March 16, 2018


He was truly a saint who brought great revival to Ireland



A bus is needed for transporting our disabled children.

The children will be making a trip in April and need a bus in good working order, Lord willing. It needs to be registered, licensed and insured in Mexico. The cost of importation of a bus is approximately $1,000, if it is donated in the U.S.

RAFAEL LOPEZ                                                BENJAMIN MUCINO

Please keep our bus drivers in prayer.

Rafael Lopez has acute problems with his legs, which are inflamed and he is in pain.

Benjamin Mucino’s daughter will travel from Mexico City to visit him soon. 
Pray for safe travels and that they have a blessed time together.




Are you sick?
 Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. 
James 5:14-16
This has been done. Roger is one of the Pastors of Lutheran Church of the Cross and a very good friend of ours. He went through open heart surgery March 12th and is now recovering. 



Janelle will make a number of trips to the Missions. Pray for her safety on the road this coming week. Then April 2nd she will be taking a work group from Heritage Christian Fellowship to Oaxaca.



Cindi, in our office, will be having her second cataract surgery on Wednesday,
March 21. 

Please pray for a successful surgery and a speedy, healthy recovery.



From Bonnie Shelton:   

Thank you all for the prayers and concerns for our great-granddaughter Eva(Ava) and our daughter Camille, (Eva's grandmother.) Both had good appointments with their Doctors. Eva is growing and improving with learning how to eat. She is still on g-tube feeding until she is able to take food by mouth.
Camille has had her first chemotherapy and will have 5 more rounds until June 15.  The bone marrow report showed no cancer for which we are thankful. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma stage 3. It is treatable and we are trusting God for a good outcome and complete healing.



Wayne and Lois are retired missionaries. Wayne is in stage 4 cancer and the prognosis is not encouraging. Pray that he will not suffer if it is God’s time for him to go, and if not, that he will experience complete healing.

With God, all things are possible!



Ministering in Sinaloa to children from the camps.

Lizette and Hugo, long term missionaries, are serving in a suburb of Culiacan, Sinaloa.  Small work group housing is now completed on that property. Raul Garcia will stay on for a month and Roger Meza for three months. They will be doing evangelistic outreaches in the camps.



Please pray for Lenora who has suffered with symptoms of the flu for weeks and for Pastor Darrell Ward as he offers prayer & support along with Chuck and Charla Pereau, to Ron & Carolyn Robertson. Ron, an attorney, served with both the Reagan and Bush administrations. His wife Carolyn will be with Jesus soon.

Please lift this family in prayer.

Earthquake in Oaxaca

 The devastation

The devastation

It started with a question from a doctor about where we had purchased the wooden pallets for our new stage. This question resulted in our driving with a caravan of vehicles to an earthquake damaged community that is five hours away from the Oaxaca Mission. We brought them wooden pallets to create a floor so that those most affected wouldn’t have to sleep on the wet ground.

More than the visible destruction, they were struck by the continued fear in the people there. There have been hundreds of aftershocks, which brings back the memory of the first one that changed their world. So, after seeing this deep need we gathered a team to go and share about a God who loves and cares for them and a hope that casts out all fear.

 Temporary housing

Temporary housing

We spent time building relationships with the women and creating fun for the children there.

We also had the opportunity to give out 500 warm blankets with notes of encouragement. It struck me how receptive people were to us. I am hopeful that the notes will leave a lasting impression on those who received them, and that this donation will warm their bodies and hearts as they endure very cold nights.

 Handing out blankets

Handing out blankets

We live in a time when it is easy to become overwhelmed by the natural disasters and evil acts in our world.

In this age of information, we get news so quickly about the hurting state of our world. But we are NOT without hope. There is great power in prayer and in the tangible ways we can love those God has placed around us in this life.

Laura Rodriguez, Oaxaca Mission Administrator

Staff Housing Dedication

For years many of our staff at the Baja Mission lived in trailers that had been lovingly donated by friends of the ministry. While these were great for short term staff they weren’t adequate for those giving years of their lives to this place. The trailers were saunas in the summer and ice boxes in the winter. A plan was developed to tear down a motel that was on the property in 1966 when Chuck and Charla made their first trip to Vicente Guerrero and replace it with two story housing with 16 apartments.

 The Old Motel

The Old Motel

After years of fundraising for this project and hard work from the construction team and many volunteers, this project is finally complete!

 New staff housing

New staff housing

In January, the staff and a few donors gathered to dedicate this building to God and give Him thanks for all the ways He provided.

Janelle Keller, Executive Director

Hans Visser writes: At the dedication there were words of appreciation to many people who were all involved in different ways to make this building a reality.

There were words by Jill the Baja Mission Administrator, and Janelle, the Executive Director of the organization. Then I had the privilege of cutting the ribbon. But first I was led to present a short message based on Psalm 127. Unless the Lord builds the house it’s builders labor in vain which is a biblical truth and is very familiar.

In our case it was our Bible wedding text. In all our years we have learned it takes a lot of prayer and listening to His voice to get the Lord involved in building the house. In the building process of our lives, we too often want to take charge ourselves. And it is by God’s amazing grace that this staff housing is now a reality.

 Hans Visser and Mario Cordoba

Hans Visser and Mario Cordoba

It is here because of His building skills. In the building process He was molding and guiding all those involved. It is not so much the actual bricks and mortar, but the heart and lives it touches in the process. Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain.

Now, I was privileged to cut the ribbon followed by prayer and thanksgiving by Pastor Mario. The service was concluded by refreshments and a time of reflection.


