August 10, 2018

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 reports that last Friday Alexis was released from the hospital. Praise God, there was no amputation. Alexis went home to his aunt’s house in Camalu. His aunt lives in a much more sanitary place.

Thank you also for those who made generous donations.

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She writes: “I want to thank all of you precious prayer warriors
that have been praying for me with this knee replacement surgery.
It has been a very painful surgery and having complications
has made it more difficult. But with our God there is nothing too difficult.
I appreciate your love and your faithfulness and your
continued prayers. There is a prolonged recovery time.  

 With heartfelt thanks and gratitude"
 - Andie Lombard


From Glen Almeraz, Pastor of the Zapata Church:  “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who sent money for my medical treatment and for transportation costs to Ensenada and Tijuana.” 

Glen’s daughter Genesis writes: “Glen is deeply grateful for your gifts.
I am now a resident of a hospital in Ensenada doing my internship for the medical profession. I am learning from patients not only about medicine but also about life.
I hope to be able to communicate regularly about my experiences.
You are an answer to my family’s prayers.

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We received a glorious report from the staff and students of the Bible Institute.

" This year there were 15 students and 5 staff members that traveled, not only to Oaxaca, but also to Chiapas. They went to serve, teach, preach, and advance the kingdom of God in Mexico. The students arrived in Mexico City in the middle of the night, 
and a church group welcomed them and prepared breakfast.
That morning they sang praises to the Lord and were sent off with prayer. 

After a long trip, they arrived in Huatulco. They went to five small communities, where there was evangelism and discipleship. The heat was unbearable.
The staff and students ministered in a general hospital.
They brought a message of hope, shared the Gospel, and prayed for many.

Onto Chiapas; this state is known for persecution of Christians. The pastors received them with gratitude.  We gave them encouragement, shared their burdens, distributed materials and provided them with Bibles.
At the end of our journey, tears rolled down their cheeks.
The staff and students served the Lord and were a great blessing.

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For many years, our FFHM office was in the back bedroom of our home while the garage was used as a warehouse in North Hollywood, CA. Olive and Larry Kieler and group from Camp Luther, Mission, B.C., stopped by for a dip in the Pereau’s swimming pool
and for spaghetti dinner. They shared their adventures and miracles along the way from Canada. The group went to Osborne Neighborhood Church
for a sleep over and then on to the Baja Mission.


After recently spending a week at the Baja Mission, the group from Camp Luther had dinner at Agustin’s in San Juan Capistrano, CA, hosted by anonymous donors. 

His Ministry is dependent on volunteers like this work group.


Marlo was part of that group. He reminisced about times gone by. He has served at both Oaxaca and Baja and is now on his way to seminary.

Please pray for Marlo.

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Sam writes: “I have no bad news, just good news. My chemo treatments are going O.K., although truthfully chemo is the pits. The nausea and fatigue are real but so is the presence of God. I have felt God near me like at no other time!” 




Reverend John and Doris Lucas hosted these lovely
young women from the Baja Mission.

How blessed we are to have John and Doris as our forever friends

tito with students.png


In a few months, Tito Quiroz will be opening another
Benning Academy of Music at the Baja Mission.

To read more about it, click here.

August 3, 2018



Redding Christian Fellowship, a church with a passion for missions has been supporting us since 1975.  Out of Redding, Judy Gama Strausser founded the organization WINGS, Women in God’s Service (FFHM’s only auxiliary). This great missionary church hosts an annual Mission Fest and FFHM has been invited
to participate for many years.

Samaritan’s Purse will use Redding Christian Fellowship as their base during the response to the current fires. Several families that we love have faced evacuation due to the fire, including the Gama Straussers.

Please specifically pray for our fire fighters protection.

Could this be climate change or God’s judgement?
In either case, our nation needs repentance and return to God.
 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 2:14. 




Thank you so much Cheryl Trevor, for hosting the Heaven in Sight team of doctors and medical staff.  Cheryl took the time out of her busy schedule to coordinate this week. It is a ton of work but she does it with a smile on her face.
Her organization and skill make the week what it is, even while being the principal of our Christian school. She is an inspiration to all.

The staff was blessed to have this team. There were so many who made this a success. All who came through our doors were shown the love of Jesus. Thank you to our FFHM staff at the Baja Mission who helped to translate, cook, clean, pray, teach and just be present with people. The doctors said “we couldn’t have done this without you all”.

After sala (morning devotions), the team met together in the medical center and sang Holy Ground before seeing their patients. Each doctor had their own set of skills to be used for the glory of God. 

Dr. Summers provided dental care. Patients were nervous and scared, but the translators helped with the language barrier. He removed teeth that were too abscessed to be saved and filled the teeth that had cavities. Some patients needed general anesthesia. Through every drilling, extraction and cleaning Dr. Summers exuded the love of Jesus.

Dr. Lance Haluka, optometrist, who has been with us for many years, was able to see 60 plus patients every day for four days. Dr. Lance never takes credit for sight people receive. He points people to Jesus.

Please pray these precious ones will heal quickly without complications.


Paul Hatley, our faithful friend, reports over 1,200 copies of the Little Lost Pup have been distributed in prisons. The chaplain said there will be a copy in the library.

