August 25, 2017

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Make your reservation for the prayer group dinner Friday night, Sept. 1st, by Wednesday Aug. 30th. Our speaker will be Pastor Mike Bayer of the Village Church of Laguna Woods. He has an amazing journey, through Presbyterian and Brethren Churches, Campus Crusade for Christ and now ordained by the Assembly of God. Pastor Bayer has a monthly healing service in a senior community.  

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Canadian mailing is on Wednesday August 30th at 9am.
Location:  2355 Via Mariposa W., Laguna Woods, CA,  in the basement recreation room.

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Don’t forget to show up at the U.S. mailing on ThursdayAugust 31st from 7am-11am held in the same location: 2355 Via Mariposa W. in the basement recreation room, Laguna Woods, CA. We need your help.

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We love drop in guests. Patrick Bailey, Missionary to the Philippines dropped in and brought his friend Darrell Nelson, President of Clean Water International. We share the same passion, reaching our world for Jesus Christ; he through providing CLEAN WATER and living water by which we’ll never thirst again.   

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Carl Holter writes: Jan Holter’s surgery lasted eight hours. She’s making progress but still experiencing daily ups and downs. She has a long journey to full recovery. Please pray for protection from infection, increased lung capacity, healing of large bruise from surgery, and the ability to swallow food to replace the liquid diet. We remain positive and hopeful.

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Sandy Pistole dropped by our office. What a delightful surprise. She and her husband are now living in Florida. Sandy was our Baja Mission camp coordinator; she could do anything and everything. Sandy served as our lifeguard, taught swimming, and led morning Bible studies, each day in a different costume. She is a born evangelist and had compassion for our children. 



Our dear friend Stephen Ashby has been recently accepted at ILT (Institute of Lutheran Theology).  Please pray that God will guide and direct him as he continues to pursue his passion of becoming a Lutheran pastor of Word and Sacrament."  



Work groups travel to the Mission weekly. Please pray for safety on the roads and protection as they work and serve Him. We pray that each will have a divine encounter with Jesus. Thank you.  

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School is starting this week at the Baja and Oaxaca Mission.  Pray for each to have a heart’s desire to learn and the ability for each teacher to impart knowledge in creative ways. 

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Olive and Larry Kieler are in need of your prayers. Larry had heart surgery, he was expected to go home this week but remains hospitalized. 

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A dear friend of our ministry, Bruce Camp, is in Pakistan leading Dual Reach conferences and overseeing the construction of a hospital. Pray for his protection and spiritual refreshment for every person he meets.