May Newsletter - TJ House: Thriving Community of Students

may - tj house.png

The TJ House is alive and active this spring! We see the hand of God working in each area of the TJ House: the hearts of our students, construction projects, and our graduated student community.

As our students navigate college life, we are so thankful to see them coming into their own, serving in their community and growing into incredible, followers of Christ. The Lord is refining the gifts and talents each of our students have as they peruse their academic careers and achieve their goals.

may_tj house_runners.png

Two of our students recently raced in a 6K in San Quintin with a handful of other students from the children’s home in Vicente Guerrero. Other students have been serving alongside Keith and Maya Durkin in the Red-light District of Tijuana called Zona Norte.

While more students are serving with our local church, Iglesia Ancla. We are so encouraged to see the student’s faith worked in good deeds throughout our city.

Our TJ House seems to be under a constant state of construction. After our big remodel we have continually had maintenance projects going on to

improve or beautify the grounds.

We are thankful to be in the midst of reroofing the entire house, and are grateful to those of you who continue to give, helping to keep us dry through the rainy season.

Finally, we are grateful for a growing TJ House community as students who have graduated in recent years continue to be a part of our lives. Recent graduates continue to visit us on a weekly basis, go to church with us and still come to the house for birthday parties and holidays. We are grateful to see the Lord continuing to work in their lives as they persue their professional careers, marry, and have babies.

This work God is doing is an extension of faithful givers and sponsors.

Andrea Bolaños
TJ Houseparent