What a great start to the year!! Two main themes that have guided this school year are that God is creative and that the word of God is living and active. We want our children to enjoy using their God-given creativity, so we are working hard to make education fun and exciting in order that they will pursue life-long learning.

We also desire that each child will walk with God throughout their lives. The children are learning large chunks of scripture and every morning they jump and sing which is then followed by a story reinforcing biblical truths.

We have expanded the English portion of our program because our kids love speaking in English! We are also making sure that each child not only learns how to read, but that they become confident readers. It’s encouraging to see their excitement for reading and many come regularly to ask for more books from the library!

 A student in the classroom

A student in the classroom

I enjoy seeing advances in our children. One little girl has even successfully learned how to read on her own. At the beginning of the year, when the children were asked to do daily reading, they groaned and complained. Now the children are competing to see who can read the most!

 We’re reading

We’re reading

We also had a little girl start the year who had lived on the street her whole life. She had never been to school and did not understand structure at all. The beginning of the school year was very complicated for her! And now she has very clear handwriting and has learned all her letters up until the letter P!

We are excited about what this next semester holds and hopeful about the advances our children are going to make! Thank you for praying for us as we invest in these children´s lives!

Cheryl Trevor, Baja School Principal

March 9, 2018

Thank you one and all who helped with the Canadian and U.S. mailing. 

Hopefully you’ll receive it this week. 

Forty-four attended this month’s prayer group dinner. Dr. Noel Wilson led the singing and Chuck Pereau and Janelle Keller sang Irish ballads in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Friends of His Ministry are invited to this monthly dinner.

Please join us Friday April 6th.




Praise report
Praise God! Amelia, Dana’s granddaughter, is home from the hospital following chemotherapy and is dancing about. Thank you for your prayers.


ROGELIO MEZA                                                       RAUL GARCIA
Formerly operated our TV station for Baja.              “If you want to be great                                                                                 in God’s Kingdom, You must                                                                                        be a servant of all.”

Graciela Cordoba, Mario’s wife, has written a great article regarding our ministry in Sinaloa. The article will appear in the newsletter soon. She’s requesting prayer for two of our Bible Institute graduates who will be doing outreach to the migrant worker’s camps, Raul Garcia and Rogelio Meza. 

The harvest is ripe for evangelism, please pray.


Ministering in the mountains of Amoltepec.

         Modesto and Eugenia are serving in Amoltepec, a remote area of Oaxaca. 
Eugenia is very tired and their young son Alex is very frail. 

Please pray for strength and healing.


Lety, who grew up in the Oaxaca mission, is now on staff supporting missionaries in the mountains. 

She is asking for prayer as she helps with child care.

Staff in Pachuca.png


Praise God! A generous gift was given for our outreach staff in Oaxaca to attend a Global Leadership Summit in Pachuca, Mexico.



Update on Gen:  She was hospitalized for 2 ½ days as her pacemaker needed to be recalibrated.

Dede and Gen hope to fly to Vancouver Island for the 50th Anniversary of Trinity Christian Center, where Harald Bredesen pastored in the 70’s.

Her daughter Meg is living nearby. She is in constant pain and needs hip surgery! She just recently moved to Illinois and must get through the red tape to be approved for Medicaid. 

Little Lost Pup.png


He directed the woman who had lost a coin, a lost sheep, and a lost son.
We shipped a case of books to Tennessee for distribution to prisoners and it was lost by the U.S. Post Office.

 Please pray it is recovered!




Melanie is Chuck & Charla’s granddaughterShe is in need of healing and deliverance and is being hospitalized.

Please keep her in your prayers.




Please continue to pray for Bonnie Shelton’s granddaughter Rachel, and her young daughter Eva who just underwent a kidney transplant; as well as Bonnie's daughter Camille who was recently hospitalized with a mass in her chest.



Update on Ron and Charlotte Mc Whinney

“Dear family and friends, Thank you for praying. It has been quite an ordeal!  It took three hours to cross the border. Charlotte was taken to the hospital for 2 ½ days. Diagnosis: bleeding ulcers. She was transported to her daughter Allison’s in San Luis Obispo, CA, and hopefully they will return to their home in Oregon. 

Ron and Charlotte write, ‘We thank you all, for your thoughts and prayers.’”

Linda God Among Us.png

Linda Kaahanui wrote God Among Us; short stories of our missionaries’ testimonies (available through this office). BUTa sequel to Charla’s Children is yet to be written covering the last 25 years of His Ministry. Precious, miraculous stories have been lost since my recent stroke.

Please pray that the sequel will be written.

March 2, 2018


A Joyous Announcement

Two shall become one.” We are so happy and grateful to see these young people getting married. Gabriel Celis grew up here at the mission and went to our student’s home in Tijuana. His wife Paola Sandoval is a teacher in our Learning Center. They met when both of them were living in our TJ Home.

Said Mendez works in our church with children and youth and his wife Sarai Zatarain was a house mother a few years ago.



Ron and Charlotte Mc Whinney have been serving the Lord for 18 years as volunteers at the Mission in Baja. There has been no task too large or too small for this couple who have servant hearts. Charlotte suffered a herniated disc and was taken by ambulance to the Tijuana border. They have returned to Oregon.

Please pray for Charlotte and of course, Ron, her help mate.



Pat Hulsey is a chaplain at a central California prison.  

