Weekly Prayer and Praise

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We have exciting news. Missionaries will be sent from our Mission in Baja to Peru, South America, Zimbabwe, Africa and Spain. The prayer group that founded the Mission often said, “to Mexico and beyond”. Who could have imagined the scope of His Ministry? Our world needs Jesus.

Experience History being made. 3,500 missionaries are being sent to Peru, South America to go to outreaches in stadiums across the nation. Mario, Graciela and a small team will participate in this evangelistic blitz.


The team going to Spain will be leaving on the June 26th
and the trip will last two weeks. They will work with a children's camp.


The team going to Africa leaves on July 6th and the trip will last three weeks. They will be installing a water irrigation system and going to a children's camp.

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Six of our staff members will be leaving at the end of summer at the Baja Mission. Most of them are school teachers. Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send missionary teachers for our children. Is God calling you?

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Clayton and Mary Peterson were part of our original prayer group and board. They served for 30 years. They have now graduated to heaven. Brian Forsse is one of their grandchildren. This father of six children had a brain tumor and has been miraculously healed to the glory of God. Barbara Forsse, their daughter and mother of Brian, requested prayer for Brian a few months ago.

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Please continue to pray for little Riker, the Pereau’s great grandchild.
He is having surgeries every three weeks.

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Update on Amelia, Dana Pereau and Antoinette’s grandchild
Late last year we learned that she was losing what little sight she has in her right eye due to a large cataract and deprivation Amblyopia. The lens must be replaced, but she also needs an iris to help filter light and improve vision. A unique surgery can remove and replace the useless lens at the same time as placing an iris where there never was one before; a rare procedure U.S. insurance companies have no billing code for yet.
Irises for this type of surgery are made in Germany,

Dr. Snyder of the Eye Institute of Cincinnati is the only surgeon in the U.S. who has ever performed this procedure and was responsible for its FDA approval. There was an opening in his schedule. Tom, Melissa and Amelia flew to Ohio in February, only to learn the bad news. Although Dr Snyder believed Amelia was a candidate and it could be successful, her insurance company in Washington said it absolutely could not be done; there was no billing code for it and specialists in WA denied it was possible. Funds would need to be sent to Germany immediately if they had any hope of Dr Snyder doing the dual procedure in the U.S. BUT GOD.

Tom and Melissa arranged for the wire transfer to Germany,
and they flew with Amelia for her surgery on June 27th.
Pray for a successful and speedy recovery.


Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. There will be a number of moving testimonies at our Friday night monthly prayer group dinner.
Please let us know if you are coming. Email: linda@ffhm.org or
call her at (949)492-2200 by noon Wednesday.

It will be held on July 5th at 6pm at the Lutheran Church of the Cross
at 24231 El Toro, Laguna Woods, CA.


Glenda, the daughter of Said and Sarai had her left kidney removed but they were not able to do a transplant. After almost a month in the hospital she is back at the Mission recovering. On July 1st she will see the doctor again and in the near future may have her gallbladder removed.

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Sam, who has a ministry to nursing homes
needs continual prayer for lung cancer.