Missionary Spotlight: Maria Villa Pablo


We support eight missionaries who are serving and ministering in the mountains of Oaxaca among people who have still not heard the Gospel. Over the next several months we want to use the newsletter to introduce you to these amazing people so you can be praying for them: 

My name is Maria de Jesus Villa Pablo. I am 40 years old and for me it is truly a delight to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as a missionary in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca. 

I come from a family who was affected by alcoholism. My mother raised four daughters and one son alone; I am the second daughter of five children. Because of a great need of food and care we ended up at FFHM in Vicente Guerrero in 1980. 

They took care of me and two of my siblings. Later, after one year and seven months, my mother came for us and took us to Yucuyi in Oaxaca, which is the town where I was born. I grew up there together with my sisters and my brother surrounded by violent and alcoholic family members. Because of sorcery I suffered with very strong spiritual battles for most of my childhood. 

However, seven years later, God in His sovereign grace took us back to Baja California. One day, two child evangelism teachers from the outreach ministry of FFHM arrived where I lived. It was during a Bible class that the Holy Spirit revealed to me my sin and showed me Jesus as my Savior. That day I was liberated from spiritual attacks and the extreme terror that had paralyzed me in the nights. 

The day I received Christ, I also felt a strong calling to missions. I felt the conviction to return to Oaxaca and to take the good news. 

oaxaca_maria with border.jpg

At 12 years old, I started to go to the Mission Church. At 13, I was baptized and at 14 I entered the Bible Institute for two years. 

When I was 16, I arrived in Oaxaca as a missionary. I have now been serving for 23 years as a missionary in this region of Oaxaca. 

The need continues being enormous, but I am dedicated. Like the child who gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish, I give Jesus my small contribution, trusting that He will multiply it for more people to continue the call to preach the Gospel and make disciples. 

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• EVANGELISM – To be the arrowhead to enter places that are difficult to access with the good news (evangelism is one of my passions).

•TRAINING OTHERS - To stimulate and help in the training of mature believers and to support them in their integration into ministry service according to their gifts. 

• DISCIPLESHIP – To strengthen in faith the new believers through Bible studies in homes or public places especially women and children. I love working with children.

• ADMINISTRATION – To support in the administrative area of our church Abundant Grace Family Christian Center

• RADIO – To pray for my work at the radio station as the programmer. Through the transmissions a great diversity of programming is sent to people of different ages with a focus on the restoration of individuals and families. Believers and unbelievers have been deeply and radically impacted. 


1. For the radio station. Protection of the equipment, wisdom and discernment for the administration and programming. 

2. Protection when I travel to remote towns.