Weekly Prayer & Praise - February 22, 2019

Thank you for praying. “Start each day with a grateful heart and do the kindest thing you
can do today and you will always be in the center of God’s will.”
This was the advice given to me by my mother when I was about 13.

riker_pereau grandchild.png


Urgent need for prayer: 
Our son Dana sends an update on baby Riker. “Things have taken a serious turn for baby Riker. Yesterday he suffered a seizure. Now the neurologists at CHOLA are being called in. He was clearly not himself, even crying uncontrollably, 'I want my daddy,'  as Nate, his father, was holding him. Imagine terrible two mixed with I'm not sure who or where I am.

We are extremely concerned, and Dr. Melissa Pereau is now involved in trying to bring in another pediatric neurologist who specializes in Sturge Weber Syndrome. Last night he cried and fussed for hours back and forth between Nate and Alexandra, his mother. It is now 6:30 Tuesday morning and it is finally quiet. 
Please add him to your prayer list.

corrine ehrick.png


, who once served as administrator to the Baja Mission
and a beloved friend of the ministry, is moving to hospice care.
Please pray for her and her family.

connard and deanna hoffman.png


We often receive delightful greetings from Deanna.
I thought the following was exceptional. 

There once was a man named Valentine,
Who challenged an edict in his time,
That forbade the marriage of soldier and bride.
For the Emperor feared that this would deride,
The ability of a man to fight without fear
To fight but with heart on the one He held dear.
So Valentine offered a solution to those,
A marriage in secret to those who chose,
To place their lives in The Hands of The Lord,
Choose marriage to bind with God’s strong cord!
For this Valentine was condemned to die,
The last note he wrote, said ” from your Valentine.”
So, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day,
I think of the love that prompted him to pray.
To God who is love in its purest form,
A love that goes far beyond the norm.
A love that so loved, God sent His Son Jesus to die,
Then rise again to sit at Father God’s right side!
Valentine knew the right thing to do,
He chose God’s way, even if his life he would lose!
Will I be like one named Valentine,
Who chose the right even though a crime?
Or will I go along with the flow,
In order to keep the friends that I now know?
Each new day God gives us a choice.
So, whom will you choose from heart and voice?
Joshua said” Choose you this day whom you will serve,
As for me and my house we will serve The Lord.”

missiom church_valentine's dinner.jpg


The Mission church hosted a dinner for couples in a restaurant in San Quintin. Almost 200 people attended. Daniel, a psychologist, and his wife, Alicia shared on the subject of “Eternal Love”. 

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Dave and Marilynn served on our board for a number of years. On St. Valentine’s Day, Marilynn graduated to glory with her loved ones surrounding her. There will be a memorial service on February 27th at 1pm at New Life Church in Everett, WA.

angel and ofelia estrella.png


Well done, good and faithful servants

Angel and Ofelia Estrella came from the state of Campeche and served as house parents for the teen boys in Baja. They left and then returned 3 ½ years later. Angel served as a mechanic and they resumed their task as house parents. They also cared for Jose Luis, a severely handicapped young man.

Angel & Ofelia will now be going back to their state
with a vision to open a home for students there.
Pray for them as they launch another ministry for young people.



map of oaxaca.png


There was a unanimous vote to support another Bible school graduate, Carlos Caballero and his fiancé, Rosa Carro. Oaxaca, Mexico has the greatest concentration of unreached ethnic groups in all the Americas. Fifty percent of all the homes still have dirt floors. Oaxaca’s people need Jesus Christ and Carlos is capable of evangelizing and church planting in this area.

Please pray for them.

lois & jack schofield.png


Lois is one of the most talented people I know. She does everything with perfection. I know you will want to hear this humble servant’s testimony. Lois and Jack are faithful volunteers for His Ministry and attend our Friday night prayer gathering. Your are also invited.

Lois will be our speaker Friday, March 1st at
Lutheran Church of the Cross at 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods.
Please RSVP to Linda at (949) 492-2200 by Wednesday, February 27th


A heartfelt congratulations to Barry and Debi on their marriage. Barry has been a faithful supporter and brought countless work groups to the Baja Mission.

Many families and communities in Sinaloa face daily challenges. The complicated economical, social and spiritual influences at play make radical changes in these areas a seemingly hopeless and desperate challenge. We have great faith that our Heavenly Father and His overwhelming love can transform lives completely. Foundation For His Ministry is there and ready to help prove it. Please pray for Sinaloa.


A mother’s prayers availeth much. The late Dr. Sylvestre shared:
El Chapo’s mother, a Pentecostal Christian, makes her monthly trip to southern Sinaloa’s Wellness Medical Center. There at the Seventh Day Adventist facility she spends five days fasting and praying for her son.”

Now that he has been sentenced to prison in the U.S. for life,
her prayers may be answered.



A reminder: Wednesday, February 27th the Canadian
and U.S. mailing will be done. Volunteers needed!

The mailing will be held at the Pereau’s residence in the rec. room at: 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, CA. If you need to be called into this gated community, please call the San Clemente office at (949) 492-2200.