We have a Story to tell the Nations

Maria Villa Pablo

Did you know we have a radio station in Juxtlahauca, Oaxaca? Recently we were able to upgrade the transmitter from 600 to 1000 watts, thanks to a very generous friend. We broadcast from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and reach the Spanish, Mixteco, and Triqui speaking people in Oaxaca. The following are four testimonies Maria Villa Pablo received from listeners: 

Emilia is a young single mother living with her Catholic parents and six year old daughter. In the past, her family wanted nothing to do with Evangelical Christians, but now Emilia and her mother love to listen to our Christian radio station. “In moments of affliction it gives us peace. It has been a great help for my mother who was quick to judge people, but now she thinks before judging.” Emilia is faithfully taking her daughter to Maria’s church because she has understood the value of God’s Word.
Cristina is a member of Maria’s church and teaches Sunday school. Our radio station has a special place in her family. “The broadcast has been a great blessing in the life of my husband, Alberto, who listens to the preaching. When his customers ask questions about the Bible, he answers according to what he has learned on the radio. 

Now Alberto has started coming to church. When I tended the store, one of our suppliers listened to the station and now he comes from out of the area especially to hear the broadcast.” 

Gudelia and her husband came to Christ four years ago, broken, because of infidelity in their daughter’s marriage.  God not only strengthened their own marriage, but restored their daughter’s marriage. “Through listening to the station’s counseling programs, I have learned how to love and honor my husband and how to give counsel to my own family.  I take care of my grandchildren and apply the advice I received from the broadcast.  I thank God for the radio program because life principles are taught from a Biblical perspective.”  

Gabriela is married and has a three year old son and a three month old baby girl. She and her husband serve as teachers in Maria’s church. “We have heard advice on the radio broadcast on marriage and health remedies. We don’t have money to buy medicine for our children so we use the home health aides. God has used the station to help our marriage and bring us closer to Him.”