If you haven’t read this touching story, “It’s a must read,”
reports Dr. George WoodLinda Strom, Cofounder of Discipleship Unlmited
and Terry Meeuwsen, Co-Host of the 700 Club. 


Pastor Mike
 is recovering from hip replacement surgery yesterday. 

Please pray for complete healing.

The Village Church is a faithful supporter.


Kristi Garcia here in our San Clemente office,
underwent surgery this week, for a herniated disc in her neck.

Please keep her in prayer.

andi lombard.png


Our daughter, Andie, has had complications resulting from her knee surgery.
Please pray for her.

She has had blood clots and her leg is badly swollen.

tj house_ricardo_andrea_students.png


Our first ever! The students at the TJ House went on a missionary trip to Oaxaca. Andrea Bolanos’ home church in Seattle paid for the plane tickets. The rest of the funds were raised by the students working.

Franco Vazquez writes, “I am 18 and grew up at the children’s home. Through this trip to Oaxaca I became a ‘giver’. In the city of Huajuapan we helped a missionary family fix up and paint their school. They were joyful even though they had little.” 

Maria Vazquez writes, “Through this trip I experienced the grace, love, forgiveness and mercy of God.

  • He will surprise you with more than you can imagine.
  • Surrender everything to God for you will be tested and challenged.
  • In all things, give thanks, for God is gracious and kind…

Thank you for making this trip possible.

My name is Obed Soto. I am so thankful and blessed to have been part of the missionary trip to Oaxaca. We visited missionaries in Huajuapan. At the prison our team shared testimonies and learned of the stories of the women in prison. We were able to give them hope in their situation.”

We will share more letters from our students in Tijuana next week.

Congratulations Graduates

08 august_graduates.jpg

Every year, the Bible Institute graduation in Baja is special, as we watch these men and women take the next step in dedicating their lives to ministry and serving God. 

This year I was especially touched by the graduation because two of the graduates had been a part of Rancho de Cristo, our men’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

I was deeply touched to think about the amazing grace of Jesus at work in their lives and how much they had overcome to arrive at this event. 

God is faithful and He still is in the business of doing miracles and transforming lives.

By Janelle Keller, Executive Director

Would you like to partner with us in renovating the Bible Institute? Click here for more information.

Answering the Call

My first exposure to Foundation for His Ministry was a week long visit in March 2017. Like many others, I was changed by my afternoons in outreach, serving the children and staff, but most of all by the overt presence of God in this place.    

On the flight home to Chicago, I read “Charla’s Children” and was even more eager to recount my experience to family and friends. I was in awe of how one woman’s vision was the catalyst to sharing God’s love and grace with the people of Mexico. With each conversation, God kept growing my heart for the ministry to the point He finally said, “Don’t wait for a next time. Go now.”   

Instead of watering the seed He planted, I did my best to strangle it with weeds. “God, You know I own my own business serving Parkinsons patients. I own a house, I love my church, my friends, my Bible Study group and teaching exercise classes. Furthermore, I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t  like Mexican food.” 

And God said, “But what about THEM?” The question knocked the wind out of me.

God was asking me to choose between good and good; serving the Parkinson’s community or serving in Mexico. It was a sunrise service on Easter morning when the answer became clear. God used one lone guitar and the voice of an angel to call me again..... 

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever You would call me....” 

He’s right. God always is. I have now been serving at the Baja Mission for seven months with an end date yet to be determined. My “skill set” is far greater than I ever imagined. I have a servant’s heart, being raised in a loving family who modeled grace and forgiveness. I recognize the gift of an education as a means for changing a future and surrender each day to an almighty God; these are among my “skills” for serving. God does not always call the equipped but He does equip the called.   

I invite you to listen. Is He calling you? If so, prayerfully consider your response. I look forward to serving with you. 

By Susan Eichensehr, Baja Mission

Missionary Spotlight: Teresa Rodriguez

08 august_teresa_.png

We support eight missionaries who are serving and ministering in the mountains of Oaxaca among people who have still not heard the Gospel. Over the next several months we want to use the newsletter to introduce you to these amazing people so you can be praying for them: 

My name is Teresa Tello Rodriguez. I was born in the community of Yucuyi, which is part of San Sebastian Tecomaxtlahuaca, in the Mixteca region. Currently, I live in Juxtlahuaca with my family (grandmother, mother and my brother and sister).

We heard the good news of Jesus through a missionary, Maria Villa Pablo, who not only presented us with the Gospel, but also guided us in the first steps of the faith. 

Some time after, I felt that God was calling me to serve him and doors were opened for me to study in the Bible Institute in Baja. When I finished the Institute, I returned to my town to be a light to my own people.


Cafeteria for children: Every weekend we have about 30 children attend. We share with them a Bible class, we serve them food and we spend time playing with them. My greatest wish is that the children know the truth, and the truth is Jesus. I desire for God to use them to share with their families.

Embroidery workshop: Around 40 women attend an embroidery workshop every Saturday. While they embroider, we put on music that has a salvation message. They are also able to hear Bible advice about the family and at the end we have a small Bible reflection. We hand out cookies and juice.

We want to start this workshop in other towns where God will open doors, above all else, in communities that do not have the Gospel yet.

08 august_mountains.png


Even though this year we were told we are no longer allowed to continue the work with the children of San Martin Duraznos, we continue visiting house by house the sisters there, primarily Sister Francisca who is completely blind. We take groceries, clothes and medicine according to her needs.

