August 3, 2018



Redding Christian Fellowship, a church with a passion for missions has been supporting us since 1975.  Out of Redding, Judy Gama Strausser founded the organization WINGS, Women in God’s Service (FFHM’s only auxiliary). This great missionary church hosts an annual Mission Fest and FFHM has been invited
to participate for many years.

Samaritan’s Purse will use Redding Christian Fellowship as their base during the response to the current fires. Several families that we love have faced evacuation due to the fire, including the Gama Straussers.

Please specifically pray for our fire fighters protection.

Could this be climate change or God’s judgement?
In either case, our nation needs repentance and return to God.
 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 2:14. 




Thank you so much Cheryl Trevor, for hosting the Heaven in Sight team of doctors and medical staff.  Cheryl took the time out of her busy schedule to coordinate this week. It is a ton of work but she does it with a smile on her face.
Her organization and skill make the week what it is, even while being the principal of our Christian school. She is an inspiration to all.

The staff was blessed to have this team. There were so many who made this a success. All who came through our doors were shown the love of Jesus. Thank you to our FFHM staff at the Baja Mission who helped to translate, cook, clean, pray, teach and just be present with people. The doctors said “we couldn’t have done this without you all”.

After sala (morning devotions), the team met together in the medical center and sang Holy Ground before seeing their patients. Each doctor had their own set of skills to be used for the glory of God. 

Dr. Summers provided dental care. Patients were nervous and scared, but the translators helped with the language barrier. He removed teeth that were too abscessed to be saved and filled the teeth that had cavities. Some patients needed general anesthesia. Through every drilling, extraction and cleaning Dr. Summers exuded the love of Jesus.

Dr. Lance Haluka, optometrist, who has been with us for many years, was able to see 60 plus patients every day for four days. Dr. Lance never takes credit for sight people receive. He points people to Jesus.

Please pray these precious ones will heal quickly without complications.


Paul Hatley, our faithful friend, reports over 1,200 copies of the Little Lost Pup have been distributed in prisons. The chaplain said there will be a copy in the library.

If you haven’t read this touching story, “It’s a must read,”
reports Dr. George WoodLinda Strom, Cofounder of Discipleship Unlmited
and Terry Meeuwsen, Co-Host of the 700 Club. 


Pastor Mike
 is recovering from hip replacement surgery yesterday. 

Please pray for complete healing.

The Village Church is a faithful supporter.


Kristi Garcia here in our San Clemente office,
underwent surgery this week, for a herniated disc in her neck.

Please keep her in prayer.

andi lombard.png


Our daughter, Andie, has had complications resulting from her knee surgery.
Please pray for her.

She has had blood clots and her leg is badly swollen.

tj house_ricardo_andrea_students.png


Our first ever! The students at the TJ House went on a missionary trip to Oaxaca. Andrea Bolanos’ home church in Seattle paid for the plane tickets. The rest of the funds were raised by the students working.

Franco Vazquez writes, “I am 18 and grew up at the children’s home. Through this trip to Oaxaca I became a ‘giver’. In the city of Huajuapan we helped a missionary family fix up and paint their school. They were joyful even though they had little.” 

Maria Vazquez writes, “Through this trip I experienced the grace, love, forgiveness and mercy of God.

  • He will surprise you with more than you can imagine.
  • Surrender everything to God for you will be tested and challenged.
  • In all things, give thanks, for God is gracious and kind…

Thank you for making this trip possible.

My name is Obed Soto. I am so thankful and blessed to have been part of the missionary trip to Oaxaca. We visited missionaries in Huajuapan. At the prison our team shared testimonies and learned of the stories of the women in prison. We were able to give them hope in their situation.”

We will share more letters from our students in Tijuana next week.