Evangelism and Discipleship

An average of two thousand children attend our child evangelism classes. Children receive a cup of milk and a scoop of peanut butter. 

Our soup kitchen is another place where the love of God is manifested. The hungry are fed and given a portion to take home. 

Dispensas (care packages) for single mothers and their children are distributed. 

We have a weekly ministry to those who live in the garbage dump. Charles Spurgeon once said, “If you want to give a tract to a hungry man, wrap it in a sandwich.” 

Over 4,000 attend the Baja Mission’s “Night in Bethlehem” Christmas Pageant. All who attend receive hot chocolate, Mexican sweetbread, and the Word of God. We have another outreach to the community on Mexican Independence Day, where the Gospel is presented. 

Rancho de Cristo, our rehabilitation center, offers a one-year program which includes literacy and vocational training under the watchful eye of Hans Benning. Nancy Benning and Tito Quiroz are vitally involved in the Benning Music Academy in Ensenada, where over 700 students, including prisoners, are given the opportunity to study music. 

Rancho de Cristo (group photo) Director, Hans Benning (upper right hand corner)

Rancho de Cristo (group photo) Director, Hans Benning (upper right hand corner)

There are 250,000 migrant field workers in Sinaloa from all over Mexico. Our ministry teams help provide for their spiritual and physical needs. Sinaloa will be the next area of expansion for His Ministry. 

Enrique Perez supervises the expanding prison ministry in Oaxaca. Thousands of inmates are now housed directly across the street from the Mission. Enrique hosts a weekly radio broadcast to the Mixteca region. 

We support missionary Maria Villa Pablo and the radio station transmitting Christian programming to remote areas. Modesto Velasco, although blind, serves courageously in a hostile region.

Maria Villa Pablo (left) with a family in Oaxaca

Maria Villa Pablo (left) with a family in Oaxaca