She writes: “I used the Little Lost Pup in two services at Valley State Prison for men yesterday, to go along with the messages I was preaching.  And low and behold, the chaplain's assistant, Sean Geoff, was a roommate with Craig many years ago at one of the prisons he was in. The men loved the story, and the books are in the library now...and our men really use the Christian library.”



Would you like to be reminded of the Canadian/U.S. mailing and / or monthly dinner at the Lutheran Church of the Cross? 

The Pereau’s daughter Andrea would be glad to call you. Send your phone number to or give her a call at (661) 943-4220.
If you would like to receive an e-mail reminder for the monthly dinner, please contact Linda in our office. or 949 492-2200.



Don’t forget the monthly prayer group dinner, Friday, March 2nd, hosted at Lutheran Church of the Cross fellowship hall.  Noel Wilson will be leading the sing a long, Chuck Pereau and Janelle Keller will sing Irish ballads in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and Charla will be speaking.

If you would like to receive a monthly e-mail reminder for the dinner, please contact Linda at or call her at 949 492-2200



Bonnie Shelton’s grand-daughter Rachel served as a missionary in Turkey. Rachel is married and has three children including twin girls born two years ago.  One born with renal failure has been on dialysis since she was 4 days old. At 21 months old, little Eva was finally able to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant from mother to daughter.
Praise God!  The transplant was perfect but the infant is still being fed by tubes.
Please keep this precious little one in your prayers

Bonnie’s daughter Camille, was also recently rushed to the hospital. Bonnie writes:
“Heard from Camille this am. She is in the ER in Fort Dodge IA. Went in the night.  They found a mass in her chest and will do a biopsy soon. She has His peace and strength. She or Steven will keep me posted, and we are praying for a miracle and wisdom for the medical persons.  Thanks for your prayers.”



Paul Hatley, a dear friend of His Ministry, will be ministering in prisons on the east coast. He will be distributing hundreds of Craig Pereau’s book, The Little Lost Pup. There are innumerable complications related to prison ministries, so please pray that the doors will be opened.

February 23, 2018

Billy Graham, born Nov. 7, 1918, was an American evangelist and an ordained Southern Baptist minister who became well known internationally after 1949.  He served as a spiritual adviser to American presidents and provided spiritual counsel for every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama

Billy Graham passed away Feb. 21, 2018.

My mother attended the very first Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles, in 1948.  She took the streetcar into downtown Los Angeles to attend.  One of the nights she attended, Stuart Hamblen, an American entertainer, gave his life to Christ and like so many others, was changed forever.



Praise report
Praise God! Amelia, Dana’s granddaughter, is home from the hospital following chemotherapy and is dancing about. Thank you for your prayers.




 FFHM has participated in this event for two decades. Charla Pereau and Janelle Keller have spoken at this event in past years as representatives of His Ministry.
Several former Mexico volunteers will man the booth this year, promoting financial and prayer support as well as encouraging short-term volunteers and potential future staff to become involved in the
FFHM Ministry.
A keynote speaker will be Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, a Toronto Korean pastor who was recently released back to Canada following several years of imprisonment in North Korea.





Reverend John Lucas will be ministering at the Edmonton Mission Fest representing FFHM/Maranatha Evangelistic Association.




Marlo will man the booth for Maranatha Evangelistic Association, our Canadian counterpart.

Marlo has accompanied many work groups and has served at both the Baja and Oaxaca Mission.


On Friday afternoon, Feb. 15th, there was another big earthquake in Oaxaca, magnitude 7.2. Although staff and children were shaken, everyone is safe and well and our buildings remain sound and secure. While it was strong and prolonged movement, very few objects even fell down around the Mission. According to reports from the Servicio Sismológico Nacional, as of Tuesday morning there have been 3,000 aftershocks - the largest being 6.0 magnitude just after midnight Monday morning. The Mission appreciates your continued prayers for the people of Oaxaca, and are very thankful for their safety.


Please pray that God will direct his workers.
We have an urgent need for Spanish speaking substitute housemothers and a cook at our Oaxaca Mission.  



Laura, administrator at the Oaxaca Mission shares: Many staff and children at the Mission continue to suffer from various illnesses.
Please help us lift them up in prayer, that they may experience healing soon.

sylvia andloren.png


Thank you for prayers for our Board meeting so beautifully hosted by Loren and Sylvia Lillestrand. 

We have many challenges ahead but God is always greater.



Chuck and Charla will be ministering at our monthly prayer group dinner on Friday, March 2nd. 

Please call in reservations ASAP to (949) 492-2200, for a lovely dinner and evening.



Don’t forget the mailing of the FFHM Newsletter to our Canadian and U.S. friends. 

We meet in the rec-room at 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, CA .
Feb. 28th at 9 a.m. for the Canadian mailing  
March 1st at 7 a.m. for the U.S. mailing.

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

"I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."  John 16:33

Jesus, the Prince of Peace invites us to come to Him. Perhaps our hearts are filled with fear, but Christ, the Prince of Peace is greater than all fear. He is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6



Please continue to pray for 3-year old Amelia going through chemotherapy. She’s Dana and Antoinette Pereau’s grandchild.



Update from Gen’s daughter Dagni: I visited her after teaching today and was amazed at how lively and energetic she seemed. When I asked her about how she was feeling, she said she feels like a weight has lifted since her pacemaker implant was put in. So good news all round. Again, your prayers are carrying us through

work group mx 2016 (2).jpg


It’s not too late to schedule your workgroup. There’s still room in April, the first week of July and the last week of August.  Please prayerfully consider visiting or scheduling a work group.

hans group.jpg


Please be praying for Hans Benning. An MRI showed that he has torn ligaments in his left shoulder and he will need surgery. physical therapy, or both.