God has given me the opportunity to disciple the sisters of the faith. The purpose is to encourage them to continue to be faithful in the Lord. Every Sunday the brothers and sisters from these two communities travel to Juxtlahuaca to congregate in our church. 


I work with the church in the following areas:

Directing the brothers and sisters in the cleaning: Together we work to keep the church buildings clean.

Child evangelism: Once a week a group of children attend Bible and value classes. 

The focus of this group is totally evangelistic. All of the children that come are from non-Christian families. We pray that the families of these children come to repentance. 

Ministry of movies: Every Friday we show a movie with a salvation message. At the end of the movie we do a reflection about the theme covered in the movie and above all else what God has to say in His word about the theme. The purpose of this is for more people to know Christ. 

Children’s teacher: Once a month I have the privilege of giving Bible classes in Sunday School. This is something I really enjoy because it is a way to connect with the children of our church. 

I am so grateful to all of you for your financial and prayer support because I sincerely have been blessed by God through all of you. God has given me the opportunity to take the Gospel of God to people with a great need for Christ. This includes people who are grateful for the opportunity to hear the message and children who have shown hunger to know more about the Lord. 

Brothers and sisters, thank you so much. God will reward you for what you have done. As it says in Revelation 22:12, “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” 

By Teresa Rodriguez, Oaxaca Mission

July 27, 2018


Praise God, Dr. Mark EanesDr. Lance Haluka and the
Heaven in Sight team ministered in our medical center this past week.

We thank you our God for sending these precious servants from Georgia. 

They have been serving for many years.
Every patient is prayed for and many receive Jesus as their Savior.


Recently, our administrative assistant, Linda, lost her beloved stepmother to cancer.
Linda will be out of the office for a few days.
The family and especially Linda’s father are grieving.

Please pray for the comfort of those who mourn.

cheryl with daughters.png


We are so blessed to have Cheryl Trevor, principal of the school at the Mission in Vicente Guerrero. As you know, she’s amazingly creative. Cheryl orchestrated our Night in Bethlehem for many years.

Several of our children’s school activities are pictured below:


In honor of the Olympics, teams did long jump,
obstacle courses and running races.

Winners received medals.


The children watched caterpillars turn into butterflies.

They learned “little by little God changes us into something beautiful.
We become more like Him. This was a lesson ingrained in our minds!



In May, a volcano erupted in Hawaii. Our students grabbed this opportunity
to learn about volcanoes. They traveled to San Quintin
and climbed a dormant volcano, about 20 miles south of the Baja Mission.
Children who are now bilingual will be separated out and taught in English.

Praise God for Cheryl, her team and the opportunities
given our children for a Christian education.

pereau daughter_colleen andrea lombard.png


Our daughter, Andie, continues to need prayer.

She recently had knee surgery and there have been complications. 

africa_ruth and peter mbugua.jpg


Ruth and Peter Mbugua, outside whose home the water tank crashed.


Since 1968, Trinity Fellowship in Kenya, Africa has been under the covering of Foundation for His Ministry. Only seldom do we include reports from Africa. Recently, 26 people on the compound of Trinity Fellowship went to watch the final World Cup soccer match. While they were there the reserve water tank came crashing down. If any of these visitors had been passing by they could have been killed. How we thank God for their deliverance.

Trinity Fellowship reports: “Ruth and I are truly grateful to God for saving us from total disaster last night. At around 10:30 pm, we: Ruth, Gitu, Ndogo and Brian, my nephew, heard the terrifying thunderous sound of heavy crashing, and thought a tree had come down near our house. Shortly after we heard the sound of rushing water and we understood what had happened. Our overhead tank, just 10 meters away and hoisted up to six meters high, had come tumbling down, bringing with it what I believe was less than the 8000 litres of water that it has the capacity to hold.
And there, we were shocked to see half of the tank thrown completely off across the footpath to our house and lodged in shattered debris outside the front porch of the adjacent house. The great news is, just two hours before, a total of 26 people,
mostly young adults, had criss-crossed that same path, coming in and going out as the soccer world cup final match was airing on our TV, and none of us was in the path of the rocket tank at the moment in shot down.
God delivered us all from calamity. It turns that the wooden pillars
hoisting the tank had gone rotten and could no longer hold up.”

everett wilson.png


Dr. Everett Wilson, who has taken on the project of writing the sequel to Charla’s Children, was recently hospitalized for a hiatal hernia. This may require surgery.

Please pray for Everett’s health and this ambitious project.

dave powers.png


Correction please:
 Thankfully, Dave Powers does not have lung cancer.


Yosemite Valley and large sections of Yosemite National Park closed July 25, 2018 due to the Ferguson Fire.

The Pereau family did primitive camping in Yosemite Valley for 50 years. Throughout that time, many joined our family, including
the CordobasDr. Marco AnguloElizabeth Pedraza and others.

Please pray for the fire fighters and the preservation
of Yosemite National  Park.

baja_mario cordoba_joel_tito quiroz_janelle keller_jill adams.png


Music makes a difference. We have prayerfully considered the restoration of our music program, which was started in the 90s. The old theater building, used for Night in Bethlehem and other special events, can now be filled with music.

Tito Quiroz is proposing a third music conservatory
to be at the Baja Mission, where it all started.

