April Newsletter - Founder’s Corner: Corrine Ehrick

If ever there was a “Jewel of the Mission”,

it was Corrine Ehrick. This elegant woman of God was as comfortable in high heels as she was in work boots. She could charm guests at a luncheon with the Governor’s wife and then serve the poorest of the poor in the cardboard shacks of the camps.

Corrine didn’t come to the Lord until

she was forty, but she committed then to serve Him praying, “Lord, you are not getting much – just the husks, but they’re Yours.” She had overcome an abusive childhood, but she stepped fully into God’s plan for her life and that led her to the mission field.

She arrived in Baja and became the bookkeeper. She thought she would give it three months – but He had bigger plans for her amazing talent and compassionate heart.

Corrine was dedicated to the most desperate

and lost in the San Quintin valley. She loved to serve in the camps and poured God’s love on the people there. She tended to a blind man (pictured right) whose body and shack she would

regularly clean.

But she was also fearless and charming and that enabled her to touch the hardest of hearts – a Rancher who had 1,000 employees in his camp.

With Corrine’s unique blend of elegance and determination, she was the catalyst that led that Rancher to tear down the cardboard shanties his workers were living in and provide them stable, block homes.

Corrine was someone you just didn’t want to say “No” to!

Within four years, the Foundation board asked her to become the Mission Administrator and she was spectacular in that role. Corrine was a force to reckon with and a shining example of God’s love in high heels and work boots!

Corrine went to be with the Lord on March 3, 2019. She will always be loved and remembered for the wonderful friend and servant she was.

Charla Pereau

Founding Director