September 29, 2017

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Keith Durkin sent us the following letter: “We received the pathology report that Maya has breast cancer. Her faith is strong and we have many family and friends praying for her. Today we visit an Oncologist and begin to prayerfully make some decisions. We know that God is with us and will help us as He always has. We believe in Jesus Christ our divine Healer. Thank you for agreeing with us. Also, this Friday is Maya's 50th birthday. If you would like to send her a note of love and encouragement that would be wonderful.”
Her email is:

Maya’s mother Magdalena is also very concerned, please remember her in your prayers too.



Dirk and Mary Kos, who pioneered our ministry to the disabled, have now returned to Edmonton, AB. In 2005, they joined our team in BajaDirk expanded the ministry to the disabled by furnishing a variety of equipment and goods for their aid. They took disabled children into their home. From a meager beginning our ministry to disabled children was birthed. Regretfully we say good-bye to those who birthed this ministry.

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Update on precious Jan Holter: The latest was the good news we received today from her Oncology doctor who came to her infusion bed side while she was getting scheduled IV fluid to announce that the molecular research on her cancer cell type had shown a better cancer drug to treat her.
This is to be started on Monday September 25

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Thank you for your many inquiries about the earthquakes in Mexico. We are sending funds to Oaxaca to assist those urgently in need of help or assistance. We will communicate with the pastors we know in the surrounding communities to find out their needs. To get financial help, they need to submit photos of the house or church that needs renovation or reconstruction. After completing the project we will have them send photos again so that we have something to send donors.

If you would like to contribute please click here.



Please don’t forget our Friday night prayer group gathering. If possible please call your reservations in by 2pm at (949) 492-2200. I know these special guests from Romania, the Calugaru Family, will be a blessing for all.

Dinner is at 6pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross located at
24231 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.

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Our whole world is suffering the result of hurricanes and earthquakes. Praise God! We were able to send monies designated for tarps to cover the roofs of the destitute because of your generous giving to our Alternative Christmas.