July 20, 2018


We have a praise report: After a biopsy the doctors said that Dave has stage 3 cancer (not stage 4) in one of his lungs. He’ll undergo chemo and then possibly surgery to remove some of the tumors.

Pray for strength and healing for Dave. 


Ian and Elaine have served in Oaxaca for many years.
He is our builder and maintenance supervisor. She is our resident
decorator, artist, and minister to those who are incarcerated.

At present, Elaine is in Alberta undergoing cataract surgery.
She will also undergo other medical tests. 

Please pray for these faithful servants of Jesus Christ.

book cover_the little lost pup.png


I was a prisoner and you visited me,” Matthew 25: 36. Perhaps you are aware that our son, Craig Pereau, was incarcerated for many years. He came to a dynamic Christian faith while in prison. In Chino State prison he wrote a book, 
The Little Lost Pup, which has been used to bring many inmates and
others to Christ (available for a $12 donation to His Ministry).   

Our granddaughter, Christie Goodwin, in Virginia is now serving
as a barber in a men’s prison. Hopefully, she will be able to distribute
The Little Lost Pup, written by her uncle. 

Also, on the East Coast, Paul Hatley is distributing
The Little Lost Pup in prisons and in jail.

Please pray that their efforts will help transform lives.  


Perhaps it is needless to say, but there are many situations at Rancho de Cristo, our drug rehab center in Baja, where healing and deliverance are needed. We thank and praise God for Hans and his leadership team. Hans makes two trips of 350 miles each month, from their home in Van Nuys, CA. 

We certainly need to pray for safety on the road and stamina for Hans.

pereau daughter_colleen andrea lombard.png


Thank you for praying for our daughter, Andie. The knee surgery was successful.

Pray that she will have a full recovery.


Our nurses in Baja have done house calls for many in need of
medical aide from pressure sores/wound care, etc., but praise God, 
the medical and dental center has officially reopened!

A medical and dental team came from Wisconsin and brought supplies, hygiene kits and other donations. Over the course of five days they saw 350 patients.
Our X-ray room needs certification.  

There are many rules and regulations; please pray.



Please continue to pray for Alexis so the doctors can continue treatment on his leg.

Alexis’ father is unable to work during this hospitalization. His father thanks those who have provided financial support. We still need God to do a miracle. 


Praise God for the many work groups that have come in June and July.

We thank God for each of them.


Outreach supervisor, Graciela, writes: “We thank God for the hundreds of pounds of beans, rice and powdered milk that were given to the destitute."

sarah_frank smith's daughter.png


Frank Smith writes: Please pray for our daughter Sarah. She is awaiting surgery for her hips because tumors have formed over both of the replacements and infection is involved. Now she is exhibiting signs of Leukemia and must have a bone marrow biopsy before they can continue. Her doctor cried with her.

July 13, 2018



My birthday is celebrated with fireworks. My father said they were celebrating my birth and from the second story of our home in Detroit, MI, we could see the fireworks from Eastwood Amusement Park. Years later, I found they were celebrating the birth of our great nation.   

On this 86th year, I was showered with cards and special birthday wishes. After a lovely breakfast with friends, I spent the day praying for each of you, old and new friends. I think it was the best birthday ever. There were cards or calls from each of our children. Early in the morning I was serenaded by Curtis’ children and great grandchildren. June and Jay Griffin, whose friendship has spanned generations, (our parents were good friends) sent their usual greeting. Richard Peterson has been my friend for 72 years. He calls every year and breaks up in tears. We weep together knowing our departure will be sooner than later. 

Thank you so very much for the shower of cards (and ecards).

Carlos (pictured on the extreme right, back row) will be leading the Bible Institute students who will make their annual trip throughout Mexico. The purpose of the trip is ministry; a practical application of what they’ve learned throughout the year. They will minister in cities in the remote regions of Oaxaca, and this year they will go to the southernmost state, Chiapas.

Pray for protection on the roads and for each member of the team, that many will come to Christ and signs and wonders will follow their ministry. 

Jill Adams’ son Nathan, age 7, is not a candidate for Hepatitis C treatment in Mexico or the U.S.  Nathan must be 12 years of age or older. But we believe nothing is impossible for our God! We believe in His miraculous power.

“Who forgives all our iniquities, who heals all our diseases.” Psalm 103:3. 


Esteban and Yadira, missionaries in Oaxaca, write:

“Each time we think we have done what we should do, God challenges us towards a new goal. This month we have begun a new challenge and a dream that hasn’t only been in our hearts but in the hearts of many.”

The dream is that FFHM would have a missionary in each region of the state of Oaxaca. Cuenca del Paploapan has the greatest need for evangelism. It has been categorized by the government as the most violent region of Oaxaca. Christian programs are almost nil in this area.




Janelle Keller will be meeting with Esteban and Yadira who oversee our outreach ministry in Oaxaca. They will prayerfully be involved in strategic planning. There are still 170 spoken languages according to Bob Sundberg, missiologist.

Our goal is to reach all regions of this very diversified state.


deanna & connard hoffman.png


Connard and Deanna Hoffman write:

“Dear Ones At FFHM, We ask for the Awesome Overwhelming Presence of God to protect Modesto and Eugenia and their little ones with the Blood of Jesus; to totally heal Glenn Almarez, Dave Boizenhardt, Jill's son Nathan, and Alexis Juarez.

