March Newsletter - Changing Families One Child at a Time

This past August, Foundation for His Ministry was presented with an incredible opportunity. The local government constructed a new Daycare facility in San Quintin, approximately 15 miles south of the mission. This is an impoverished area with the majority of adults working in the fields leaving many children at home to care for younger siblings. 

DIF (social services) recognized the need for a free daycare in this neighborhood and as construction was nearing completion, approached the mission about taking responsibility for the new center in all aspects. This included operating costs of staffing, food, water and maintenance. But, it also afforded the mission the freedom to share Jesus with all the attending children and their families. As such, the Board of Directors met and discussed the opportunity and asked for prayers of discernment and accepted this exciting challenge and opportunity.  

On October 26, 2018, the Baja staff, the governor and his wife, and hundreds from the community joined in celebration to inaugurate the new facility as construction was finally complete. The daycare officially opened and received the first six children the week of  October 29. In three short months, we have grown to 91 students with the capacity to care for 120. Children range from one year to 12 years and we provide transportation for the older children to their respective schools.

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We currently have 13 on staff, some of whom transitioned from the Baja Mission and others who are local to San Quintin.  

Already we are seeing benefits to this community, specifically with the children we serve. Children who would potentially be alone due to working parent(s) are now being nourished and cared for in a safe Christian environment. Many of the children were bordering on malnutrition when they started attending our program, coming from a diet of rice and beans. We are grateful to USANA True Health for providing the funds for fresh produce and water in San Quintin. The telltale signs of malnutrition, including spots on the face, are clearing.  

At 6am, the center opens and before the doors are unlocked, there are families waiting in line. Children are fed a healthy breakfast and lunch and a snack throughout the day. The health and energy levels have visibly improved with more well-rounded

nutrition. With basic needs met, the rest of the day can be spent on activities, crafts, homework help, reading and enjoying the outdoors on our artificial turf. The center currently closes at 4pm.  

As the children become more comfortable with our teachers, they are opening up and allowing us to pray with them and minister to them. Our teachers are loving and kind as they not only teach basics of hygiene and manners but more so, letting each child know they have value and are cherished by a loving God.  

We thank you for your ongoing prayers as we continue to grow and serve in the San Quintin valley.

“Little Children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth”.  1 John 3:18

Sara Peterson

Daycare Supervisor

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