May 25, 2018

All gave some, some gave all.
Remember them this Memorial Day. 

“Greater love has no one than this:
to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”
 John 15:13

oaxaca_girls with quilts.png


Elaine Croft made nine beautiful quilts; seven of them went to the new children in the Oaxaca home and two went to the teenage girls who needed replacements. 


Elaine Croft also shares her artistic abilities by teaching art classes as an elective.





Please pray for Melissa and Josefina as they adjust to living in a new home.

Pray they would fully understand God’s love for them.




On June 28KarelyCrystalDaniel and Janeth from the Baja Mission,
will have a test to get into High School.

Please Pray that God will give them a place in the school. 


Jonathan Deras is the new director of the Baja home and would like prayer for wisdom and discernment to do his work well.
His wife's name is Adilene.



Recently, the Oaxaca home received a new teenage girl, Yanderi. She is fourteen years old and has very limited literacy skills. Currently, Yanderi is studying one-on-one with Abby Martin, head of the Oasis School, and is steadily progressing with reading and math. We are eager to see her gain the skills needed to experience God by reading His Word herself.

Please pray for Yanderi to advance in her reading. 

oaxaca_poster for yagul outreach.png


On Saturday, May 26th, the youth group from the Oaxaca Mission will be participating in an outreach event in Yagul. This neighborhood has high crime rates, and the church in Yagul is excited to be able to hold their first outreach event in their community. They have invited two Christian rappers to attend, who will also be ministering in the Tanivet prison before the event.

Please pray the lost will be reached at the outreach. 

canadian mailing.png


Don't forget next Wednesday, May 30th for the mailing of the Canadian newsletterat 9am in the rec room.

2355 #3H Via Mariposa, Laguna Woods, CA.

us mailing.png


Thursday, May 31st for the mailing of the
US newsletter at 7am at the same location.


June 1 at 6pm -  cost $7/per person.
Lutheran Church of the Cross: 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA. 

Please call Linda to RSVP (949) 492-2200.

summer break.png


There will be no monthly dinner in July or August but we’ll be getting together again in September. Hopefully in July and August, we will be concentrating on the sequel to Charla’s Children.

Please pray for that effort. It has been a long time coming.
Dr. Everett Wilson will be collaborating on this book. 

May 18, 2018

I hope and pray that you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10.
How we thank God for those who serve at our missions as surrogate mothers. 

I received a number of cards and greetings but one card brought back special memories. My mother often said, “It’s always too soon to quit and the best is yet to come.” 

Diana Gearhart sent this card: 

best is yet to come card.png

My mother graduated to heaven in 1997 at the age of 97. The following year I led a women’s retreat and shared some of the lessons my mother had taught.   



In Tlacolula, Oaxaca, we have been participating in a major outreach event in the prison and in Yagul. We believe God is calling us beyond the walls of churches and taking us into neighborhoods.

Pray for this major outreach. 

baja_teen boys.png


Teen boys are always a challenge but especially so if they are fatherless. They face many temptations at school and in our community.

Please pray that each have a divine encounter with Jesus
so their lives will forever be changed. 


Jill has transformed the building once used as the upholstery
and print shop into a new staff lounge.

Perhaps you remember working in either of the shops doing upholstery or correlating the newsletters? The shops were dedicated by Bernice and Earl Linvog, Anacortes, WA, in memory of their dear friends the Sjostroms’. 

It will be a delightful place to build deeper community within the staff.

hans benning.png

Hans has had flu symptoms the last few days. 

Please pray for strength and healing.

lutheran church of the cross.png


Save the date for our monthly Friday night dinner on June 1 at 6pm
It's not too early to RSVP by calling Linda at (949) 492-2200
More details to come.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Foundation for His Ministry. 

If you'd like to print a card or gift tags,
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These cards and tags are formatted to print on 8.5"x11" paper.
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We hope you enjoy this card and gift tags. Thank you for your cotinued support of His Ministry.

May 11, 2018


Bob was a bridge builder, a volunteer, a good and faithful servant of his Lord Jesus Christ. Chuck and I met Bob and Marie Southard in 1973. Pastor Gordon Shira introduced us and we became the best of friends. 

Bob organized the first work groups from Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, Illinois. He arranged speaking engagements throughout Illinois and then chauffeured me from church to church.

Bob was a salesman for Allis Chalmers, a manufacturer of pumps. He arrived at the Mission and found the pump in our well broken. He prayed and somehow managed to repair it. 

Bob made many harrowing trips with Chuck in the big truck to Mexico. On one occasion they were carrying a huge water tank; but driving in the mountains, the wedges came loose and
the tank rolled from side to side. Both men were white
as ghosts when they reached the Baja Mission. 

You too can be a bridge builder, a volunteer for Jesus, tried and true.

Others have been enlisted, 
why not you?

The Bridge Builder
By Will Allen Dromgoole

An old man, going a lone highway, Came at the evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm, vast and deep and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The sullen stream held no fears for him; But he turned when safe on the other side  And built a bridge to span the tide.