Nancy shares: I was very blessed to be able to attend the dedication of the new Benning Academia de Musica in Morelos. The restored train station which houses the academy is incredibly beautiful and is already blessing 1400 families and 700 children who live adjacent to the academy. There were over 100 children and mothers who sang beautiful songs at the dedication. Only God knows the impact this will have on the whole city of Cuernavaca and beyond! To God be the glory and the honor.  Please pray for Tito as he touches thousands of lives through his faithfulness, his love, and his dedication to serving The Lord through music and evangelistic conferences throughout all of Mexico.



Larry Kieler, longtime friend of the ministry, remains hospitalized with numerous medical issues.

Please pray for our faithful friend.

_Sakina Mission_Baja -0123.jpg

DIF, Mexican Social Services, issued a commendation of Excellence to the Baja children’s home after the recent annual inspection.They told Jill it was very obvious they are a Christian home and that Jesus is important to the children.



Aubrey Beauchamp, founder of Hospital Christian Fellowship, also a longtime friend of the ministry, will host Caring To The End; a one day seminar on vital life issues, decisions and opportunities in today’s world of healthcare and aging. Registration deadline is March 3, 2018
Seminar will be held at Capo Beach Church, Capo Beach, CA. For Reservations or more information, please call 949 496-7655 or email:



Following recent cataract surgery, Cindi came down with this terrible flu.

Please pray for healing.

gregg and chuck.png


How we miss Lorraine Barter who served as FFHM’s accountant for 27 years. Old records are being shredded by these two faithful friends.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018



Mario Cordoba officiated a lovely memorial service for Roberto on Sunday evening, Jan. 28th.

bible institute.png

The following morning I had the privilege of teaching at our Bible InstituteRobertolaid the concrete sidewalk from the Mission to the church. There are 106 tiles set in the cement, depicting chronological events from Genesis to Revelation. It took 2 hours to walk 700 feet. 

The students told the story from creation to Revelation.

bible students.png


with CharlaJanelle and Sharon Munoz Flores on the right.



Thank you for your prayers for Genevieve Bredesen. She is now at home with a Micra-pacemaker and is doing well. 

Please continue to pray for a total recovery.

sylvia and loren.png


Sylvia Nash Lillestrand remarked, “Nice to get an update on Angel in the Feb. 2ndPrayer & Praise.” She knew him as a little boy.

Sylvia remains active in His Ministry and will be hosting our next Board meeting, Feb. 10th, 2018.

Please pray for the Board meeting. 



Last Friday night Feb. 2nd, Valerie Ellis prepared an usually delicious meal for our Prayer Group Dinner. Pastor Joe Johnson, skipping and praising God, brought a wonderful message on joy. A delightful time was had by all. People were visibly moved by Chuck Pereau’s solo acapella.

See you at the next dinner, March 2nd.

women and children.png
maria villa pablo.png


Maria Villa Pablo and Teresa had an evangelistic event on Feb. 3rd with 120 children, women and young ladies. Approximately 60 people invited Christ into their hearts. Maria and Teresa will be part of a children’s festival in San Martin Duraznos, Oaxaca, Feb. 9th and 10th. For many this will be the first time they’ve heard the Gospel. They will continue discipleship classes for the next 12 weeks.

Thank you for your prayers.



 Both infants born prematurely and are in guarded condition.

Please continue to pray.


Lynora & Noel Wilson

Correction to Feb. 2nd Prayer & Praise: We are so sorry for the mistake in a previous Prayer and Praise letter. Lynora Wilson, not Lynora Ward, provided furniture for the new staff housing.

February 2, 2018

janice & richard larson.png


Richard Larson is recovering from a complicated open heart surgery. Recently, he visited the Bible Institute students and ministered in the church. Richard is also training other men for ministry.

Please pray for his complete recovery.

pastor joe johnson.png


Pastor Joe Johnson will be ministering tonight, Friday, February 2nd at the monthly prayer group dinner.

You won’t want to miss this gathering. Pastor Joe retired after many years of service in the Lutheran congregations. His passion is to minister the Father’s love and blessing. 

genevieve_gen_tyler bredesen.png


Reverend Harald Bredesen and Genevieve were prominent in the charismatic renewal around the globe. Harald graduated to glory a few years ago. Genevieve(Gen) recently moved from California to Illinois to be cared for by her daughter, Dede

Gen had several heart attacks, underwent surgery for a pacemaker and is back home in assisted living at 93.

Pray for a full recovery from surgery for this precious sister in Christ.

Dede is requesting cards be sent to:
Gen Bredesen
300 Lincoln Highway Road, #10
Charleston, IL 61920.


Michael writes: God surely is capable of more than we could ever ask or imagine and He gives us the desires of our hearts when we delight in Him. (Psalm 37:4) The Mexican people constantly gave thanks to God for His faithfulness and provision. Every prayer was an outflow of gratitude. We seldom see this in our American church. Kyle developed a fellowship with the teen boys and he is excited about becoming a sponsor. Brian sees himself playing a role through financial support. 

Please visit the FFHM website 
for information on more ways to give.


Carmen Salazar, Guest Relations Coordinator at the Baja Mission, is giving thanks for her sister's, Silvia, recovery after being on the verge of death.

Please keep praying for Silvia. She has a long and difficult way before her.  



