January 6, 2017


The Mexican government has owned and operated all gas in Mexico. It has now been privatized. There are protests in many parts of Mexico including the Baja Peninsula because of the increase in the cost of the gas. There are road blocks and protesters. Please pray that there won't be violence and that the roads will not stay blocked preventing North and South travel. Visitors check with the U.S. office prior to departure.


Don’t forget our Friday night prayer group dinner is this Friday, Jan. 6. Aubrey Beauchamp, founder of Hospital Christian Fellowship, an international organization, will be our speaker. It will start at 6 pm at the Lutheran Church of the Cross in Laguna Woods, CA. Aubrey publishes and edits the Hospital Christian Fellowship’s magazine The New Heart. Her main concern is patients, and her message is to caregivers, chaplains, clergy nurses, and visitors. From her thatch-roofed home in Holland (near Dirk Kos’s home), Aubrey journeyed around the world, then finally to San Clemente, CA, her home.


We received an incredibly generous year end gift for the launching of our ministry in Sinaloa. Join with us in thanksgiving and praise.


Pablo and Eunice (Niche) were married at the Oaxaca Mission last week. We are excited to see how God uses this couple in the future.


We are always blessed by drop in company at the US office. Pastor David Johnson, Ojai, CA came by to thank us for an answer to prayer.

David made many trips to the Baja Mission. A few years ago, he stopped by the office. We prayed that God would give him his heart's desire, a wife.

This week he came to bring a donation and told us this amazing saga. He volunteered to serve a Christmas dinner to the homeless. David served the turkey and Tana served the mashed potatoes. A short time later they were married with a readymade family of seven. Tana had five children, and God has blessed them with two more. An amazing answer to prayer.


Pray people are supernaturally drawn to our website, www.ffhm.org.