"Old man." said a fellow pilgrim near, 
"You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day; You never again will pass this way; You've crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build you the bridge at the even tide?"

The builder lifted his old gray head:"Good friend, in the path I have come," he said, "There follows after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been naught to me, To that fair-haired youth  may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!

colleen parsons_article & photo.png

Many of you prayed. Today, we received the heartbreaking news that Colleen,
beloved wife of Sam, has passed away.

Please pray for strength for Sam and family. 

baja_nathan adams.png
baja_glenn almarez.png


What do these two have in common? They both have Hepatitis C.

Nathan will hopefully be treated in Ensenada in the coming weeks
and your prayers will make the difference in a full recovery.

Hopefully Glenn will be scheduled soon. 

riker pereau.png


Little baby Riker, Dana pereau's grandson, was hospitalized this week at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He requires multiple surgeries on his eyes and face.

Please pray for this precious little one.



amelia pereau_certificate.png


Amelia, Dana’s granddaughter, has completed her cancer treatment from Seattle Children’s Hospital. 

everett wilson.png


Everett Wilson is now going through volumes of history related to the sequel to Charla’s Children. Please keep him in your prayers. Everett now has a full time caregiver for his beloved wife Lois, and can devote his full attention to the book.

Please pray. 

the little lost pup.png


Pray that prison doors will be open as our precious minister of the Gospel will be going Saturday morning, May 19th, to the Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Nashville, TN. He will distribute copies of the Little Lost Pup in that institution.

Please pray that the books will be given to inmates
and they will be receptive to the Gospel.   



Mark is a new man in Christ and will be released from Corcoran State Prison in California to Teen Challenge in Orange County on Thursday, May 17th.
He has been incarcerated for eight years.

Carolyn Libby and Charla will take him from the prison to Teen Challenge. 

oaxaca_embroidery workshop.png


Teresa has an embroidery workshop in a prison at Rio de Hielo, Oaxaca

May 4, 2018

colleen parsons.png


Sam Parsons ministers to nursing homes in South Orange County. He is a beloved friend and frequently ministers at our Friday night monthly prayer group dinner.

Last week, he and his wife, Colleen, went on vacation to see family in Texas. Colleen became critically ill and was hospitalized in grave condition. She needs a miracle.

An update from her CaringBridge page: All her numbers are slowly moving in the right direction. The antibiotics are bringing her infection numbers down and her oxygen levels are good enough that they are beginning to back off her ventilator - hoping they can remove it in the next few days. 

Please pray for increased circulation to her legs as they have beenseverely affected.

You can follow her progress and offer support for Colleen and family at the following link:

Please pray for strength for Sam. He is too tired to sleep. 

stephen ashby.png


Please pray for Stephen Ashby, our beloved friend, who is studying for the Lutheran Ministry. He is facing finals, like many other students this season. Chuck and I met Stephen a few years ago. To know him is to love him. He is very conscientious.
His daily Homilies are on hold during this season. 

everett wilson.png


The sequel to Charla’s Children is in  process!

Please continue to pray that Everett Wilson and I will be able to transcribe the many stories or events that will be presented in the book. It is our hope that we will be able to go back to the many supernatural events throughout Chuck’s and my life.   

elanor_gerald goolkasian.png


Eleanor Lugo served in our medical center for years and is married to a Bible Institute student. They are pastoring a local church in the Baja.

Eleanor asks, “Will you please pray for my Dad, Gerald Goolkasian? He fell again and has three fractured ribs with demineralization in more. He's being transferred from our local hospital to Mass General which makes visitation and taking care of mom more challenging for my siblings. We also need to pray for his salvation.” 

2018_children's day_eating.png
2018_children's day_game.png


Once again, we hosted 750 children in our church with festivities following.
Mexico celebrates Children's Day on April 30th.

Praise God, another opportunity to touch His little ones for Christ. 

hans_nancy benning.png


We wish Hans and Nancy Benning a Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary. 
They celebrated on May 3rd.    

Volumes could be written about this couple who have literally poured out their lives for others, and  have given sacrificially; 42 years of their married life to His Ministry

jorge diaz_ordination.png


We congratulate Jorge Diaz on his recent ordination
at a Baptist church in Artesia, CA.

Jorge was one of the first children interned
in the home in Baja in the 60s.

We praise and thank God for his life.

A Tribute to our Housemothers


In both Baja and Oaxaca there are a set of women who are heroes to us all – the housemothers. 

They take abandoned and abused children with deep spiritual and emotional wounds and they love them as if they were their own children. 

These women create safe homes and create beautiful memories for their families. They pray with the children for their needs, cry with them over their pain, and rejoice with them in their victories. 

Please join us in celebrating and praying for these amazing women as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month. 

Graduate Gives Back - Yulissa Brought to the Home at age Three

tj house_yulissa.png

Over the next several months we want to share the stories with you of our graduating university students. We are so proud of them and we want to share with you the amazing ways God is at work:  I arrived at the children’s home in Baja when I was three years old. I grew and met incredible people: people full of love for their job and for Jesus. 

