The Mission Exists Because of This


Graciela Cordoba, Baja outreach supervisor, writes: I received a call from a brother asking for help for a family in great need. When I had time at the end of the day I went to look for the family. They were in a sad situation. They literally had nothing. That day they had to leave the house that had been loaned to them for a year. Now their aunt loaned them some land, but there was nothing on it. It was only a piece of land.
The 12 year old daughter, Beatriz, went out to look for work and arrived at Roberto Rojas’ camp. She told him she was 18 years old so they would give her work, however Roberto saw how young she looked. 

He still wanted to help the family, so he took them pasteboards to make a small house. He gave them laminate sheets for the roof, a nice stove, a gas tank and a lot of food. They now had a house with eight children, the oldest was Ricardo who is 17 and the youngest was Milagros who was three years old. 

Their beds were wooden racks with cardboard on top and they had four blankets for 10 people. They had no glasses, so they used cut plastic bottles.   

I brought Ricardo and the three oldest girls to the clothing room in outreach at the Mission. 

The siblings

The siblings

Beatriz said, ‘Wow, my mom has never brought us to such a big clothing store!’ They were overwhelmed to find clothing and shoes for the whole family and a blanket and pillows for each of them. It is our privilege to serve the poorest of the poor.

The mother is 34 years old, from Guerrero and is sick in bed. The father is Triqui from Oaxaca. He is the only one who works in the family. Their situation is very difficult, but God is faithful. Beatriz said to me, ‘Isn’t it true sister that our house is beautiful?’ ‘Of course it is,’ I said, ‘it shows your effort and work.’ 

The Word says that when we give to the poor, we are loaning it to Jehovah.