Congratulations to Arianna Lombard and our thanksgiving to all who prayed for her.
May God Bless all of you at FFHM with His peace, power, protection, and above all His Holy Presence. Love always and forever in Christ Jesus”


baja_summer camp.png


“Federal, State and County fire officials have deemed Forest Home safe for our guests to enjoy!” We praise our God that Forest Home, founded by Dr. Henrietta Mears, was spared and the camp is in session.

Summer camps all over the world are in session and Vacation Bible Schools
are being hosted by many churches. Because of your generosity,
our children will attend summer camps.

Let us join in prayer that our children and grandchildren
will have a life changing experience and there will be an outpouring
of the Holy Spirit at these camps.

baja_summer camp with children.png



We recently hosted our annual soccer camp at the Baja Mission.
Debbie Haliday and a team from Southern California join the fun.

baja_office building.png


Can you believe this? It wasn’t until 1991 that we had phone communication with the Baja Mission. Previously we had only short wave radio.

TAP (Technical Assistance Plan) installed our first telephone.
Huston and Jean Taylor eventually installed our system.

Those who may be trying to email the Baja Mission,
our internet is temporarily down.

This has become a vital part of our inner office communication.


Andrea, Rosalinda and Laura Félix recently arrived from Tijuana.

Pray that they will make a smooth transition into their new home and environment

July 6, 2018


Dirk and Mary Kos, who were a vital part of establishing the Disabled Children’s Ministry, responded to the prayer request for Alexis as so many others did. The prayers were answered miraculously.

The boy’s leg was not amputated. Hallelujah!

baja mission_children in sala.png




Cheryl Trevor, Principal of school in Baja, had the children participate
during the Sala (morning devotions) to close out the school year. The children were given special awards for their accomplishments.

Thank you to all who sponsor our children in this safe, secure environment.

village church_mike and judy bayer.png


Pastor Mike Bayer and the Village Church, are faithful supporters of His Ministry and participate in doing the Canadian mailing. Pastor Mike will undergo hip surgery this month.

Please pray for Mike and Judy, his wife.

sam parsons.png


Sam Parsons, our dear friend and troubadour to many nursing homes,
has cancer of the pancreas, lungs and lymph nodes. Sam is presently
recording his next album and has started a book with a ghost writer.
Sam needs strength to do a Praise and Worship seminar.

He continues to pray Psalm 139,
knowing that God knows the number of his days.

dave powers.png


We thank and praise our God that Dave Powers’ biopsy came back negative. He will have only a raspy voice for the time being.

Thank you for praying.

everett wilson.png


Once again there will be no prayer group dinner at the
Lutheran Church of the Cross in July and August 2018.
We are making all effort to complete the sequel to Charla’s Children.

Please pray for Everett Wilson, who will
make a conscientious effort to do so.



Wheelchairs at the Baja Mission must be adapted with
special wheels because most are used in sandy terrain. We are
so blessed and delighted to give this gift of mobility to others.

Thank you to Joni Eareckson and others who make this a possibility.


Last week, we received five kids in our home in Baja. The three older ones
and the baby are doing well and seem to be happy being in a place
where they have everything they need and there are nice people
taking care of them. The three year old boy has been very sad and cries constantly. He misses his home and there has been no way to comfort him.

Please pray for them.

Impact One Life - Become a Sponsor

Each of the children and teenagers entrusted into our care in Baja, Oaxaca and Tijuana are truly precious gifts of God. All the houseparents and staff do their best to care for them, nurture them and raise them into disciples of Jesus. But there is another group of people who play a vital role in their development and growth – their sponsors. 

Obviously, the financial investment of $30 a month is important as money is an essential part of raising children. But the most important part of sponsorship is the relational and spiritual investment made by the sponsors. These are children who have been abandoned by a parent and the fact that someone chooses them through sponsorship is an important part of their healing.

When I was serving in Oaxaca, I quickly realized that these sponsors that the children call “Tio” and “Tia” are truly family to the children. They had pictures of their sponsors carefully preserved in photo albums or hung on their wall next to their beds. They frequently asked for prayer for their sponsors. And at our annual graduation party the graduates would always mention their sponsors when they gave their speeches of gratitude. 

If you would like to play this significant role in the life of a child go to: or call Linda in the US office at (949) 492-2200.

By Janelle Keller, Executive Director

sponsorship_front page_children_bottom.png

Congratulations Marisol

Marisol .jpg

I was born October 11, 1995 in San Quintin, Baja California. When I was ten years old both of my parents got sick, and everything in my life changed. When I was 13 I went to live at the children’s home in Vicente Guerrero. Seven months later, my mother passed away and then a few months after that my dad passed away too. My only hope of a future was at the children’s home, so I stayed there.  
Over the last nine years, I have realized that my life has been extremely different from what a “normal” child’s life should be. In time I have come to love my time growing up in the children’s home. I have experienced blessing upon blessing.  
In arriving at the TJ House, the blessings have continued. I have studied marketing and will finish my academic studies in June. At the TJ House I have come to know people with great hearts and have made good friends. The TJ House is my favorite place. It is my place of peace and I feel safe when I am there. 