These people loved me and taught me my value, my gifts, my talents, and most of all, the love of God.
Today, thanks to their time invested in me, I am who I am.

Now I am studying languages with the goal of teaching
English as a second language. 

I am also studying French and Mexican Sign Language. I hope to continue studying Sign Language and be an interpreter one day.

This spring I will graduate from the university, and I will miss a lot of things about the TJ House. I will miss knowing that when I get home there will be someone to chat with, eat with,
and spend time as a family with. 

I’ll miss playing soccer and volleyball, going to the beach, and getting ice cream. But I also know that I am part of a family that loves me and accepts me just how I am.

After I graduate this May I plan on staying in Tijuana and finding a job as a teacher while I also look for opportunities to use my sign language, continue going to church, and serving my community in any way I can. 
I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry and all the people who have helped to give me the incredible opportunities I have been blessed with. 

I’m so thankful.

tj house_students_houseparents.png

Bringing Hope to Oaxaca

Come and see.”  Oaxaca already is an amazing corner of this world, and it’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit has been working and moving in the Mission here over the past year. Under the leadership and direction of our pastor, Edgar Rivera Aguilar, we are experiencing spiritual healing and growth in the lives of the children and staff, along with members
of the community who have begun congregating with us. 

oaxaca_boy with hat.png
oaxaca_girl eating snacks.png

I personally feel flooded with gratitude when I look around
to see the people I serve alongside with their hands raised
in worship and adoration to our Lord. 

Joy springs up in my heart to witness children and youth feeling the freedom to dance before the King. Truth is being spoken in love, deep wounds are beginning to heal, and relationships are slowly being restored. We hear reports of how God is working through
outreach efforts as well. 

oaxaca_children praying.png

We have discovered new ways to share God’s bounty with those in need around us, through supplying rehabilitation centers and local Bible schools with food staples that they sorely lack. God has produced blessings from the earthquakes last September, opening up connections with new communities from the valley to the isthmus,
and even in Chiapas. 

The mountain missionaries continue to enter new communities with their ministry teams. They join us once a month so we can
learn more about them, the work they are doing,
and the ways they see God moving. 

oaxaca_children outside.png

And the teenagers here are shining so brightly that other churches are beginning to invite them to their events, in an effort to inspire
their own youth. God truly works in wonderful ways. 

One of our staff members often says, “We are not a children’s home. We are a family.” As with many families, life is not all sunshine and roses. 

We continue to have struggles, misunderstandings, and disappointments. But this family has an amazing Father
who unites us and we are eternally grateful for His mercy and grace,
and for the ways He is moving among us, even now.

April 27, 2018

colleen parsons.jpg


Colleen, Sam Parsons' wife, is in critical condition at a hospital in Waco Texas.

Please pray for a miraculous healing.



Praise God Luis’ surgery went well.
He is recovering at the Oaxaca Mission.  PTL! 

oaxaca_modesto portrait.png



Modesto and Eugenia serve in a remote area of Amoltepec and Las Cuevas, very hostile regions to the gospel. It takes at least 14 hours to reach this area from Oaxaca, Oaxaca.  Modesto, a graduate from our Bible Institute, has very limited vision, yet he walks this mountainous region preaching the gospel and ministering to believers.

Alex, his second son, has battled health issues since he was born and has been in and out of the hospital. They suspect he has down syndrome.

Pray for Modesto, Eugenia and Alex.



On Monday, April 30Xochitl, Outreach worker at the Baja Mission, will go to CuliacanSinaloa and stay for three months. She will be ministering in the camps.

Please pray for her. 

everett wilson.png


Everett Wilson has taken on the enormous task of writing a sequel to Charla’s Children. There have been a number of attempts to do a sequel, including God Among Us, a compilation of short stories.

Please pray for Everett and me.
Thank you in Jesus’ name. 

the little lost pup.png


Perhaps you know that our son, Craig Pereau, spent many years in prison. He recommitted his life to Jesus Christ while incarcerated in Chino State Prison. It was there he wrote the book, The Little Lost Pup. A number of other testimonies have been added, including Bertie Knowlton’s miraculous healing.

As Craig was transferred from prison to prison (common in California) he sent me addresses of other inmates who he had led to Christ.
There were over 30 who needed discipling.

 I am now down to corresponding with two inmates,
one who is on death row in San Quintin.   

But our ambassador to the east coast prison system continues to disciple with the help of The Little Lost Pup. He reports a successful visit to two additional facilities this month. Recently, he ministered to, and distributed 480 copies, including 200 to the chaplain who ministers to young men in a youth facility. 

Please pray for his next visit to the Morgan County Correctional Center
on Saturday, May 19th. 

william zersen.png


William Zersen will be speaking FridayMay 4 at our monthly prayer group dinner. His message will be on his walk with the Spirit and miracles and healings.

Please come and plan to be delighted.

