


Don’t forget to show up at the U.S. mailing on ThursdayAugust 31st from 7am-11am held in the same location: 2355 Via Mariposa W. in the basement recreation room, Laguna Woods, CA. We need your help.

darrell_charla_patrick bailey.png


We love drop in guests. Patrick Bailey, Missionary to the Philippines dropped in and brought his friend Darrell Nelson, President of Clean Water International. We share the same passion, reaching our world for Jesus Christ; he through providing CLEAN WATER and living water by which we’ll never thirst again.   

jan & carl holter.png


Carl Holter writes: Jan Holter’s surgery lasted eight hours. She’s making progress but still experiencing daily ups and downs. She has a long journey to full recovery. Please pray for protection from infection, increased lung capacity, healing of large bruise from surgery, and the ability to swallow food to replace the liquid diet. We remain positive and hopeful.

charla_sandy pistol.png


Sandy Pistole dropped by our office. What a delightful surprise. She and her husband are now living in Florida. Sandy was our Baja Mission camp coordinator; she could do anything and everything. Sandy served as our lifeguard, taught swimming, and led morning Bible studies, each day in a different costume. She is a born evangelist and had compassion for our children. 



Our dear friend Stephen Ashby has been recently accepted at ILT (Institute of Lutheran Theology).  Please pray that God will guide and direct him as he continues to pursue his passion of becoming a Lutheran pastor of Word and Sacrament."  



Work groups travel to the Mission weekly. Please pray for safety on the roads and protection as they work and serve Him. We pray that each will have a divine encounter with Jesus. Thank you.  

baja_ace & amo_school.png


School is starting this week at the Baja and Oaxaca Mission.  Pray for each to have a heart’s desire to learn and the ability for each teacher to impart knowledge in creative ways. 

olive & larry kieler.png


Olive and Larry Kieler are in need of your prayers. Larry had heart surgery, he was expected to go home this week but remains hospitalized. 

bruce camp.png


A dear friend of our ministry, Bruce Camp, is in Pakistan leading Dual Reach conferences and overseeing the construction of a hospital. Pray for his protection and spiritual refreshment for every person he meets. 

August 18, 2017

friday night prayer meeting.png


It all began with a prayer group; for the last 54 years we’ve met every Friday night. We were a group of Lutherans who had a passion to reach the world for Christ. Through the years our numbers have varied but we have met faithfully. Out of this group of prayer warriors, the Baja Mission in Mexico was birthed.
(Read the chapter in Charla’s Children, available from our US office.)

baby riker_pereau great grandson.png


Thank you sincerely for your prayers for our great grandson Riker. He will be a year old in September. Every few weeks or more often this precious little fellow has to go under laser surgery. He is also blind but his parents really believe that he is able to see out of one eye. Thank you for praying.  

pastor david mendez.png


Pastor David Mendez was one of the first pastors of our Mission Church. David’s mother was a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. She went to Mexico City as a missionary, then later to Vicente Guerrero. We experienced great growth during Pastor David's ministry. We moved from the chapel to the old theater and then the Mission Church. Recently, David was rushed to Ensenada with kidney failure. He was diagnosed with kidney stones. On Wednesday, the ultrasound revealed the kidney stone was gone. Thank God for answering prayers for David.  

court and janet braden.png


Court and Janet Braden faithfully attend our monthly prayer dinner. Janet is an amazing evangelist wherever she goes, leading people to Jesus. Court has been suffering from acute bronchitis and needs our prayers. 

jan holter.png


Jan Holter is recovering from her surgery and going out of ICU into her own room. Her left kidney is functioning well. Thank you for praying. Prayer makes a difference.

mission san juan capistrano_charla_minerva_chuck.png


Minerva Trujillo, from Mexico City, joined our teaching staff 28 years ago. Many of our children had never been to school and she brought them up to grade level. She taught at our Bible Institute, to the bane of her existence. Currently, she oversees our children’s sponsorship program. To our delight, we had the privilege of hosting Minerva in our home.



Dirk and Mary Kos oversee the Disabled Children’s Learning Center; Dirk also serves in the Angel Ministry that distributes equipment for the disabled. Recently his hip has been causing him pain and became inflamed. His doctor has told him he needs to get physical therapy and take medicine to reduce the inflammation. Please join us in prayer for his complete healing. 

