March 10, 2017

Oaxaca Mission
The children's home needs a teenage girls' house mother. Requirement: to be able to love others' children. The children's home is also in need of a cook.

Children reached for the Gospel
Maria Villa Pablo and Teresa traveled to a new town, Llano Encino Amarillo. Not only are there no known Christians, but they are closed to the Gospel. They presented their intent to the authorities. Some were hostile, but others were open to receiving her message of the gospel. They held open air evangelistic services for children. Some women stood on the periphery and seemed very interested. Maria and Teresa plan to return weekly. Pray for their protection as they travel these windy mountainous roads.

Gloria Bianchinni
Peter Bianchini is Chairman of the FFHM Board. Peter's mother, Gloria, has been in the hospital with pneumonia and is now home but very weak. Please pray for her. Review their website This is a great outing for the entire family.

Steve & Ana
Perhaps you remember Steve and Ana Laura Haire. Ana grew up at the Mission in Baja, and later founded the Morelia Mission. FFHM supported this ministry until 2016, when they became self-supporting. Steve and Ana Laura keep in touch with us for guidance and prayer. Their prayer requests: 1) Board meeting this month in Morelia; 2) training for the staff; outreach to the community.  

Jan Holter
Please pray for Jan Holter. She's a concert pianist and gives lessons to deserving children. Jan fell and broke her right arm. The pain has improved and she'll visit the Orthopedist to find out if surgery is required. Pray that she will not need surgery but if so she will get full use of her right arm and hand skills to play piano and make cards. Everything seems ok neurologically.


Tom Belt
Pastor Tom Belt had gall bladder surgery in July and has been coping with nausea since that surgery. On March 21 Tom has an appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MD. Please pray for his treatment.

Tom, Charla and Lucy (Tom's wife)
Tom Belt, Partners in Ministry have faithfully supported us for many years. On two different occasions, Chuck and I have been invited to come to Georgia to minister at their retreats. On both occasions we were the ones that received ministry.
Tom will be hosting a Partners in Ministry Spring Event on Saturday, May 6th. You will not be disappointed if you attend. For more information contact Tom at or (678) 227-9671 or (678) 227-9279. Please pray for this upcoming event.

Charla and Bill
We are blessed by drop in visitors in our San Clemente office. Recently Bill Kelley came by and shared a wealth of information from his years with nonprofit corporations. 

Modesto ministers in the remote mountains of Amoltepec. He is almost blind, yet he walks four to five hours, from village to village, ministering to the poorest of the poor. Modesto has a small moped, but with little or no vision, it is dangerous. We are praying for a driver to take him from place to place. 

The Jeep
Praise the Lord! We were able to purchase a Jeep 4X4 for Maria, our missionary in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. Thank you to all of you who prayed and contributed your precious resources.

Roberto Munoz-Flores
The beautiful mission in Oaxaca is on the Pan American Highway, south of Oaxaca, OX. After the mission was finished, a maximum security prison was constructed across the street. The Valley Vineyard church, Reseda, CA, held a medical outreach in the prison. Roberto Munoz-Flores was part of the team. He led Alejandro Rojas to the Lord. This man was set free and found the joy of the Lord. Since then he has been released from prison. Today he is building cabins for spiritual retreats in a beautiful area of Oaxaca. 

Tom and Georgia (left) Pastor Leland of Lutheran Church of the Cross (right)
We missed seeing some of you at our prayer group (FFHM) monthly dinner. See you next month? Also, sorry that some could not hear the testimony of Tom and Georgia Klebau. In the future we will make adjustments. Thank you all for coming. Love, Chuck and Charla

Gracie Yousef
Hooray! Gracie is back. Thank you for praying. Graphic artist position has been filled.