Call Linda at (949) 492-2200 by Wednesday, May 2nd if you wish to attend.
We have a delicious meal prepared by Valerie at a minimal cost of $7.

It starts promptly at 6pm.

Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Rd., Laguna Woods, CA. 

oaxaca_art class.png


oaxaca_elaine croft with children.png


Elaine Croft is our art instructor at the Oaxaca Mission.
The girls did a large, colorful mural and self portraits. The results were awesome. 

baja_bob southard.JPG

BOB SOUTHARD 1923-2018

Bob Southard passed away Tuesday, April 24, 2018.  We could all say “good and faithful servant." Bob served FFHM since 1973 in many capacities. He organized the first work groups for Willow Creek, South Barrington, IL. He arranged speaking engagements throughout Illinois for Charla; then chauffeured
her north, east, south and west. 

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Marie.
Bob’s son, Rod, now serves on the FFHM Board.   

April 20, 2018

baja_rafael lopez_ wife angela.png


Pray for those who mourn the loss of their dear ones. 

A memorial service was held at the Mission Church for Rafael Lopez. We were all grieved and shocked by this tremendous loss. Rafa has served in many capacities including construction supervisor. He picked up the kids from the Disabled Children's Learning Center every morning.

We’ve been sent a number of emails, including the following: 

“ What a shock it was to read about the passing of Rafa. And what a shock for the mission in its totality. He was so deeply involved with every need that needed a solution. He sure has left a lasting impression of love and deep care in thousands of visitors, children and staff. 

We thank the Lord for giving him to us for the years he served at the mission. 
May our Heavenly Father comfort those who are directly affected by his passing

Dirk and Mary Kos


Carolina Shaver, Bible Institute graduate writes, “Everyone must have a Rafa story. I only knew him for a short time and never would have imagined it was towards the end of his life. When I was at the [Baja] Mission in 2014, every time I saw Rafa he would flash that gorgeous smile and greet me in Portuguese. "Bom dia!" or "Boa tarde!"  This always touched me, that he had learned some Portuguese. Endlessly cheerful, he impacted countless lives.” 

genevieve bredesen.png


Our precious friend Genevieve Bredesen, Reverend Harald Bredesen’s wife, passed away last week.  The Bredesens were faithful supporters of the ministry and on the board of the 700 Club. Pat Robertson was the youth director at Harald Bredesen’s church in Mount Vernon, N.Y. 

There was a great reunion in heaven!

san clemente_janelle.png


Janelle Keller will be speaking at our women's auxillary, WINGS, in ReddingCA on Monday, April 23. 
She has other commitments representing FFHM
from Saturday, April 21 through Tuesday, April 24.

Please pray for safety as she travels.

baja_jorge diaz and family.png


jorge diaz_invitation.png


baja_jorge diaz.png


Jorge Diaz, one of our first children to be interned at the Baja Mission in 1966, will be ordained on Saturday, April 21


Have you prayed for our students at the TJ House, who have the privilege of attending higher education?  Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos oversee these children of promise. The semester will soon be coming to a close; finals will be given.

Please pray for the students, and of course, Ricardo and Andrea. 

nancy benning.png


Nancy Benning, violin teacher and faithful supporter for over 30 years, is suffering with arthritis and was recently at the emergency room with high blood pressure. She had a miraculous touch.

Please pray for a total recovery. 

oaxaca_luis angel.png


In OaxacaLuis Angel’s surgery for his torn ligament is on Tuesday, April 24.
It will cost around $3,000. 

Please pray for Luis and the doctors involved, as any surgery comes with risks. Also pray that God will provide the necessary funds. 

baja_soledad toral arendano.png


Praise God, we have a new house mother for our children in Oaxaca. May we introduce Soledad Toral Avendaño, a graduate from our Bible Institute. 



Teresita Silvestre from Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca writes:
Thank you for sending  the newsletters. I will pray for the projects
and the people from this report, Rafael’s wife and his daughter.
And please pray for me and my family too



We welcomed two new girls at the Oaxaca Mission.
Please pray for them as they adjust.

amazon smile logo.png

For those who shop on, may we suggest you shop through

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Foundation for His Ministry when you select us as your charitable organization.

April 13, 2018

everett wilson.png


There have been a number of attempts to write the sequel to Charla’s Children. Starts have been made to no avail.

Everett Wilson, a published author and I will make another attempt!
Can you make a commitment to pray weekly about this project?
We are both in our 80s. Time is short.

Thank you sincerely,
Everett and Charla

rafael and angela lopez.png


Rafael Lopez’s journey was completed. He passed from this life to life eternal. An urgent email had been sent on Monday but we didn’t realize the end would be so soon.   

I first met Rafael at the Rose Park Orphanage over 50 years ago. I remembered him and he remembered me. Years later, he came to serve at our Baja mission. He had been a faithful servant of Jesus Christ since his conversion.

The wake was held Wednesday, April 11th and internment in Vicente Guerrero, where Jon and Eleanor Cowpersmith are laid.  