August 11, 2017


“How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity,” Psalm 133:1. Every Sunday work groups arrive at our Mission in Baja. Many join us in prayer that their lives will be touched by God the Holy Spirit. Hopefully they will catch the vision, “One life will soon be passed, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

This week we will host Redemption Baptist Church, Youth With A Mission, and Delta Pentecostal Church, British Columbia, Canada.  


Dr. George Wood retired from his position of General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. He was a source of great encouragement. He was our camp speaker in the early years of Family Bible camp, which hosted our children from Mexico. Pastor George Wood went to our Mission in Baja annually to build them up, cheer them up and stir them up. 


We just received communication Elaine Croft, who has served at the Oaxaca Mission, was diagnosed with cancer. She will be returning to Alberta, Canada for treatment. Please pray for these faithful missionaries. 


Janelle Keller spent the week at Mjorud Family Bible Camp. Sunday morning she will introduce His Ministry at the Lolo Community Church, Montana. 


Jan Holter will undergo surgery Monday Aug. 14th. Please pray for Jan and her precious family and friends. Perhaps you read the bio on Jan’s connection to FFHMon your receipt letter.   


Jose Manuel will be taking over our Macadamia Nut orchard and he will be leaving our accounting department. Estela Lopez is requesting prayer as she is assuming the position of accountant at the Baja Mission.


Donna Thomas, a faithful contributor for over 30 years, has moved back to her home in Menifee, CA. Donna has lost four family members this year. She is requesting prayer for multiple physical conditions. 


For 25 years our children had an orange next to their plates at breakfast. George Voita of Voita Citrus furnished them all. There were boxes of oranges distributed at Christmas time by the same generous friend. He has had a number of strokes. His heart’s desire is to find a nursing home near Laguna Woods. Please pray. 


Pastor David Mendez was taken in our ambulance to Ensenada yesterday, August 10th. He is being hospitalized for kidney failure. Please pray for him, his wife Isabel and family. 

rancho de cristo_men holding ladder.png


As you are prompted by God the Holy Spirit, pray for the men at Rancho de Cristo, our Drug Rehab near the Baja Mission (part of FFHM). These men are battling for their lives, breaking the bondage of addiction. Presently there are approximately 23 men committed to a year’s program. 

August 4, 2017


It is not too late to attend the monthly prayer group dinner at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA. Pastor Leland Lantz will be giving his precious testimony, of how an Iowa farmer came to minister to an Orange County congregation. Chuck will be singing.  


Mjorud Family Camp, Hungry Horse, Montana .

Saturday, August 5th, Janelle will be sharing about His Ministry with the campers. Please pray for her and that there would be an outpouring of the spirit. After camp, Janelle will be with the Malcolm family in Lolo where they will host an evening in their home with people who are interested in the ministry.  On Sunday, she'll be sharing again with the adult Sunday school class and doing a 10 minute introduction in both services.

Continue to pray for Jan Holter. They are praying that the scheduled surgery, Aug. 14 can be moved up. She is experiencing a lot of pain.The Holters have been friends of His Ministry since its inception. Jan needs a miracle. 

Larry and Olive Keiler have recruited and brought many groups to the Mission in Oaxaca. Recently, Larry went through successful open heart surgery. Pray for a speedy recovery. 

During this summer season, we have many visiting groups at the Missions. Please pray that each person will be touched by the love of God and recommit their lives to the Lord Jesus. 


A praise report on Jan Braun, whom we prayed for a few weeks ago: the colon cancer surgery went well and the biopsies of her lymph nodes all came back with no signs of cancer.   

They’ll Know We’re Christians by our Love

Teresa Tello, one of our FFHM missionaries and a Bible Institute graduate, is serving in the mountains of Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. Tere is making disciples of others. 

She found Francisca, a woman, alone and blind. Tere prayed for laborers to help Francisca plant corn and beans so she could eat. They also fixed railings to help guide her to the outhouse. Thank you for supporting Teresa and our other missionaries in Oaxaca

I Wanted to be a Teacher

Paola Sandoval’s heart’s desire was to be a social worker, especially helping children. But her mother died and that was the end of her pursuit of higher education. She returned to Vicente Guerrero to support her family…there was an opening in the Disabled Children’s Learning Center. She applied and was accepted.   

