Christians Persecuted

High up in the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, over 600 men, women, and children were driven from their homes. They walked 40 miles down a rugged dirt road to a place of refuge in San Pedro, Ocotepec. Some of the men stayed behind to protect their homes. The anxious, fearful group of refugees was camped out at the municipal building. The children were traumatized. Pastor Emiliano Garcia and these Christians were persecuted, watched, and blamed for everything.

Ian and Elaine Croft took a group from Wainwright, Alberta, Canada and a truck load of donated food to the refugees. The women in the hosting town cooked and served these poor displaced people.

Allen Bechtel brought an anointed message of God’s love in Spanish and the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way. Many came requesting ministry.

Please pray for the misplaced, persecuted people. There is no word as to when they can return to their homes.

Allen and Claudette posted on Facebook, “Wow! It was a 5-hour trip to the remote region. An overnight stay, but we can’t stop giving thanks. Definitely an upper room experience.”