Please pray for his wife, Angela and daughter, Ariela during this difficult time.

baja_glenn almarez.png


Praise God monies were sent for Glenn Almarez’s treatment for Hepatitis C. Glenn must be signed up for the program. 


Yiria Minguela will be moving to our student’s home in Tijuana where she will be studying Educational Science. She came to our home at seven or eight years old and is now 20. Our very rural community is not the same as Tijuana.

Please pray that she adjusts to the big city and all that it involves.
Thank you for your years of faithful support of this fine young woman. 

godfrey dawkins.png


Did you know that Godfrey and Elisabeth Dawkins, missionaries in Kenya, are supported by Foundation for His Ministry

One of their missionaries, Gathuku Kibunga writes: 

Late last year I received an email from Tyndale House Foundation, inviting me for a consultation on the ‘The future of Christian Publishing in Africa’ at their Illinois Campus. It all happened last week. I had the privilege of meeting up with MaryKleine, the Executive Director, in wonderful fellowship, and appreciate them in person for the years they have supported Timazi Magazine

It is also with great joy to let you know that when Telos Institute learned I’ll be in the US, they organized a private graduation ceremony at Indianapolis to celebrate the completion of the Associates of Arts degree in Child & Youth Character Development. It was wonderful and special. Thanks so much for sponsoring me to take up this unique training....It has contributed a lot in my current student ministry. I truly appreciate.” 



Our dear friend, Paul Hatley, will be ministering in three different prisons. The Little Lost Pup will be distributed in these institutions. This book has a powerful, life changing impact on inmates, like Craig Pereau.

If you haven’t read this book it is available through FFHM. You can order it through our website at , or by writing us at P.O. Box 74000, San Clemente, CA 92673

  • Staton Correctional Facility, April 20, 2018, Deatsville, Alabama. 
  • Bullock Prison, April 21, 2018, Union Springs, Alabama. 
  • Frank Lee Prison, April 22, 2018, Deatsville, Alabama. 
san clemente_janelle.png


Last week, Janelle Keller was in Oaxaca, traveling and ministering to our staff and missionaries in the field. Sunday morning she spoke at the Village Church of Laguna Woods and was introduced to the congregation.

Tuesday, she accompanied Chuck Pereau on the piano at Christian Women’s Connection. Early Wednesday morning we received news that Rafael Lopezpassed away and Janelle headed south to the Baja Mission for the wake.

Please pray for Janelle and her very busy schedule. 

lena and hans visser.png


Hans and Lena recently visited the Baja Mission for the dedication of our new staff housing. It has been over three years in construction. The old trailers, which were donated, were like saunas in the summer and refrigerators in the winter.

We thank God for all who helped with construction and contributed financially. 

“For lo, the winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone. 
The flowers appear on the earth; 
The time of singing has come.” 
Song of Solomon 2:11,12

Planting Seeds

 The Boys at The Ranch

The Boys at The Ranch

Hans Benning and I had planned the day, but things did not go as planned and half of the group cancelled due to the flu. As Proverbs 16:9 tells us, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps”. God had His own agenda for us and as I contemplated what to do about the shortage of workers, God simply said, “Take the teenage boys.”

Nine young men joined us as we headed out to the ranch. Hans gave us a brief tour and talked about the men’s stories of drugs, alcohol, crime, self destruction and often violation of others.

He also talked about redemption and hope. This time planted seeds in these boys. As we began working, I got to know them better. Some boys worked quietly, some tried to find any reason to take a break, and some began sharing their lives. I soon realized that some of these boys had never thought about their future outside of the mission walls. So, we began brainstorming about their passions, skills and what it means to be disciples.

 Rancho de Cristo

Rancho de Cristo

After lunch Hans had us remain in the dining hall. The words he began to speak echoed my heart’s desire. He shared the fear he had for the boys, not because of who they are or where they came from but because of the broken world we live in. He reminded them that God knows each of their names, but so does the devil and the men at the ranch are examples of listening to the wrong voice. We had each boy stand as we called them by name and laid hands on them as we prayed boldly for their minds and hearts. The men from Rancho and the visitors committed to praying daily for each one of these boys for the next year.

 Hans and the boys

Hans and the boys

As I drove back to the mission, I was grateful for the plans God had for the day. This day was a highlight for the serving group, for me, and for these boys. A seed has taken root and lives have been changed!!

By Susan Eichensehr, Baja Mission

 Hard at work

Hard at work

The Agave

 The Agave painting

The Agave painting

Reverend Reid Lunsford was a lifelong friend of my parents and a mentor to me. Reid had a terminal disease and we made frequent trips to visit him in his beloved desert home in Phoenix, AZ. He loved the desert.

In 1966, oil painting classes were offered at our church and I signed up. I chose a picture of an Agave, a desert cactus, to paint as my first oil painting for Reid. The painting wasn’t even dry on the canvas when we received the call, “come now,” his departure is very near.