Marisol Carino really wanted to be a teacher but her education ended at high school with the death of her father. She studied at any and every opportunity. Then the door opened to teach at the Mission D.C.L.C.  
Teresa Guevara also wanted to be a teacher, but to receive higher education you needed money or influence. Teresa had neither. She didn’t even have bus fare to get to and from high school. Then she had a true conversion experience, surrendered her life to Christ, and wanted to serve Him as a teacher. 


After spending a year in the third grade, wearing a dunce cap, the little girl could neither read, write nor spell. Her father told her, “You had better learn to work hard because you are not very smart.” 

A fifth grade teacher took an interest in this child, disregarding her grade point average and taught her to read. 

Twenty years later, Dr. Henrietta Mears from Hollywood Presbyterian Church, spoke into her life and Charla became a Sunday school teacher.

We Can't Always Tell by looking

The beautiful children’s home in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, is located on the Pan American Highway about 50 miles south of Oaxaca, Oaxaca.  When it was completed a huge prison was built on the other side of the highway. 

It is not uncommon in Mexico to have a child or children accompany their parents into the prison. Recently, there has been an effort to find a relative or a children’s home to take custody of the children.

Laura Rodriguez, administrator of the Oaxaca Mission, shared this story: “An older man caring for three inmates’ children brought them to the home. As the boys tried on school uniforms (required in Mexico) in the adjoining room, I asked the man if I had their names written correctly. He glanced at the paper and made a non-committal noise. I realized he couldn’t read. 
I tried to overcome our mutual embarrassment with busy work. The man left… but the children remained.
It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day and forget from where these children come. The girl who is never quiet in class has a mother with cancer. The 14 year old fifth grader used to live at the dump. The boy who cries before taking the test has a mother in prison. I would like to be better at keeping these things in mind when I work with ‘His little ones’. 

But it’s not just these children who have a challenging history. Everyone who has ever shared their story with me has shown me how little I can tell by just looking at someone. The quiet man who was punished as a child because he was dyslexic in a time when that wasn’t recognized. The boisterous young woman who carries the burden of knowing her dad has suicidal thoughts.   

Experience teaches me that human nature causes me to judge by what I see.  I hope I can learn to look at others as God sees them.”  

July 28, 2017


Please cover Janelle Keller in prayer for her upcoming itinerary. She left early in the morning on July 27, to go to Chicago for our FFHM board meeting.

I wanted to give you a rundown of my schedule so that you know where I am but also so you know how to be praying: 

  • On Friday, I’m meeting with Peter, Rod and Matt to work on some goal setting and planning for the coming years of the ministry. 

  • Saturday is our board meeting all day. Grant us wisdom and direction for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

  • On Sunday, I will visit Messiah Lutheran Church in the Chicago suburbs. They have supported us for years. I will be doing the sermon at three services that morning. 

  • Next Saturday, August 5, I’m flying out early morning to go to Mjorud Family Bible Camp in Montana. I will be speaking three times during the camp – once with teens, once as an hour long intro to the ministry and once as a mission spotlight in an evening service.   

  • After camp I’m going to be with the Malcolm family in Lolo. They are hosting an evening in their home on Saturday with people who are interested in the ministry. 

  • On Sunday I’m speaking in the adult Sunday School class about the ministry, and I’m doing a 10 minute intro to the ministry in their two services. And then that afternoon I’m flying back and will get in to LA around midnight. 



Jan Holter was living with Dave and Audrey Taylor in Costa Mesa, CA at the inception of His Ministry. She later married Carl and extended the first invitation to Chuck and me to minister in her home church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Morris, IL.  Later she scheduled our itinerary in Illinois and Wisconsin. Jan is facing a critical situation.  She is to undergo surgery in the immediate future for a tumor in her kidney. She needs a miracle. Carl Holter serves on our U.S. board. 


Carrie Irving, FFHM board member, was in a very serious car accident. Only the grace of God could have spared her life. The vehicle was totaled. While being examined they discovered swelling on her brain. They’re believing God for a miracle! The Irvings are in the process of moving to Idaho.   


There was a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the kid’s camp hosted by the Mission Church. Thank you for praying. Without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit this would just be another camp. More to follow in September’s newsletter.


Larry and Olive Kieler have made countless trips to the Mission.  They recruited young people from all over Canada to join them on an adventure that would change their lives forever.  Larry has been suffering with major heart problems for a number of years.  He will undergo surgery this week. Please pray for a total recovery. 


