October 20, 2017

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Even the children in the remote areas of Oaxaca recognize their need to speak English. Our missionaries Glenda and Manuel are willing to serve children and adults by giving these classes. The group speaks Mixteco, one of 157 languages currently spoken in Oaxaca. More than 30 children gather in this primitive setting.
Of course the Gospel is presented. 



Modesto, who is legally blind, walks the mountains of Amoltepec sharing his faith and preaching the Gospel. He walks many miles every day, frequently falling on the rugged terrain. Modesto says, “It’s always worth the effort, these brothers and sisters wait attentively to listen to the Word of God." Thank God for Modesto who is reaching the unreached of Oaxaca.

We just received this prayer request from Modesto and his wife Eugenia: they took their infant son to an urgent care in Oaxaca where he was hooked up to oxygen. They will be staying at the Oaxaca Mission.

lutheran church of the cross_rummage sale_success.png

The Lutheran Church of the Cross rummage sale raised $9,000 for the benefit of the hurricane victims. It was a lot of work. However, many poor neighbors were blessed by their purchases and the remainders from the rummage sale went to Working Wardrobes and the Orange County Rescue Mission.  

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Praise God, the surgery was successful on Maya Durkin and no follow up chemo is needed. Keith will be our speaker at the Friday night dinner on Nov. 3, 2017
Noel Wilson will lead praise and worship and our faithful friends Tom and Georgia Klebau will be the hosts for the evening. Chuck and Charla Pereau will be at the annual Board meeting in Oaxaca. 


Jan Hume Holter was called home at 1:30 a.m. the morning of Oct. 19, 2017. She was able to communicate her last wishes in a soft voice and the loving heavenly Father took her home. Her husband, Carl, writes “From my first date with Jan 51 years ago in October of 1966, I was gradually pulled into her world of giving and caring for others. It has been a privilege and honor to be united with Jan on our journey together. She never told me what to do but the invitation to join her in music and care of others was there and eventually I was able to sing with her in front of a crowd of people. She impacted everyone she met.” 

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The women from the Village Church gathered at Vicki Gravell’s lovely home. The project was to assemble the Christmas stockings which are given to the children at the Baja Mission. Vicki is amazing! She and her husband have shopped all year long, purchasing the very best gifts to be given to our precious children.  Perhaps only God knows the countless hours she spent shopping and organizing for this event. 

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Don’t forget the Canadian mailing is October 25 and the U.S. mailing is October 26.Come all ye faithful! They gather in the rec room at 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, CA.