Reid was still coherent and delighted with the painting. Other family members flew in as we gathered around his hospital bed in the living room of their home. Chuck began to sing “In the Garden”. As he sang the words “and the voice I heard...the Son of God is calling,” an angel appeared in the room. Some saw it and others felt its presence. Reid was escorted home by an angel.

In February 1967 the hills of Baja were covered with Agave. Somehow I knew this trip was preordained; negotiations began toward the purchase of the mission property in Vicente Guerrero. I never knew what became of the painting of the Agave. In 2012 I was scheduled to speak at the Lutheran Church of Joy in Glendale, AZ. To my surprise, Reid’s daughter, June Griffin, came to the service. She brought me the painting which had been lost for over 46 years.

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director

Another University Graduate



I was born in Sinaloa on Nov. 20, 1994 to a single mother. We traveled to Baja, with the hope of finding better working conditions for my mom. I was given the opportunity to live at the student’s home in Tijuana and to attend the University, majoring in Marketing. With God’s grace I’ve done very well academically and am now graduating with a degree.

At the student’s home I found friends who have become like brothers and sisters; family for the rest of my life. Memories will be cherished; soccer games, parties with carne asada and each semester kickoff meeting are things I will never forget. Now as I graduate from the University, I plan to go to Camalu, Baja CA Mexico to find employment in my field of expertise. I am so thankful to the Foundation for His Ministry for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. It could never have been done without your support.At the student’s home I found friends

April 6, 2018

sam parsons.png


Sam Parsons,
 our roving troubadour, will be ministering today, Friday, April 6th at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Cost is $7 for dinner. Sam ministers in nursing homes throughout Orange County. You don’t want to miss this precious brother in Christ.

margaret mooney(1).png


 and Deanna Hoffman request prayer for Margaret Mooney, originally from Manitoba, Canada. Brian Mooney and Margaret met at the Baja Mission.Brian was our host. They were called to Belize as missionaries. Brian passed away. Margaret has remained in Belize, ministering to children with special needs.
She needs a non profit organization willing to channel the Canadian financial donations to her ministry. 

Please pray for her.

jerome and paula moore.png


Jerome and Paula Moore first visited the Baja Mission in 2007, from Lewiston, ID. They were launched on a mission trip that would change their lives forever. They pastored in Spokane, WA,  onto a church in Northern Illinois, and then Arkansas, directed by God the Holy Spirit. They have touched many lives and thank FFHM for their adventures of faith.

Perhaps you’re not too late to schedule a life changing trip to one of our missions. Call (949) 340-2051 to schedule your work group or just a visit.  

You will never be the same.” 

oaxaca_linda ray_janelle keller.png


Linda Ray and Janelle Keller are visiting our Oaxaca Mission. This is Linda’s first trip to Oaxaca.  Linda is one of our administrative assistants and I am sure they will have adventures to share. 

laguan woods_lois & everett wilson.png


Dr. Everett Wilson has agreed to help Charla write the sequel to Charla’s Children.  Dr. Wilson has spent years researching and writing about the move of the Holy Spirit and growth of the church in Latin America. He graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Latin American Studies and has served as a University Academic Dean and President and Founder of, Cincel, a language school for missionary preparation, in Costa Rica. 

Dr. Everett and his wife Lois traveled with Charla to the Baja Mission in 2016 to serve as a visiting professor at the Bible Institute.

Please pray that this ambitious project will become a reality.

We have a heartfelt desire that this sequel will be completed
in a relatively short period of time. 

nina heidgerken.png


Nina Heidgerken, an 18 year old lady, recently passed away. 
She was one of the victims of this terrible flu virus.

Her family writes and requests memorials be sent to Foundation for His MinistryNina has been to the FFHM property in Vincente Guerrero, Mexico twice. At that site, there is an orphanage, macadamia nut farm, and processing facility, school for physically challenge kids in the community, an outreach program to the surrounding area (Nina’s favorite), and much more. Nina loved playing with the kids and giving them spoonful’s of peanut butter and glasses of milk to drink. 

baja_dental team.png




Dentists came from Tijuana to the Baja Mission this past week. One of the ladies that came with them is Lucy and she has gone with the Valley Vineyard group to Oaxaca a few times. Between the four of them, they took care of all the children in the home and when they finished that, they also saw some staff members.

A great blessing to us!  

compton_sara, kurt and sue christensen .png


kurt christensen_cindi_fiink_sue christensen.png


Our precious old friends Kurt and Sue Christensen from Milwaukee, WI
dropped by the office this week.

Their daughter is ministering in Compton, CA

March 30, 2018

san clemente_janelle.png


Hollywood Presbyterian Church
has supported us for many years. Anna Kerr, our dear friend and vital part of their missions team, submitted this lovely poem.

Janelle Keller, Executive Director, will represent FFHM at their upcoming Global Mission Team’s meeting.

mission_lula hernandez.png


For The Advancement of the Kingdom of God in Spain

In 1992 our King’s Kids traveled to Spain, participating in the outreach at the Olympic Games. An adventure of a lifetime!

