A Love Story in Oaxaca

Here’s a sweet love story about two of our faithful servants—Eunice and Pablo— laying their lives down for ministering to the least of these.

It all started in Oaxaca in the ‘90s. Frank Ticknor and Raul Garcia were our ambassadors to Oaxaca sent to spy out the land. They found the beautiful property in Tlacolula, Oaxaca. After the purchase was made and construction began, they met a man wanting to give away five acres of land with a building and 39 dissolute children on the opposite side of Oaxaca.

Frank took Corrine and me to see this orphanage and left us there. Conditions were deplorable. Two young women were caring for the 39 children. They had little or no food and were trying to cook beans over an open fire. There was no propane for the stove. The buildings were infested with every creepy crawlers and flying insects. The sewage system had failed and the ground was spongy from raw sewage.

They needed our help!

Larry Swayze, from Canby, OR, was called. Larry, now a pastor, was a cesspool contractor. He came with his crew eager to help.

Eunice was one of the young women laying her life down for these abandoned children. That was 1999. She has faithfully and selflessly served as a mother of the motherless for 17 years. Pablo Mendez was born in Oaxaca, like Eunice. He worked in an orphanage in Tamaulipas for four years. He heard about our Bible Institute in Vicente Guerrero and decided to attend. After he graduated, he went to work at our mission in Oaxaca for six months for his internship where he met Eunice. And it was love at first sight. Pablo and Eunice were married at the Mission in Oaxaca in December. Both have given their lives for children.