These precious littles ones are being lovingly cared for by Sarah Petersen and others in the cuna. This little boy, Ivan, is seven weeks old and weighs 4 lbs.



The little girl, Reyna, is five months old. 

Please pray these tiny infants will survive. 


Thank you for prayers for Grant Petersen, Bloomington, MN.  He is Sara Petersen’sfather. He had extensive back surgery and hopes to be fully recovered by July for a mission trip.


What ever happened to Angel?

He is now 57, lives in San Vicente and is making prosthesis for others. 




Residents of Mexico City, the largest city in North America, are often called chilanga or chilango. Minerva is a chilanga. After graduating from the university, she wandered away from God. In 1989, she recommitted her life to the lordship of Jesus and she thought about spending a year of service at an orphanage. 

August 1989 Minerva arrived at the Baja Mission and was assigned a small trailer, which she remained in until 2017. At last, she had adequate housing. She became a substitute house mother, worked in the kitchen, the nursery, and the laundry room. Lack of sleep did not matter. She said, “It was a blessing to serve.” 

After a few years, they realized she was a university graduate. Many of our interned children had no education. She was given the challenge of bringing them all up to grade level! She was responsible for uniforms and ordering school material and supplies. No child was to be left behind. 

Roberto Hughes was one of those children. He came from a prison where he lived with his incarcerated father. His head was shaved, he was ghastly thin, and he had a broken front tooth. 

 Roberto Hughes

Roberto Hughes

He was given the gift of education, learned to play the piano, and is now an engineer and leads the worship in his church. 

Minerva recalls:

In 1991, our Bible Institute was washed into the sea. The administrator and his assistant resigned. Mario Cordoba asked me to take over the administration with Jon Cowpersmith as the instructor. I said, “No, I know nothing about the Bible Institute or the curriculum, etc.” But I went against my will. 

 These students still faithfully serve the Lord

These students still faithfully serve the Lord

John Huntley of Newport Mesa Christian Center took Charla, Pam Ellis, and me on a three-week tour of Mexican Bible institutes in a big motor home. I learned a lot about Charla’s heart for my people and I could see God working through this reluctant servant. 

After a year in the Bible Institute I became Mario’s assistant. Then on to accounting - a boring job. 

Dr. Luc Chausse, a medical doctor, and his wife Lise, an educator, arrived at the Baja Mission. He said, “These broken children need music.” 

 Music students (left) Lise and Dr. Luc (right)

Music students (left) Lise and Dr. Luc (right)

Recorders and other musical instruments were purchased. Soon Luc and Lise had their band. They played in parades and gave concerts followed by testimonies. Then they flew to Quebec, Canada, to bless many with their musical talents; I was their chaperone. 

 Tito with his wife, Rosario

Tito with his wife, Rosario

Tito Quiroz Sr., a godly man, became the administrator. He had a firm hand and a compassionate heart. He asked if I could take the responsibility for sponsorship. Of course, I said, “no,” because I didn’t know how to communicate with Americans. But he insisted and I found the most wonderful people in the world: our sponsors - people who love God, love children who are not their own in a country not their own, and want to pray and bless them. 

As sponsorship secretary I organize the Christmas party and distribution of the stockings with the help of many others. JoAnn Payne started this tradition and Vicki Gravell took on this large project. 

I thank God for these very generous people. Mario asked me to be office supervisor and I did that job for a few years. But of all those jobs, the sponsorship program is still
my favorite. 

I expected to stay a year, but after 28 years of service I am very blessed. He has taught me, He has healed me, and He has blessed me in wonderful ways. He has been Jehovah Jireh, my provider, and I learned not many years ago, HE LOVES ME. No matter what, He loves me! I pray that all our children will experience God’s love. Amen.

Letters from the Heart

In 1973, Chuck and I were invited to speak at Bethlehem Lutheran Church surrounded by the bean and cornfields of Morris, IL. For 44 years they have faithfully supported FFHM.  

Dear Charla & Chuck,
I am enclosing a check from our Mission Outreach Community here at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The committee held a bake sale and a kringla sale this year to raise funds for missions. Donations of baked goods and also monetary donations enabled us to make this contribution to your ministry.

We wish you God’s blessings in your work.

 The Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church with his family

The Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church with his family

Dear FFHM, You are my ‘heart’ ministry. I read your newsletter and would cry or laugh and pray. May this little bit of money be multiplied greatly to the needs of your community.Donna Williss

Your deep and abiding faithfulness to this difficult work transcends any ‘human’ or natural efforts. The Foundation for His Ministry is most certainly sustained by His own power. I look at what has been accomplished…how this ministry has multiplied and increased under your stewardship and my mind is amazed! 

He has inspired you with great vision and enabled you to continue this marvelous work that began with mighty miracles and will certainly continue through His power. 

After all He is the Lord of the harvest and if we cry out to Him with all our hearts, will He not most assuredly raise up workers for His great harvest. 
Yes and amen! 

Does that not include financial supporters, intercessors and replacements for those called away? Yes and amen! 

Our Lord who has begun this great work, will He not also bring it to conclusion? Keeping it growing? Sustaining it? Let us cry out to Him and call on Him: Faithful. Yes and Amen! 

 He will do much more than we can ask or imagine. I have seen the Lord’s heart towards His Ministry. You are an amazing steward of His resources. Your heart is filled with love for Him, for these desperate ones He desires to raise up from the ash heap of desolation. 