Recently I, Charla, had a minor stroke. I am back in the office and under excellent medical care. Thank you for all those that pray. 


Please continue to pray for the Bible Institute’s outreach in the remote regions of Oaxaca. 


Although we don’t have a picture to accompany this prayer request, please pray for Theresa Vanderkooi,, who has cancer throughout her body. Theresa is Pete Van Dyken’s sister. The Van Dykens have prepared our Thanksgiving dinner for many years. 

July 21, 2017


The Village Church of Laguna Woods, CA gave an extraordinarily generous offering of $10,000 for the general fund. We have been operating in the red for two months, not unusual for this time of year but certainly disconcerting. How we praise and thank our God for this faithful, generous congregation led by Pastor Mike Bayer.


While our teenage boy's house parents are temporarily away on maternity leave, the boys took advantage of having a substitute house father and some rules were broken. As a result, they have had to forfeit their position on the soccer team. Please pray for our young men, it’s hard to be a teenager. 


The diagnosis is in on our precious sister in Christ, Jan Holter. She has an infection in her blood and a tumor on the right kidney. Pray for the success of the surgical procedure and a full recovery. Jan and Carl Holter hosted the Pereau’s on their first speaking engagement in 1973 and have arranged many itineraries in Illinois and Wisconsin. Carl serves on the FFHM board. 


Mario Cordoba and the Bible school students are ministering at the Oaxaca Mission and in remote areas. Pray for their protection, safety and a fruitful ministry.   


Ted and Mary Holmes, Yuba City, CA, have served His Ministry for many years. We can’t enumerate all the projects he has been involved with, including our sewer and system and reclamation project at the Baja Mission. Most recently Ted and crew remodeled our student’s house in Tijuana. Ted needs a resolution to a problem that could be very costly.   


A precious friend of His Ministry, Bea Bink, Santa Barbara, CA will host Chuck and Charla Pereau this weekend. They are celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary. 


Praise: Redding Christian Fellowship sent another work group to the Mission. Don Sorensen, Sheboygan, WI fell heir to a bus for transporting disabled children. Don drove it to Laguna Woods, CA and parked it in the parking lot of Lutheran Church of the Cross. Pastor Leland Lantz prayed over it and the group from Redding piled in and took it the rest of the way to the Mission in Baja.


An excerpt from a precious letter from Maria Villa Pablo expressing her heartfelt gratitude: 

“Thank you, thank you so much with all of my heart for having contributed to such a special vehicle like the 2009 Jeep Liberty that is now in Juxtlahuaca and all the towns around it, traveling over roads that are difficult because they have been eroded by the rain, without any problem. Brothers and sisters, I could never pay you back for your kindness and so much generosity on your part. However, I pray that our God and Father, pours blessing over you until it is overflowing. Because our God knows how to reward his own.” 

July 14, 2017


Thank you sincerely for the shower of birthday cards and wishes. Both Chuck and I were overwhelmed by the greetings and love they represent. We received cards from friends we’ve known for over seven decades as well as new friends.

How blessed we are, Charla and Chuck too.


John, brother of Executive Director Janelle Keller, writes: 

Thank you for praying for our daughter Emersyn. In the last 10 days she has been healing and recovering from a severe dog bite to her lip and mouth. In a short period of time her progress has been nothing short of miraculous! The wound is improving every day and her joyful spirit has not been impeded in any way! 


As of today, George Wakeling is home in San Clemente, CA from Greece. Praise the Lord! 


God supplied the funds through gracious donors for Norberto and Herlinda’s roof. Hans Benning, a violin maker, is also an artisan on roof construction. He will go to the Mission this weekend to look at Norberto’s house and lend his expertise. 


Praise the Lord! The violin was sold and the proceeds went to His ministry. Also there was a number of extraordinary gifts in answer to our prayer to meet the deficit. 


Pastor Mario Cordoba led the way to Oaxaca and delivered to Maria Villa Pablo the Jeep for her ministry in the mountains of Juxtlahuaca. Hallelujah!


Chuck Braun, Canby, Oregon serves as spiritual advisor to our Board. This week his beloved wife, Jan, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Please pray. Absolutely nothing is impossible for our God. 


