November 3, 2017

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The U.S. Board will hold their annual meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico from November 2nd – 4th. We would appreciate your prayers that God would grant us His wisdom, direction, and purpose for this vital ministry.


Our beloved Keith Durkin will be sharing at the Friday night dinner, November 3rdKeith and Maya have served in Mexico for many years as church planters. He began his ministry at the Baja Mission. Presently they're feeding hundreds of displaced children in Tijuana.

Please call Linda at (949) 492-2200 if you plan to attend the dinner. It will be held at Lutheran Church of the Cross on El Toro, Laguna Woods, CA.



Barry Wineroth introduced us to Brian Mooney who served as the mission host for a number of years. Brian often told the miraculous story of his healing as a child. He married Margaret and they went on to Belize to serve the Lord at a daycare center. Then the Lord took Brian home. Margaret was left with three children and continues to serve in Belize. Please pray that God will meet her many critical needs.



For 50 years Bel Air Presbyterian Church has furnished turkeys and the makings for our Thanksgiving dinner. But the day has come when we can no longer transport turkeys across the border into Mexico. The Van Dykens, who have made all the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner for many years, were prepared for this year but we have no turkeys and fixings. Please pray. This may be a project to which you’d like to contribute so we may purchase the ingredients in Ensenada.


Judy Gama is the founder of Wings in Redding, CA, our only auxiliary. Judy is in critical condition and has had multiple issues related to her heart. We can never forget the celebration she hosted for our 50th anniversary. She was led by the spirit to honor the oldest member of Wings and Lorraine Barter, our bookkeeper, who graduated to heaven shortly thereafter. Judy needs a healing touch by Jesus. 


Charles and Robin Nahas have faithfully served our newsletter mailing team for years. They come to our Friday night dinners every month, and each month I see Charles’ strength waning. Please pray for him and for Robin, who had a bout with cancer.


Connard and Deanna Hoffman have served both in Oaxaca and at the Baja Mission. The Hoffmans are multi-talented missionaries and very faithful prayer warriors. Connard will be having a kidney and growth removed on November 30th. Please pray. 


Linda StromDiscipleship Unlimited, has been a faithful supporter for years. They have purchased Charla’s Children and The Little Lost Pup and distributed them throughout the prison at Gatesville, TX. How we thank God for Linda and her ministry to “the least of these.” Thanks to their donation, one of the staff members in Oaxaca was able to travel to Ixtepec, which was affected by the recent earthquakes. They were able to construct a shower for them and are providing the water needed to run the shower. They also handed out needed supplies to the people living in this camp. 

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Our annual Alternative Christmas campaign started in October. You can help meet the basic needs of the ministry as well as our surrounding communities in Baja and Oaxaca. 

A friend of the ministry included a note with her donation: "This gift is given to further the wonderful work you are doing. It it given in memory of my husband, Reverend Alfred W. Walck and his sister, Amanda M. Walck, parish worker, it is also given in honor of our family of 12 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

My husband and I were foreign missionaries to Papau New Guinea for 26 years. 

We have been impressed with your work and regularly read your newsletter, often sharing it with the family. The grandchildren chose to give toward the peanut butter and milk project. The little ones will enjoy receiving an ornament to hang on their Christmas tree to let them know where their grandfather's memorial was sent. 

Thank you for the good work among the children of Baja and Oaxaca."

If you would like to participate and give a gift towards Alternative Christmas click hereYou can also order free paper ornaments to send to your loved ones.