How has so much been done with so little? The answer…volunteers

Chuck Pereau goes to mailbox number 74000 each morning, opens all the precious pink envelopes and a few white ones. And then there’s the mailing. It requires 60 hours to affix the 20,000 seals on the US newsletters. The 1,600 Canadian newsletters are put into envelopes. He oversees both mailings and takes them to the post office. The complex procedures for this mass mailing require additional 30 hours each month, and is mostly compiled in the Pereau’s living room. “Chuck, when you’re done with that, can you pick up donations? It’s only a single mattress and some other stuff.”

There are 30 other faithful volunteers who work on the mailing, but we must honor Charles and Robin Nahas. In spite of physical limitations, they are the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Work groups

There are 2,800 volunteers who come to serve at our missions. They did everything from rocking babies to working in the sewing room with mountains of mending new drapes, curtains, and costumes for the children’s opera. They worked in the nut house They did preparation for the 50th Anniversary by painting, beautifying, landscaping. The Mission never looked so beautiful. They all say, “We’ll never be the same.”

John Alvarez and Ted Holmes led tradesmen to complete major building projects.

We so appreciate our snow birds and other retired volunteers. These saints know how to fix stuff.