Eleanor Finished Well

Our precious sister and friend, Eleanor Cowpersmith, has graduated to heaven. She has finished well. She and her late husband, Jon, served in Tijuana, Salamanca, and for the last 25 years at the Mission in Baja. Eleanor served as secretary and ministered to the poorest of the poor, the sick, and dying.

Jon and Eleanor’s sons, Benjamin and Daniel, their children and grandchildren, made the long trip to the memorial service.

Testimonies of her life poured in after her homegoing. Here are a few that were shared with us.

“We knew when we were hungry that we could go to Eleanor’s house and she would feed us.”

“She visited me in prison.”

“She brought food to our family when we had none.”

“She drove up an all-but-impassable road to minister to a family in need.”

Eleanor paid weekly visits to invalids who were house bound. Her nephew, Mark Cowpersmith, shared these memories of Jon and Eleanor.

“They were, and still are, an inspiration to me of what humility and true Christian service looks like. After Jon died, I was hesitant to visit his grave – somehow it just seemed like such a loss to me. I finally went with Eleanor to see where he was buried. We found this unmarked grave in the middle of a dusty cemetery. It seemed very unjust at the time – here was a man who lived a selfless life of service and he didn’t even have his name on his grave. Later it struck me that he was buried as he lived – in humility. Jon was the most unreligious person I ever knew. Never irreligious, just unreligious. He had the most natural relationship with God I have ever seen. I came up behind him one day as he was walking home. He was in mid-conversation with God. It was like listening to a friend simply talking to a Friend. The key to his holiness was his almost complete lack of self-focus. He was truly a humble man. Eleanor was like him in her humility. They have finally received the recognition and reward that they richly deserve.”