Ministry to Children

2016 brought many opportunities to minister to children. Here are the ways God used FFHM to reach the children in our care.

Four beautiful homes provide love, shelter, food, clothing, education, and Christian discipleship to almost 200 abandoned, orphaned, and at risk children.

Our Oasis schools, K-6, now use the ACE and AMO programs.

Specialized ministries at the Baja Mission include Disabled Children’s Learning Center. They are transported daily and are trained in life skills. Some are going on to higher education.

The Baja Mission’s daycare serves 30 preschool children of migrant workers (children who would otherwise be left unattended). The program provides a bath, food, education, and transportation five days a week.

Students attend university technical schools for careers in mechanical engineering, linguistics, business administration, nursing, and medicine.

Generous donations allow for over 100 of our children to attend either summer camp or conferences.