My heart leaped for joy when I received a letter from Lula Hernandez, one of our school teachers at the Baja Mission. It is her heart’s desire to go to Madrid, Spain from June 26 – July 10, 2018. The team will facilitate a Vacation Bible School and outreach in Madrid. I sincerely believe they will make an eternal difference in the lives of children.

Will you support Lula in this faith venture prayerfully and financially?

pat palak.png


Paul Grasser requests prayer for Pastor Pat Palwak, who is very ill, probably as a result of the new chemo.  We know she is a fighter and we must stand alongside her. God is able. Jesus won the victory of EVERYTHING on the cross.

Pray fervently for her.

riker_pereau great grandson.png


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing prayers for our great grandson, Riker, now 18 months old. He's had multiple surgeries to remove the port stain that covered his little face. Yet there are more surgeries to come. We sincerely believe that when Reverend Jean Darnell prayed for him when he was a few weeks old, he received partial vision. Thus he is wearing new glasses.   

oaxaca_luis angel.png


Laura from the Oaxaca Mission reports the following:

It has been challenging to get word from a doctor on how much Luis Angel's surgery will cost and when it can be done. Continued prayers for healing for this torn ligament, and for the funds necessary for the surgery, would be greatly appreciated.


The last Sunday of each month is a children's church service at the children's home.
As Pastor Edgar says,
"it is a time when the children teach the adults how to worship."

It is a blessed time and it's nice to see the family of the children
begin to attend the church services as well.



Lety Ambrosio, who grew up at our children's home in Oaxaca, had the joy of teaching our older children to bake buns. Do you remember hot cross buns? 
Please help us pray for staff needs at the Oaxaca Mission. We are looking for a housemother and a substitute housemother. We also have a temporary need for a cook as one of our cooks takes her maternity leave from April to June. 



Teresa (TereRodriguez is one of our missionaries in JuxtlahuacaOaxaca, with Maria Villa Pablo. Here, she is is teaching The Greatest Journey (to the cross), to the children in this community. 

phoenix_evangelical sisters of mary.png


The Evangelical Sisters of Mary have faithfully prayed for us since the 70s.
Their beautiful little flags are on the dome of our prayer room at the Baja Mission.

If you are in Phoenix, a stop at their prayer garden is a must.


Do hope you celebrate Resurrection Day
by attending an Easter service.

March 23, 2018

littlelost pup.png

Praise God! The Little Lost Pup is being distributed behind iron bars. 

Last weekend a dear friend was able to distribute over 500 Little Lost Pup books to inmates in local and state prisons on the east coast and in Florida.  We never dreamed Craig’s book would have such a wide circulation.  Story after story has reached us. 

How thankful we are to the very generous donor, who is making it possible for this distribution.



Corrine Ehrick and Eva (Schiaffino) Quick are both doing well. 
Corrine will soon celebrate her 89th birthday.  Eva doesn’t give us her age. 
Both women served selflessly, pouring their lives out for others.  Corrine was administrator of our Baja Mission for 8 years, and Eva in charge of outreach. 
We thank God for this dynamite duo!

pic for pandp.jpg


Nathan Cowpersmith (Eleanor and Jon’s grandson), will be married April 7th at the Mission Church in Baja, CA Mexico. His fiancée Elizabeth is a child evangelism teacher in our outreach program. Jon and Eleanor Cowpersmith served at our Mission for many years and were greatly loved.

Congratulations to Nathan and Elizabeth.

George Anne.png

The Tenny’s have been faithful supporters, almost from the birth of the ministry.  Each year Bill Tenny brings a giant poinsettia, a beautiful Easter lily, and a giant pumpkin for display in our office. George Anne brings gourmet goodies to bless us all.  This was one of those occasions. She will soon celebrate her 90th birthday. 

How we thank God for our visitors to the San Clemente office.



Monthly prayer group dinner

Sam will be with us again. You won’t want to miss this joyous occasion.
Call now to make your reservations for the April 6th dinner, (949) 492-2200 and speak with Linda.

We appreciate our volunteers
The Canadian mailing at 9 a.m. Wednesday March 28th in Charla and Chuck’s rec room.

2355 Via Mariposa W., Laguna Woods, CA
The U.S. mailing is Thursday March 29th at 7 a.m. in the same location.


If you don’t have a church home, why not celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection by attending one of the many services offered at your local church.

March 16, 2018


He was truly a saint who brought great revival to Ireland



A bus is needed for transporting our disabled children.

The children will be making a trip in April and need a bus in good working order, Lord willing. It needs to be registered, licensed and insured in Mexico. The cost of importation of a bus is approximately $1,000, if it is donated in the U.S.

RAFAEL LOPEZ                                                BENJAMIN MUCINO

Please keep our bus drivers in prayer.

Rafael Lopez has acute problems with his legs, which are inflamed and he is in pain.

Benjamin Mucino’s daughter will travel from Mexico City to visit him soon. 
Pray for safe travels and that they have a blessed time together.




