April 20, 2018

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Pray for those who mourn the loss of their dear ones. 

A memorial service was held at the Mission Church for Rafael Lopez. We were all grieved and shocked by this tremendous loss. Rafa has served in many capacities including construction supervisor. He picked up the kids from the Disabled Children's Learning Center every morning.

We’ve been sent a number of emails, including the following: 

“ What a shock it was to read about the passing of Rafa. And what a shock for the mission in its totality. He was so deeply involved with every need that needed a solution. He sure has left a lasting impression of love and deep care in thousands of visitors, children and staff. 

We thank the Lord for giving him to us for the years he served at the mission. 
May our Heavenly Father comfort those who are directly affected by his passing

Dirk and Mary Kos


Carolina Shaver, Bible Institute graduate writes, “Everyone must have a Rafa story. I only knew him for a short time and never would have imagined it was towards the end of his life. When I was at the [Baja] Mission in 2014, every time I saw Rafa he would flash that gorgeous smile and greet me in Portuguese. "Bom dia!" or "Boa tarde!"  This always touched me, that he had learned some Portuguese. Endlessly cheerful, he impacted countless lives.” 

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Our precious friend Genevieve Bredesen, Reverend Harald Bredesen’s wife, passed away last week.  The Bredesens were faithful supporters of the ministry and on the board of the 700 Club. Pat Robertson was the youth director at Harald Bredesen’s church in Mount Vernon, N.Y. 

There was a great reunion in heaven!

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Janelle Keller will be speaking at our women's auxillary, WINGS, in ReddingCA on Monday, April 23. 
She has other commitments representing FFHM
from Saturday, April 21 through Tuesday, April 24.

Please pray for safety as she travels.

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Jorge Diaz, one of our first children to be interned at the Baja Mission in 1966, will be ordained on Saturday, April 21


Have you prayed for our students at the TJ House, who have the privilege of attending higher education?  Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos oversee these children of promise. The semester will soon be coming to a close; finals will be given.

Please pray for the students, and of course, Ricardo and Andrea. 

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Nancy Benning, violin teacher and faithful supporter for over 30 years, is suffering with arthritis and was recently at the emergency room with high blood pressure. She had a miraculous touch.

Please pray for a total recovery. 

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In OaxacaLuis Angel’s surgery for his torn ligament is on Tuesday, April 24.
It will cost around $3,000. 

Please pray for Luis and the doctors involved, as any surgery comes with risks. Also pray that God will provide the necessary funds. 

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Praise God, we have a new house mother for our children in Oaxaca. May we introduce Soledad Toral Avendaño, a graduate from our Bible Institute. 



Teresita Silvestre from Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca writes:
Thank you for sending  the newsletters. I will pray for the projects
and the people from this report, Rafael’s wife and his daughter.
And please pray for me and my family too



We welcomed two new girls at the Oaxaca Mission.
Please pray for them as they adjust.

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