This great God, our Savior, the man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. He knows and He will never forsake you. He will continue this great work. Let us pray fervently, hopefully, expectantly for Him to provide for all of FFHM’s needs, in ways too mighty, too wonderful to fathom.” 
Linda Griffin, Alabama

Dear Charla, I was moved to tears by your testimony of miracles in your life. I felt the presence of the Lord… I recently got serious with the Him. I was addicted…got into trouble, but God redeemed me and put me on the right course. I got probation and classes. Thank God, He used your testimony to set me free.” R.B. (A copy of The Little Lost Pup was sent to R.B.) 

book cover_the litlte lost pup.png

Jesus has given you a heart for the poor. The words to a secular tune came to mind. 

You gotta’ have heart. All you really need is heart. When the odds are sayin’ you’ll never win. That’s when the grin should start. You gotta’ have hope. Mustn’t sit around and mope. Nothin’s half as bad as it may appear…You can open any door, there’s nothin’ to it but to do it. You’ve gotta have heart.
A friend of His Ministry  

“Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” Romans 5:5.



 “I have heard nothing but incredible things about this year’s Night in Bethlehem. The production is never done halfway. I hear this year’s was again an amazing pageant. That much seed going out can’t help but produce a harvest of belief in many lives.” Carrie Irving (Over 3,000 attended this event in 2017.)

Children of Promise

In 1989 there was no opportunity for higher education in Vicente Guerrero, until construction of the University of Tijuana began later that year. Our children had promise! 

We purchased an unfinished building near the proposed university which became the “TJ House”, a home for our students. Hannah and Mark Larson were the first house parents for 20 students. Almost 300 children have now had the privilege of living at the students’ home while attending trade schools or the university.

 Franco Vazquez

Franco Vazquez

Franco Vazquez came from the coastal state of Guerrero (not to be confused with Vicente Guerrero). The little boy saw his father murdered and a stray bullet struck Franco’s elbow. 
Because of threats to the family they fled to “Los Pinos”, just south of the Baja Mission. 

The mother, an alcoholic, was mistreating her children so Franco was brought to our children’s home. He had elbow surgery at Shriner’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Today, 15 years later, he is enrolled at the university in Tijuana.

 Magai Arguelle

Magai Arguelle

Magai Arguelles’ mother was abandoned by her husband leaving her with four children to provide for. She was desperate! She worked two jobs and did washing and ironing for others. The children were left alone while she was working.

A security guard at the local hospital told her about our children’s home. She needed help. The Baja Mission provided a sanctuary, a safe place for her children. Magai is now attending the University of Tijuana and is studying to be an orthodontist.

 TJ House Students and house parents

TJ House Students and house parents

Today, Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos are house parents to 20 students of promise at the TJ House. 

You can sponsor a student going on to higher education.
Call our office (949) 492-2200 or visit to set up your sponsorship.

January 26, 2018

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It took over three years to finish the staff housing at the Baja Mission, and at last we have moved our permanent staff from the old trailers into the new building. Hans VisserTaber, AB and Mario Cordoba cut the ribbon at the dedication.

Our WINGS group in Redding, CA furnished the kitchen and bathrooms and Lynora Ward provided much of the beautiful furniture for the living rooms.   


A dear friend called and he has been given an opening to minister in several prisons in different states. His hope is to distribute The Little Lost Pup among the inmates. I wept knowing that Craig’s ministry continues after his departure.
(The Little Lost Pup is available through the FFHM office). 

Please pray for this major distribution.

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Vicki Gravell took on the huge project of filling our children’s Christmas socks (really, beautiful Christmas bags) at the Baja Mission.

The children outdid themselves by writing precious thank you letters.   

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Dr. Melissa Pereau, our granddaughter, reported that our great grandson, Grant is deaf. In 1954, our daughter Andrea was diagnosed with a 70% hearing loss; but in 1964 she was prayed for by Pastor Erling Wold at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in North Hollywood and her hearing was completely restored.  Later the miracle was confirmed by the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. 

We believe in miracles! 


Missionary Richard Larson had open heart surgery on January 15th. There were complications, but praise God he came home on Saturday, January 20th.

Please keep him in prayer for a full recovery.  

Richard and his wife, Janice, were missionaries in Panama and recently taught at our Bible Institute at the Baja Mission


Joe and JoAnn Payne have been FFHM's “forever friends.”  For years, the Payne family was responsible for sending each child a Christmas stocking.

In lieu of wedding gifts, their daughter, Susanna, asked that donations be made to FFHM.  

Train up a child in the way he shall go…” 

January 19, 2018

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Update from Elaine Croft, missionary in Oaxaca:

Both Ian and I are very appreciative of all the prayers and encouragement from our FFHM family.  We have learned that recovery from cancer is a process.  We have felt God's sweet presence every step of the way. It is good to be back in Oaxaca.

baja_baby boy.png


 A new baby boy arrived into our care at the Baja Mission. He was born premature at 35 weeks and we welcomed him into our home at five weeks old. He weighs 4 lbs 8 oz and is wearing preemie clothes. He was taken to the local pediatrician, who gave him a clean bill of health.

We are grateful we can love on this little one! 

oaxaca mission.png

Various people are dealing with illnesses lately in the Oaxaca Mission. 

Please pray for the health of the children and staff. 



The accounting department in the Baja Mission doesn’t have the help they need during this critical time of year. One of the accountants is sick and working normally and another one resigned to go onto other pursuits.

Please pray they will get the help they need and they will be able to manage well during this stressful time. 

Various other incidents happened this past week at the Baja Mission so please pray for the children's safety and the health and welfare for all who live there. 



