January 20, 2017


Don't forget our prayer group dinner, February 3rd at 6:00 p.m. at Lutheran Church of The Cross. Our dear friend, Jan Holter, will lead a sing along. She is the best! You are invited to share a 5-7-minute testimony of what God is doing. Members of our Board of Directors will join us. Please call in before noon, Wednesday, February 1st to make a reservation. Thank you.


Efrin Ramirez, a longtime friend of the ministry who served on our Mexican Board has had another tragedy in the family. Three years ago, he lost his younger daughter. Now cancer has taken Muneca, 31 years old. She leaves three little children. Please pray for this bereaved family. For those in Southern California, there will be a service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale at the Church of the Recessional this Friday at 6:30 p.m.


George Voita, longtime friend of His Ministry, has suffered a serious stroke and is in a nursing home in Canoga Park, CA. Perhaps some of you remember George as the man who furnished the oranges for our children at the Baja orphanage for 25 years. At Christmas time during those years he provided oranges for the children in the migrant camps. Thank you for praying for a full recovery for George.


Another answer to prayer…A longtime friend of the ministry just happened by our San Clemente office. Bryan Woosley has been most recently serving in China. We had a plan for his life—a machine to place stickers on our newsletter needed to be assembled, and a work space in our warehouse needed to be constructed. Bryan is capable and willing to do whatever is needed in Jesus’ name.


Have you worked in the Nut House? A little history...

Dave Taylor, pharmacist and owner of North Drug in Costa Mesa, CA, called us. The Segerstroms have a large metal building that must be removed from their property within one week. "Chuck, can you dismantle the building and take it to Mexico?" We had no idea what we were getting into. Chuck and a small group of volunteers took down the structure, drove three round trips to the Mission in Baja transporting the dismantled structure.
Amazingly, the building was gone and the site cleared. But at the Mission there was a two-story mountain of beams, rafters, and metal siding lying beside our water reclamation pond. I thought, "No one will ever be able to reassemble this structure.” Connard Hoffman, a visitor at the Mission said, "I just built a similar building in Canada. I think I can put it together.”

It will be 20 years since completion of the Nut House building that Chuck Mills assigned to Connard. At the point of inspection, when the lights were turned on, Chuck Mills and John Moore had tears in their eyes. And even though there was a good rain the night before, there were no leaks. God is so good!


Please pray for Lisa McLennan who has stage four breast cancer. Over the past four months, her numbers have remained elevated, but down and unchanged. Recent studies have indicated maybe some improvement in the disease in the bones. In November of 2015, she had the opportunity to go with her church to Israel. Lisa felt wonderful and felt like she was healed. She looks otherwise healthy and remains physically active, but does have some fatigue. Please pray for continued healing from the Lord.