An 80-Year-Old Biker

2017_may_baja mission_dirk kos.png

Dirk Kos, who has a great vision for our ministry to those with special needs writes: “I have many tasks consisting of wheelchair repairs, overhauling of electric wheelchair control, fixing the ever-returning flat tires and rusted solid brake cables of the orphanage bikes, but a special opportunity crossed my path.

I met a gentleman, 80-plus years, walking with a food pack under his one arm and grasping a walking stick in the other. A first for me…to teach a person that age to ride the three-wheeled bike I built.  And I shared God’s love with him.

He went home zig zagging down the road with a double blessing!” The Angel Ministry has a constant need for diapers, all sizes but especially adult, and disposable underpads.