Awesome Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings.png

We stood amazed; Vicki Gravell shopped all year to purchase age appropriate gifts for over 100 children. 

vicki gravell.png

The women of the Village Church in Laguna Woods, CA, went to Vicki’s home to fill the stockings, (really Christmas cloth bags). 

There were “American Girl Dolls” dressed by Vicki. Cuddly dolls, Legos, arts and craft material and soccer balls. It was like a giant toy store. The event was extraordinarily well organized. We were in awe of Vicki’s out pouring of love for the least of these. 
And for our children in Oaxaca, Ranell Conine from Winnetka, IL raised money with her friends so the staff there could purchase gifts to go in their stockings. 

This was the fourth year Ranell blessed our children in this way.

oaxaca_child with stocking.png