I will miss this home: the carne asada and volley ball on Saturdays, our obstacle courses in the yard, playing games and singing karaoke. I will miss going to church together and coming downstairs for pizza. I will miss each of the people I live with and this house, which is full of joy and fun.  

I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry for what they have provided in my life and the opportunities I have received through them.

Marisol Cervantes

Oaxaca, Land of Intrigue

oaxaca_charla_bob_article header.png

In a southern state of Mexico lies a rugged land full of diversity and contrast. It’s made up of over 157 spoken languages, cultures, and ethnic groups. Many of these groups still do not know Jesus Christ; many have no one to tell them. 

Bob Sundberg assessed the situation and gave thousands of hours to the task. He drove to the remote areas, and when he could no longer drive, he walked. Bob ate what he was served, often resulting in food poisoning. 

He came from Detroit, also the place I was born, and miraculously has survived three liver transplants. His courage and determination are legendary. He is my modern day hero. Our adopted son Charles Curtis, also came from Oaxaca. We have had the special privilege of working side by side with Bob.

I walked the mountain side and found a little home, where hollyhocks grew by the door. Hollyhocks grew in our backyard in Detroit. I admired the lovely blossoms and was invited into this humble home. I prayed for my precious new friends in a foreign land, in a foreign culture.

oaxaca_yadira_esteban_oaxaca article.png

Esteban and Yadira (pictured above) also ministered in Oaxaca where there were no known believers. They poured out their lives to establish a church in the remote village of Santa Maria. They now oversee our outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of our
missionaries serving in Oaxaca.

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director

June 29, 2018


The greatest prayer request for this week would be for the Mexican elections on Sunday. This is an important one, with many positions up for election. 
Over 100 candidates have already been killed.



A team from our Mission Church in Vicente Guerrero are currently
on an evangelistic trip to Spain. “The effective, fervent prayer
of a righteous man avails much
.” James 5:16

Please pray that their ministry will be fruitful.



Alexis Juarez, a student in our Learning Center for children with disabilities, was taken to a hospital in Ensenada with a life threatening infection because of pressure sores. He has spina bifida and is having a leg amputated today, Friday, June 29th.

Because the father is missing so much work, the family is also depending on God for their financial needs.

Please pray for a miracle for Alex.

If you would like to offer financial support, please click here.

genesis_glenn almarez.png


Daughter of Pastor Glenn Almeraz, Sweet Genesis, writes:
 “I am very grateful to God for allowing me to finish the basics towards my medical degree (four years). Thank you for supporting me unconditionally. 
I will now begin my internship in a hospital in Ensenada


Our girls soccer team from the Baja Mission
placed second in Vicente Guerrero. 



How thankful we are for Ian Croft, who serves as
a father to the fatherless in Oaxaca, Home for Children.


There are other faithful men, who serve in Oaxaca, as role models to the fatherless.

May God bless you one and all. 


We praise and thank God for our work groups, who have been a vital part of His Ministry since the beginnings. Have you scheduled your next work group yet?

Call (949) 340-2051 or see

dave powers.png


A dear friend of His Ministry, Dave Powers, a cancer survivor,
awaits results from a biopsy on his vocal chords.
The Powers thank the Lord for the steady hands of Dr. Cho, 
a wonderful Christian, encouraging, oncology ENT and we thank you praying friends.

tj house_ricardo_andrea_students.png


Our students’ home in Tijuana needs major repairs at a cost of $4,000! Ricardo Bolanos and the young men living there will be doing the repairs.

Please pray that God will supply this pressing need.

lutheran church of the cross.png


Attention: There will no prayer group dinner
at Lutheran Church of the Cross in July and August 2018.

We are taking a break to write the sequel to Charla’s Children.

Please pray for this ambitious project. Thank you.



One of our dear friends, Ana Kerr, of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, often sends us her poems.

June 22, 2018


Please pray for Lorena and her daughter, who grew up at the Baja Mission. They will be relocating to Guadalajara. Lorena has faithfully served at the Mission for 10 years, as a house mother, Bible Institute teacher and supervisor of the kitchen. 



Esteban and Yadira flew to the remote area where Modesto and his
precious family live, but they had to return by land which took almost 11 hours.
The roads are bad and the rains have begun. There are groups
of threatening, armed, violent men even in full daylight.

Pray for Modesto and his family’s safety in this dangerous
area where they have chosen to minister. 


tj house_marlynn_yulissa_buffy.png


Congratulations to Yulissa de Jesus, another graduate from college.
How we thank God for those who sponsor our interned children, like
Lloyd (Buffy) and Marlynn Branam who have supported
and encouraged Yulissa for the past 10 years.

They sponsor two other girls at the Baja Mission
and another future college graduate. 


Congratulations to our soccer teams at the Baja Mission,
who will be competing for third place. 


We love drop in company at our office in San Clemente.
It helps us keep in touch with those who mean so much to us. 

May God bless our faithful supporters. We could not do it without you. 

san clemente_jim burtrum_charla_.png


Jim Burtrum, a retired policeman and
a faithful supporter of FFHM, also dropped by.
Jim drove our big truck for years during the 90s.   

May God bless our volunteers .



An urgent request: please continue to pray for Nathan, Jill Adams’ son, and Glenn Almeraz, who will be undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C in Mexico. 

Tests have shown Nathan already has liver damage
so he needs to be approved soon for treatment. 


