Missionaries experience long and lonely separations from parents, relatives, friends, and customary support systems;

Living in unstable, disruptive, and potentially dangerous situations;

Becoming an alien and guest in a different society, subject to its norms and laws and the authority of its people;

Adopting the role of a servant, willing to assume humble and thankless tasks and ministries in partnership with national and expatriate colleagues;

The loss of financial security or career advancement, being content with less so that others may have more;

Adjusting to posts of larger responsibility and harder work than accustomed, which may require self-discipline, flexibility, and humility;

Raising a family and exposing one’s children to these same risks and conditions;

Personal sacrifice and the potential of martyrdom for the sake of the gospel.

When missionaries prove themselves, faithful servants of the Lord, they will find in Christ, in His Word, and in doing His will, a treasure, a joy and a strength that will far outweigh everything suffered for His Name.

From World Mission Prayer League

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