May 4, 2018

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Sam Parsons ministers to nursing homes in South Orange County. He is a beloved friend and frequently ministers at our Friday night monthly prayer group dinner.

Last week, he and his wife, Colleen, went on vacation to see family in Texas. Colleen became critically ill and was hospitalized in grave condition. She needs a miracle.

An update from her CaringBridge page: All her numbers are slowly moving in the right direction. The antibiotics are bringing her infection numbers down and her oxygen levels are good enough that they are beginning to back off her ventilator - hoping they can remove it in the next few days. 

Please pray for increased circulation to her legs as they have beenseverely affected.

You can follow her progress and offer support for Colleen and family at the following link:

Please pray for strength for Sam. He is too tired to sleep. 

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Please pray for Stephen Ashby, our beloved friend, who is studying for the Lutheran Ministry. He is facing finals, like many other students this season. Chuck and I met Stephen a few years ago. To know him is to love him. He is very conscientious.
His daily Homilies are on hold during this season. 

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The sequel to Charla’s Children is in  process!

Please continue to pray that Everett Wilson and I will be able to transcribe the many stories or events that will be presented in the book. It is our hope that we will be able to go back to the many supernatural events throughout Chuck’s and my life.   

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Eleanor Lugo served in our medical center for years and is married to a Bible Institute student. They are pastoring a local church in the Baja.

Eleanor asks, “Will you please pray for my Dad, Gerald Goolkasian? He fell again and has three fractured ribs with demineralization in more. He's being transferred from our local hospital to Mass General which makes visitation and taking care of mom more challenging for my siblings. We also need to pray for his salvation.” 

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2018_children's day_game.png


Once again, we hosted 750 children in our church with festivities following.
Mexico celebrates Children's Day on April 30th.

Praise God, another opportunity to touch His little ones for Christ. 

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We wish Hans and Nancy Benning a Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary. 
They celebrated on May 3rd.    

Volumes could be written about this couple who have literally poured out their lives for others, and  have given sacrificially; 42 years of their married life to His Ministry

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We congratulate Jorge Diaz on his recent ordination
at a Baptist church in Artesia, CA.

Jorge was one of the first children interned
in the home in Baja in the 60s.

We praise and thank God for his life.