We are proud of our great granddaughter, Arianna Lombard,
who graduated from Stanford University.

She was born in the medical center at the Baja Mission. 


Our dear friend and faithful supporter, Dave Botzenhardt, has cancer in both lungs. Dave has worked for years as a volunteer with Hermano Pablo’s
organization which is broadcast all over Latin America.
Our radio station in Juxtlahuaca broadcasts them many times a day.  

June 15, 2018

north korean and american flag.png


North Korea agrees to ‘complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula' after Trump-Kim summit

Around the world prayer warriors were praying for this summit. To God be the glory.

Continue to pray for peace in the Korean peninsula. 

genevieve holding dog.png


The service for Genevieve Bredesen will be held at
Lutheran Church of the Cross: 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92637
on Saturday, June 16th at 11am.

colleen parsons.png


The service for Colleen Parsons will be at the Bridge Church, 29582 Aventure, Rancho Santa Margarita, 92688 on Saturday, June 16th at 2pm.

Both Genevieve and Sam and Colleen were faithful supporters
of Foundation for His Ministry.

"To be absent from the body is to be present
with the Lord,” and we celebrate Genevieve and Colleen’s graduation. 

sam parsons.png


Sam Parson had a cat scan last week and the doctors say he has pancreatic and lung cancer. We don’t know the prognosis yet, other than it does not look good. His kids are devastated. 

Please pray for Sam and his family.

jim and loretta little.png


Jim and Loretta, longtime friends of His Ministry, have announced that no treatment is necessary for the cancer she had and the swelling in Loretta’s lymph nodes has gone back down.

Praise God! 


Many Years ago, Ruth Diehl came to work in Baja bringing her young son. Years later, she and her husband, Mike, returned bringing groups and became faithful sponsors for Gabriel. Here they sit together before the start of the musical presented last Friday at the Mission home.

We thank God for all the loving and wonderful sponsors He provides for our kids.

You could be a sponsor too.
Please visit our website for information:


nick & theresa budmats.png


Bob and Marie Southard led the first groups to the Baja Mission a long time ago, then Nick and Theresa Budmats
picked up the baton and have led many other groups. 

The Budmats recently recently hosted a barbecue for all the staff
Thank you Nick & Theresa and all who pray for
and invest in the lives of our staff and children.



oaxaca_children with certificates_tere in the mountains.png


But for me, the greatest miracle is seeing God open the doors for ministry in the mountains of Oaxaca, where there are still unreached people groups

In 196, God sent us a little Zapotec Indian infant and changed our lives forever. Committed missionaries are reaching out into these remote areas. Yadira PorrasEsteban ValdezManuel and GlendaTeresa Tello, Maria Villa Pablo and Modesto and Eugenia are making Christ known by preaching the Gospel. 

To God be the glory. Amen! 

June 8, 2018

american flag.png


For our Americans: don’t forget to display the U.S. flag on Flag DayJune 14th

sam parsons.png


Seventy-eight people attended our monthly prayer dinner hosted
at the Lutheran Church of the Cross, (that’s a record).

Valerie Ellis served a delicious dinner and Sam Parsons poured his heart
out in grief. As you know, his wife Colleen died of sepsis
on May 10th while they were on vacation.

Please continue to pray for Sam and his children and grandchildren.

The memorial service will be held Saturday, June 16th.

Sam ministers in nursing homes throughout Orange County and lives by faith. There was an amazing outpouring of love and appreciation for his ministry.
A very generous financial gift was given to him.

Thank you to all who gave!

baja_play_malice in the palace.png


Cheryl Trevor
 from the Baja Mission writes: “On June 1st the children of the school presented Malice in the Palace, the story of Esther. It was an hour-long musical play that the kids have been preparing since January.  Everything was performed live and the kids did an excellent job!  We also enjoyed a dessert potluck and displays of the children's school work all around the theater.  I was proud of the kids for beating their nerves and performing on the big stage in front of 150 people. And I was even more grateful for the message of the play: that God has placed us here for a reason.
All glory goes to God for a wonderful event!”  

How blessed we are to have Cheryl Trevor as school principal. She produced our annual Christmas pageant for years. How blessed these children are! They could be numbered among “the least of these,” from abject poverty.

Thank you for your faithful support!

stacy williams.png


Stacy Williamson is dear to us all. She’s the daughter of Joy Williamson who has faithfully served our ministry as a nurse. Stacy is in need of prayer for her general health.  She has had a number of surgeries and suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

She needs a miraculous healing touch from the Lord.



The sidewalk leading from the Baja Mission to the church has 106 tiles with the key events from Genesis to Revelation. The Walk Through the Bible is chronological.

As you know the Bible is grouped by Books of Moses, Books of history, poetry, etc. Cesar Perez at our Bible Institute successfully memorized the 106 events from Genesis to Revelation.

Congratulations Cesar! 

us_ffhm board.png


Please pray for our board meeting, which meets June 8th and 9th in Bend, Oregon. It will be held at the Chairman of our Board’s home, Matt Juarez. 