Are you sick?
 Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. 
James 5:14-16
This has been done. Roger is one of the Pastors of Lutheran Church of the Cross and a very good friend of ours. He went through open heart surgery March 12th and is now recovering. 



Janelle will make a number of trips to the Missions. Pray for her safety on the road this coming week. Then April 2nd she will be taking a work group from Heritage Christian Fellowship to Oaxaca.



Cindi, in our office, will be having her second cataract surgery on Wednesday,
March 21. 

Please pray for a successful surgery and a speedy, healthy recovery.



From Bonnie Shelton:   

Thank you all for the prayers and concerns for our great-granddaughter Eva(Ava) and our daughter Camille, (Eva's grandmother.) Both had good appointments with their Doctors. Eva is growing and improving with learning how to eat. She is still on g-tube feeding until she is able to take food by mouth.
Camille has had her first chemotherapy and will have 5 more rounds until June 15.  The bone marrow report showed no cancer for which we are thankful. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma stage 3. It is treatable and we are trusting God for a good outcome and complete healing.



Wayne and Lois are retired missionaries. Wayne is in stage 4 cancer and the prognosis is not encouraging. Pray that he will not suffer if it is God’s time for him to go, and if not, that he will experience complete healing.

With God, all things are possible!



Ministering in Sinaloa to children from the camps.

Lizette and Hugo, long term missionaries, are serving in a suburb of Culiacan, Sinaloa.  Small work group housing is now completed on that property. Raul Garcia will stay on for a month and Roger Meza for three months. They will be doing evangelistic outreaches in the camps.



Please pray for Lenora who has suffered with symptoms of the flu for weeks and for Pastor Darrell Ward as he offers prayer & support along with Chuck and Charla Pereau, to Ron & Carolyn Robertson. Ron, an attorney, served with both the Reagan and Bush administrations. His wife Carolyn will be with Jesus soon.

Please lift this family in prayer.

Earthquake in Oaxaca

 The devastation

The devastation

It started with a question from a doctor about where we had purchased the wooden pallets for our new stage. This question resulted in our driving with a caravan of vehicles to an earthquake damaged community that is five hours away from the Oaxaca Mission. We brought them wooden pallets to create a floor so that those most affected wouldn’t have to sleep on the wet ground.

More than the visible destruction, they were struck by the continued fear in the people there. There have been hundreds of aftershocks, which brings back the memory of the first one that changed their world. So, after seeing this deep need we gathered a team to go and share about a God who loves and cares for them and a hope that casts out all fear.

 Temporary housing

Temporary housing

We spent time building relationships with the women and creating fun for the children there.

We also had the opportunity to give out 500 warm blankets with notes of encouragement. It struck me how receptive people were to us. I am hopeful that the notes will leave a lasting impression on those who received them, and that this donation will warm their bodies and hearts as they endure very cold nights.

 Handing out blankets

Handing out blankets

We live in a time when it is easy to become overwhelmed by the natural disasters and evil acts in our world.

In this age of information, we get news so quickly about the hurting state of our world. But we are NOT without hope. There is great power in prayer and in the tangible ways we can love those God has placed around us in this life.

Laura Rodriguez, Oaxaca Mission Administrator

Staff Housing Dedication

For years many of our staff at the Baja Mission lived in trailers that had been lovingly donated by friends of the ministry. While these were great for short term staff they weren’t adequate for those giving years of their lives to this place. The trailers were saunas in the summer and ice boxes in the winter. A plan was developed to tear down a motel that was on the property in 1966 when Chuck and Charla made their first trip to Vicente Guerrero and replace it with two story housing with 16 apartments.

 The Old Motel

The Old Motel

After years of fundraising for this project and hard work from the construction team and many volunteers, this project is finally complete!

 New staff housing

New staff housing

In January, the staff and a few donors gathered to dedicate this building to God and give Him thanks for all the ways He provided.

Janelle Keller, Executive Director

Hans Visser writes: At the dedication there were words of appreciation to many people who were all involved in different ways to make this building a reality.

There were words by Jill the Baja Mission Administrator, and Janelle, the Executive Director of the organization. Then I had the privilege of cutting the ribbon. But first I was led to present a short message based on Psalm 127. Unless the Lord builds the house it’s builders labor in vain which is a biblical truth and is very familiar.

In our case it was our Bible wedding text. In all our years we have learned it takes a lot of prayer and listening to His voice to get the Lord involved in building the house. In the building process of our lives, we too often want to take charge ourselves. And it is by God’s amazing grace that this staff housing is now a reality.

 Hans Visser and Mario Cordoba

Hans Visser and Mario Cordoba

It is here because of His building skills. In the building process He was molding and guiding all those involved. It is not so much the actual bricks and mortar, but the heart and lives it touches in the process. Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain.

Now, I was privileged to cut the ribbon followed by prayer and thanksgiving by Pastor Mario. The service was concluded by refreshments and a time of reflection.