May 12, 2017



We praise God that one of our little ones who had been abused prior to arriving at our children's home in Oaxaca, is now leading worship.

perterson family.png


Robert Woodman, our work group coordinator, is taking time out of his very busy schedule to teach our children to play chess. The values of this game are profound. They teach children good competition, reasoning, and strategy. Thank God for Robert Woodman.  



Thank you for praying for the Children's Day outreach. More than 1,000 children came for this annual event. The children's praises filled the Mission church. Also, there were 700 children in a migrant camp who experienced a glorious day. And, of course, they were presented the Gospel. 


We have a beautiful mission and visitors' center in the "land of intrigue," Oaxaca. A substitute house mom is needed. There is also a need for a cook. We have openings for small work groups in Oaxaca.


Lois Wilson, faithful volunteer, suffered a life-threatening stroke five weeks ago, will be returning to her home in Laguna Woods today. The family thanks you for your prayers.


Maria has been suffering with a lot of pain near her kidneys this week. The doctors think her sciatic nerve is being pressed and have advised a special diet, exercise, increased fluids and some medicine. Her pain is reduced but the problem is still present and will be an adjustment for Maria because of her demanding ministry schedule.


Modesto and his family will be staying at the mission for a month or two because his wife's, Eugenia, pregnancy is high risk and she requires weekly doctors visits. Prayers are appreciated for her and the baby.


In memory of Mary Peterson (3/3/29 - 5/2/17) FFHM Board member emeritus. Mary was a mother of three and a grandmother of many. She accomplished great things for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Charla has made a practice of making an acrostic as a tribute to those whom she loves.

M - Mary was a wonderful Mother and Merciful. During the time Craig was incarcerated she sent Craig's children a monetary gift equal to that which she gave her children.

A - Mary was Aglow with the Spirit; she had an Administrative gifting and many other attributes also. She was Admired, she was Adored, she was Affectionate, she was Affirming.

R - She was a Reader; she was Real; she was Relational, Reliable, Remarkable, she is Remembered. But the word "Recipe" was meaningful. When we were young women she always talked about the restaurant that she would one day own. She talked about the menu, she talked about the decor. Finally she had a restaurant. About two years later, she said to me, "Well, I have had my restaurant". But there are three other R words: no Reserve; she always gave her all; no Retreat; she did not quit; and no Regrets.

Y - Mary always said Yes. She was Youthful and she was Yielded to God the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for Mary's family and many friends who grieve her loss. Memorials may be sent to Foundation for His Ministry.

A memorial service will be held in Big Fork, Montana.