Carmen Salazar, our Guest Relations Coordinator, left suddenly to Ensenada to be with her sister who is near passing.
Please pray for her and her family during this difficult time.

riker_dana pereau's granddaughter.png


Riker, Dana Pereau’s grandson, on Friday, January 12th, after sixth face surgery. 

amelia_dana pereau's granddaughter.png


Amelia, Dana Pereau’s granddaughter will undergo chemo therapy again this week.

Please pray for this precious little one. 

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Judy and Mike Bayer, Pastor of the Village Church, recently celebrated Judy’s birthday at the Chart House. The Bayers faithfully support FFHM every month and Mike helps with the monthly mailing of the Canadian newsletter. 
Janelle Keller will be speaking at the Village Church this spring.

mailing_canadian volunteers.png


Don't forget next Wednesday, January 24th for the mailing of the Canadiannewsletter at 9am in the rec room of 2355 #3H Via Mariposa, Laguna Woods, CA.

mailing_us volunteers.png


The U.S. mailing is next Thursday, January 25th at 7am at the same location.

Hopefully they will be finished by 11am.

January 12, 2018

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Larry and Olive Kieler have been a part of His Ministry for decades. They live in Mission, B.C. and hosted a great 50th anniversary celebration in Canada for FFHM. Larry had open heart surgery in July and on Thursday of this week, he had hip replacement surgery. 

Please pray for a total and swift recovery.   

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Dave Powers, faithful friend of His Ministry, had critical back surgery this week.  Please pray for Dave and his beloved wife, Lois

pator glafira.png


Esteban and Yadira, who oversee our outreach in the mountains of Oaxaca, traveled to San Juan Yaee in the Sierra Norte, about six hours from Oaxaca, Oaxaca. They met Pastor Glafira, a 75 year old woman, who despite her age, faithfully serves in this remote area. Her church was demolished in the recent earthquake.

We pray she will have the resources to rebuild. 



There are only a few remaining groups of quilters. Teresa in Yucuyi, Oaxaca has a gathering of 15 to 20 women who meet weekly to embroider. We have often been blessed by the end product. The children come with their moms; this gives another opportunity to share the Word of God with adults and “His little ones.” 

maria villa pablo.png


Maria Villa Pablo is teaching reading and writing in the Mixteco language. There are many illiterate in the area. The Bible is being used as a text book.   



The supervisor of the Oaxaca prison ministry, Enrique Perez, finished the study of “Mending the Soul” and gave out diplomas to each participant. They followed up with a baptism for women in the prison. Praise the Lord!

Enrique continues his radio program to the Zapotecas in Mitla

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On Saturday, January 6th, there was a celebration of Jack Durkin’s life at Lutheran Church of the CrossPastor Keith Durkin officiated his father’s memorial service and there were over 100 in attendance.

Thank you to those who attended.

durkin family.png


Keith and Maya will be working with Haitian refugees in Tijuana and those on skid row. They will also be providing elementary and junior high education for children who have never attended school. Of course, their main thrust will be making Christ known.

We lovingl claim Keith and Maya Durkin as our own missionaries. Keith has served on and off at the Baja Mission and found his precious bride there. 


Estela, one of our accountants at the Baja Mission, lost her father through tragic circumstances.

Please pray for Estela who must do our annual audit at this time. 


Janelle Keller ministered with an anointing at our monthly dinner meeting. Pastor Leland and Marcia Lantz gave a pictorial presentation of their recent trip to Uganda.

Next month, Joe Johnson, a charismatic Lutheran pastor will share his journey.
You won’t want to miss. 

baja_nurse jessica_nurse angelina.png


Jessica and Angelina provide home nursing care. Recently, they took a five-year-old boy to Mexicali for heart surgery. Sadly the child died during surgery.

Please pray for the family and our two nurses. 

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Bob Bond, master builder, graduated to glory Friday, January 5thBob and Dorothy were married 69 years. Bob constructed two homes for our pastors and a beautiful home for a widow and her children. He remodeled the chapel and turned it into a school for our children. An old construction trailer was given to us, he converted it into a book store. Dorothy was a quilter, noted for her morning glory muffins.

Please pray for Bob's family as they mourn his loss.

January 5, 2018

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Epiphany, the Feast of Lights where traditionally the Magi arrived to present their gifts. In some parts of the world, this tradition continues.
Pastor Leland and Marcia Lantz will present a gift – the special report of their recent trip to Uganda on Friday, January 5th at 6pm.


We will meet at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. 


Seldom, if ever, have I seen any one take such loving care of her husband. Pat Durkin saw the symptoms of dementia over 20 years ago. About 15 years ago, we encouraged Pat to leave the San Fernando Valley and move closer to us. We thought we could help, but a short time later, her husband, Jack, had to move into Palm Terrace, at the gate of Laguna Woods.

On December 31, 2017 Jack graduated to heaven. We all celebrate his home going. Family and friends will celebrate his life on Saturday, January 6th at 3pm at the Lutheran Church of the Cross in the Fellowship Hall. See address above. 

connard and deanna hoffman.png


Our prayer requests are usually very brief. However, we think this poem is worthy of printing. Deanna received this during her quiet time with the Lord.
Connard and Deanna Hoffman are faithful intercessors. 
The Hoffmans served in Oaxaca and also at the Baja Mission.

Do you want a word for this New Year?
Then listen close for I will make it clear.
Unstop your ears and wash your eyes,
For then you will see through the devil’s disguise.
Feed on My Word and then you will know,
What is right and pure and what is only show!

