April 13, 2018

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There have been a number of attempts to write the sequel to Charla’s Children. Starts have been made to no avail.

Everett Wilson, a published author and I will make another attempt!
Can you make a commitment to pray weekly about this project?
We are both in our 80s. Time is short.

Thank you sincerely,
Everett and Charla

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Rafael Lopez’s journey was completed. He passed from this life to life eternal. An urgent email had been sent on Monday but we didn’t realize the end would be so soon.   

I first met Rafael at the Rose Park Orphanage over 50 years ago. I remembered him and he remembered me. Years later, he came to serve at our Baja mission. He had been a faithful servant of Jesus Christ since his conversion.

The wake was held Wednesday, April 11th and internment in Vicente Guerrero, where Jon and Eleanor Cowpersmith are laid.  

Please pray for his wife, Angela and daughter, Ariela during this difficult time.

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Praise God monies were sent for Glenn Almarez’s treatment for Hepatitis C. Glenn must be signed up for the program. 


Yiria Minguela will be moving to our student’s home in Tijuana where she will be studying Educational Science. She came to our home at seven or eight years old and is now 20. Our very rural community is not the same as Tijuana.

Please pray that she adjusts to the big city and all that it involves.
Thank you for your years of faithful support of this fine young woman. 

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Did you know that Godfrey and Elisabeth Dawkins, missionaries in Kenya, are supported by Foundation for His Ministry

One of their missionaries, Gathuku Kibunga writes: 

Late last year I received an email from Tyndale House Foundation, inviting me for a consultation on the ‘The future of Christian Publishing in Africa’ at their Illinois Campus. It all happened last week. I had the privilege of meeting up with MaryKleine, the Executive Director, in wonderful fellowship, and appreciate them in person for the years they have supported Timazi Magazine

It is also with great joy to let you know that when Telos Institute learned I’ll be in the US, they organized a private graduation ceremony at Indianapolis to celebrate the completion of the Associates of Arts degree in Child & Youth Character Development. It was wonderful and special. Thanks so much for sponsoring me to take up this unique training....It has contributed a lot in my current student ministry. I truly appreciate.” 



Our dear friend, Paul Hatley, will be ministering in three different prisons. The Little Lost Pup will be distributed in these institutions. This book has a powerful, life changing impact on inmates, like Craig Pereau.

If you haven’t read this book it is available through FFHM. You can order it through our website at www.ffhm.org , or by writing us at P.O. Box 74000, San Clemente, CA 92673

  • Staton Correctional Facility, April 20, 2018, Deatsville, Alabama. 
  • Bullock Prison, April 21, 2018, Union Springs, Alabama. 
  • Frank Lee Prison, April 22, 2018, Deatsville, Alabama. 
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Last week, Janelle Keller was in Oaxaca, traveling and ministering to our staff and missionaries in the field. Sunday morning she spoke at the Village Church of Laguna Woods and was introduced to the congregation.

Tuesday, she accompanied Chuck Pereau on the piano at Christian Women’s Connection. Early Wednesday morning we received news that Rafael Lopezpassed away and Janelle headed south to the Baja Mission for the wake.

Please pray for Janelle and her very busy schedule. 

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Hans and Lena recently visited the Baja Mission for the dedication of our new staff housing. It has been over three years in construction. The old trailers, which were donated, were like saunas in the summer and refrigerators in the winter.

We thank God for all who helped with construction and contributed financially. 

“For lo, the winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone. 
The flowers appear on the earth; 
The time of singing has come.” 
Song of Solomon 2:11,12