Group Travels to Madrid, Spain

09 sept web_group travels to spain 1.png

A small group from the Baja Mission Church took a trip to Madrid, Spain, this year.

We are grateful for all the support we received to be able to put together a camp for children in Madrid, Spain. It was a very blessed time. The children were very happy and participated in all the activities.

Despite being asked specifically not to speak about Christ, we looked for a way to do it and on the last day we shared the Gospel.

We prayed for every one of the children and strongly felt the presence of God.

We had 90 children attend including Muslims, Moroccans, and Spanish people; 52 of them heard the Gospel for the first time.

09 sept web_group travels to spain 2.png

My job was primarily in the area of coordination and training for the camp, but I did have the privilege of ministering to these little ones.

The church in Madrid invited us to do a camp next year, but this time not only for the children but also for teenagers.

By Lula Hernandez