Pursue My Kingdom and My Pure Right Way,
For then your feet will never wander or stray.
Each new day come before My Face,
To receive My Wisdom that will never deface.
My Wisdom brings insight and understanding as well,
And knowledge will flow from My pure deep well.  

My voice will guide you into what is true,
My Spirit will show you what you are to do.
Come away from the cluttered voice of the world,
Come sit at My feet and let My Words unfurl.
Like a scroll that is read from left to right,
Each day read My Word for light and insight.

Discernment will come in a deeper way,
As you listen and hear what I lead you to pray.
Your prayers led this way will have greater power,
To impact what is needed each day and each hour.
You will need My direction in the year ahead,
So listen then do what My Spirit has said.

You will make your way prosperous
When My Word you obey,
So listen then act throughout each new day.
Let each action of yours come from the place,
The place of pure rest when you seek My Face.
In quietness and confidence you then will receive,
The life and the faith and the hope that believes.
You are My child, and My plans for you,
Will no more delay for I AM making them new!! 

durkin family.png


Our beloved missionary friends, Keith and Maya Durkin are looking for a rental in Tijuana.  The Durkins are providing meals for hundreds of children living in abject poverty.

dave powers.png


Dave Powers, our longtime friend and faithful supporter, will undergo back surgery January12th at Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, CA. They are projecting a long recovery period. We believe in miracles.


The flu has reached epidemic proportions. There are many friends and loved ones
who are suffering or have suffered over the holidays.
Our office has certainly been affected. Urgent care is overflowing. 

Please pray for protection and a quick recovery for those who are sick.

A note from our Executive Director

2017_year end note.png

When I think back on 2017 and all that God did at our university house in Tijuana and our Mission bases in Baja, Oaxaca and Sinaloa, I am filled with gratitude. We have amazing, talented staff who have sacrificed their lives and comfort to rescue children, reach the lost and restore the broken in Mexico. We have 140 children and youth who are chosen by God to be under our care and are full of potential. And we have faithful, generous supporters who donate their time and money to make this all possible.
Reflecting on this year makes me excited for 2018 and all God has planned for His Ministry. We will continue to seek God and His wisdom to know how to best meet the needs of the children in our care and the communities surrounding us. We will continue to seek the right piece of property in Sinaloa to expand our outreach and build a children’s home. And we will continue to look for people who want to participate in what God is doing by praying, donating or visiting one of our locations in Mexico.
So we finish off 2017 with gratitude and enter 2018 with anticipation.
God is at work and we get to be a part of it. Isn’t that amazing?

With gratitude,
Executive Director, Janelle Keller

Medical Ministry

The medical, surgical, dental, and optical needs of hundreds were met in our Baja Medical Center. The team from “Heaven in Sight” led by Dr. Mark Eanes and Dr. Lance Haluka of Valdosta, GA, joined us again this year. The services they provided ranged from cornea transplants to cataract removal. Physical and spiritual eyes were opened! 

Our volunteer emergency fire and rescue team continue to provide life-saving services. Three of our firemen were given extensive training by John White and his team. 
Joni and Friends through the Angel Ministry, continues to provide wheelchairs. The ministry specializes in mobility devices to those who otherwise would be confined to their homes. Angelina Garcia and Jessica Brown provide loving home care and adult diapers for those with disabilities who are bed-ridden.

 Dr. Fred Timm, pediatrician, working in our Baja Mission clinic

Dr. Fred Timm, pediatrician, working in our Baja Mission clinic

 Firefighters receiving a reward

Firefighters receiving a reward

 Benjamin, Angel Ministry

Benjamin, Angel Ministry

Evangelism and Discipleship

An average of two thousand children attend our child evangelism classes. Children receive a cup of milk and a scoop of peanut butter. 

Our soup kitchen is another place where the love of God is manifested. The hungry are fed and given a portion to take home. 

Dispensas (care packages) for single mothers and their children are distributed. 

We have a weekly ministry to those who live in the garbage dump. Charles Spurgeon once said, “If you want to give a tract to a hungry man, wrap it in a sandwich.” 

Over 4,000 attend the Baja Mission’s “Night in Bethlehem” Christmas Pageant. All who attend receive hot chocolate, Mexican sweetbread, and the Word of God. We have another outreach to the community on Mexican Independence Day, where the Gospel is presented. 

Rancho de Cristo, our rehabilitation center, offers a one-year program which includes literacy and vocational training under the watchful eye of Hans Benning. Nancy Benning and Tito Quiroz are vitally involved in the Benning Music Academy in Ensenada, where over 700 students, including prisoners, are given the opportunity to study music. 

 Rancho de Cristo (group photo) Director, Hans Benning (upper right hand corner)

Rancho de Cristo (group photo) Director, Hans Benning (upper right hand corner)

There are 250,000 migrant field workers in Sinaloa from all over Mexico. Our ministry teams help provide for their spiritual and physical needs. Sinaloa will be the next area of expansion for His Ministry. 

Enrique Perez supervises the expanding prison ministry in Oaxaca. Thousands of inmates are now housed directly across the street from the Mission. Enrique hosts a weekly radio broadcast to the Mixteca region. 

We support missionary Maria Villa Pablo and the radio station transmitting Christian programming to remote areas. Modesto Velasco, although blind, serves courageously in a hostile region.

 Maria Villa Pablo (left) with a family in Oaxaca

Maria Villa Pablo (left) with a family in Oaxaca