Send Angels to Sinaloa

There are 12,500 orphaned children as a direct result of the drug war in Sinaloa. We believe God called us to build a children’s home for these destitute little ones. We will also expand our outreach to the migrant camps in Culiacan and to the south.

The migrant workers come from every state in Mexico. Thousands of farm laborers are trapped for months at a time in rat-infested camps, often without beds, and sometimes without functioning toilets and a reliable water supply. Some camp bosses illegally withhold wages and prevent workers from leaving during peak harvest periods. They work six days a week for the equivalent of about $8 a day or less.

David Colwell is in the process of construction of housing for work groups and ministry teams which will be coming to Sinaloa. The Board has chosen a beautiful piece of property for the children’s home. Through very generous donations, we now have one half of the purchase price. Please join us in prayer and consider contributing.

Creative Church Co.

Matt is the CoFounder & Managing Director of the Creative Church Company.