Chuck and Charla will be ministering at the Village Church in Laguna Woods, CA in Sunday school at 9:30 and in the morning worship service at 10:30. Please pray that God will give them an anointing. The address is 24154 Moulton Parkway, Clubhouse 7, Laguna Woods, CA. 92637. 


Jan and Carl Holter have been friends since the 70’s. Carl presently serves on our FFHM board. Jan, his wife, fell and broke a bone near the shoulder socket in February. It’s healing very slowly and Jan is experiencing fatigue. Please pray for her. 

July 7, 2017


Brian Durkin has been a faithful contributor to FFHM for many years and is the son of Jack and Pat Durkin, part of our Friday night prayer group. Brian has a detached retina and will be going into emergency surgery today. Please pray for him.


George Wakeling who previously served on the FFHM board, is the guy we always go to in a time of need. Recently, George was on a Mediterranean cruise and had a fall suffering a broken right hand and injury to his knees, elbow and shoulder. He was just released from a hospital in Corfu and arrangements are being made for him to fly home. Please pray for healing and his safe return.




Please pray for travel mercies for Mario and Bernardo while driving Maria Villa Pablo's jeep to her in the mountains of Oaxaca. Also for the Bible Institute students who will follow them, driving throughout Mexico for ministry in Oaxaca and Chiapas. The men and the team need protection from all evil.


The violin was sold and FFHM will benefit greatly from it's sale.


Herlinda has been part of our mission family for 30 years. She came as a little girl with her parents to the Baja mission where they served for many years. After attending Bible College, Herlinda married Norberto and they returned to serve together in many areas including house parents for 13 years.

The cement roof of their small home has caved in and in serious need of repair. The estimated cost is $5000. We have willing hands for the construction, please pray with us in meeting the financial need.


John Keller, the brother of Executive Director Janelle Keller, wrote the following:

On Saturday, while at our family’s cottage, our 2 year old daughter Emersyn was the victim of an unprovoked dog bite. Unfortunately the bite nearly severed her lip. She was taken to Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong in Rochester, NY where she received excellent care from a facial trauma team. The Plastic Surgeon was able to do a multi-level repair and was very pleased with how the closure turned out. She continues to deal with a lot of swelling and pain, and the potential for infection is a major concern. Please pray for complete healing for her both emotionally and physically, and for minimal scarring on her beautiful face.


Progress has been made on getting the corrected documentation of the property here at the mission. Please pray for a good finish to this whole process.


Laura, the Oaxaca Mission Administrator, needs to renew her temporary resident visa but so far there have been several obstacles. Please pray for a successful and timely resolution, as she travels to the states soon.

Class of 2017 - Ketta Faith VandenBos

The VandenBos family of Lynden, WA, served at the Baja Mission. Steve, as our builder and Sherry, as our piano teacher and tutor. The VandenBos’ were strongly led to adopt Ketta. The following is their letter:

“Dear Chuck and Charla, 
We are sending you a video of Ketta’s senior violin recital. We hope this is a reminder to you that one of ‘Charla’s Children’ has been given a second chance at life. Praise God! We have seen God’s hand on Ketta’s life since she arrived at ‘our’ orphanage. We thank you for listening to God when He gave you the vision of the field ripe for harvest. Thank you Chuck and Charla! Ketta has been the biggest, most unexpected blessing in our life.

Now we are excited to see where God leads Ketta next. We are SO PROUD of her. To God be the Glory.”

Nancy Benning represented FFHM at Ketta’s graduation and at her violin recital. Ketta enjoys many activities including running on the cross country team, playing tennis, volunteering in the junior high youth group and church ushering. Ketta will attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ , majoring in accounting.

Bringing Light into Darkness

Hugo and Lizette serve in a suburb of Culiacan, Sinaloa. They minister in the migrant laborers’ camps, which surround the city. 

If you want to reach all of Mexico for Christ, Sinaloa is the place to serve. Laborers come from every state to work in this coastal, fertile valley. 
But it’s the drug capital of Mexico and possibly the world.

We have felt strongly led to establish an orphanage for the countless children left orphaned in the Southern part of the state. 

Through generous donors, God provided the funds to purchase property. But it wasn’t to be had as there were disputes among the sellers. So we are waiting and trusting for God’s timing. 

We want to have a beautiful property that will bring peace and healing to the lives of children who have experienced violence and abuse. And we want a property located near migrant camps so we can continue the work of reaching the lost in this area.