Marisol Cervantes, a University graduate, writes: “Both of my parents died when
I was 13. Needless to say I was devastated, but God opened the door to
The Home for Children in Vicente Guerrero and new hope for the future.
Then, who could have believed that I would be able to continue my education
at the University. At the Student’s Home in Tijuana I had safety and the joy of living
in a Christ centered home. Thank you to those who faithfully supported me
and thank you Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos.” 

tj house_yulissa.png


Another University graduate, Yulissa Guzman writes: “I arrived at the Children’s Home in Baja at three years old. I was loved with the love of God by all who cared for me. Thanks to their investment, I am who I am. I am graduating from the University with a degree in teaching English as a second language. I have also studied French, Spanish and sign language and hope to be an interpreter. I am so thankful to God for all the people who supported me through these many years.” 

Your investment will not return void. Thank you. 



Hospital Christian Fellowship, Fall Conference, September 4-6, 2018,
includes dealing with grief and loss, updates on Alzheimer’s research,
online spiritual care, training and much more.
Cost for the conference includes handouts and meals: $198.00.

Early bird specials: Before June 30th - $100. 
Charla Pereau will be one of the speakers. 

Location: Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Rd., Laguna Woods, CA 92637. Email or Ju

June 1, 2018

memorial day_marines.png


Hope your Memorial Day celebration was a blessed event and as inspiring as ours. There were traditional flag celebrations, honor was given to our veterans in all branches of service. A Korean gave a testimony of how they live in freedom, prosperity and are part of the world’s largest church congregation. Tearfully the man described how an American GI died at his door, laying down his life for others.

May God bless America!

sam parsons.png


Pastor Sam Parsons will be ministering at our monthly prayer group gathering tonight. Sam was recently bereaved by the loss of Colleen, his dear wife.

Sam, one of the famous Four Lads, now ministers in over 40 nursing homes in South Orange County, sharing the Gospel. He has no regular income but sends a monthly newsletter telling of his divine encounters with the sick and aged.


In July and August there will be no monthly prayer group dinners. I will be concentrating on writing the sequel to Charla’s Children.

Please pray for this ambitious undertaking. 

baja_rafael lopez.png


Rafael Lopez, one of our bus drivers for the Disabled Children's Learning Center, picked up children every morning to bring to the Baja Mission.

The children are grieving his loss and don’t understand why he was taken so quickly.
Rafa drove the bus until the very end.

Pray for the children’s consolation.

baja_dclc_boat ride.png


Dirk and Mary Kos launched an annual trip to Ensenada. The tradition is carried on. Most of the disabled have never been on a trip to Ensenada,
have never been on a boat or even a pier.

Thank you for providing for this wonderful outing.

We’ll Never be the Same


Since returning from Oaxaca we have had time to process the trip and think about what we learned:


Take Away #1: Prayer is powerful

Going in, our team valued prayer. We were very deliberate to identify our main requests and invite others to join in prayer. Even with our efforts, I don’t think any of us were prepared for God to answer in the ways He did.


Every request, whether intangible (growing hearts for children abroad, developing lasting relationships, receiving a kingdom vision for life choices, initiating further partnership with the mission) or tangible (smooth travel, safety, getting the weed-whacker started), was answered. God is capable of more than we could ever ask or imagine, and He gives us the desires of our hearts when we delight in him (Psalm 37:4). 


Take Away #2: Give thanks

The Mexican people constantly give thanks to God for his faithfulness and provision. Every prayer was an outflow of gratitude. After returning, our team has been amazed by how little we see thanksgiving in the prayers of our American church, despite being materially blessed to the max. We now aspire to be models of thanksgiving in the Christian communities we’re a part of here. 


Next Steps

Kyle has a growing friendship with Rinzgüin, a teenage boy at the home. He is excited to sponsor Rinzgüin and prepare a surprise gift for his 18th birthday. Lord willing, Kyle will return to Oaxaca to deepen his relationships with the kids, further his mastery of the Spanish language, and experience God’s presence there. 


Michael is still processing/praying about the experience to determine what the next step is. Brian is sponsoring Baltazar, a teenage boy at the home. Brian sees himself playing an ongoing role with the ministry through financial support. 


What is the next step for you? Perhaps it’s 

visiting one of the missions or committing to financial support. Please visit the FFHM website for more info and ways to give. 


By Michael, Brian, and Kyle

Hope for Sinaloa

I can remember the words that Jesus said: “My food is to do the will of him who sent me…lift up our eyes and look at the fields, because they are white for the harvest.” Today, there are many things that distract us and we turn our eyes and look at different things, and not what Jesus wants us to see. 

He wants us to see the fields of souls ready to hear and receive His Word. In that same part He tells us that some sow, some harvest, and the fruit is for eternal life and that is exactly what happened on our recent trip to Culiacán. 

We harvested what Hugo and Lizette have sowed. We joined a group from Texas. The work was INTENSE for them and for us. Our team was focused 100% on the spiritual work – the sowing and harvesting for eternal life. 

We put together a winter version of Vacation Bible School with the children of San Pedro. We began with 17 children and we finished with 30. Even though it was a time of classes, we had new children coming every day. 

10 children received Jesus for the first time, which is the most important thing. Our prayer is that what was harvested gives fruit, and the lives and families of these little ones can do a COMPLETE turn around. 

The children memorized the Word of God and did crafts related to the classes. We had a time for games, which is where the group from Texas helped a lot. I firmly believe God has great things planned for every one of these children!!!

In the evenings we covered three camps, El Guayabito, El Ranchito, and San Jose. Every one of the teachers prepared a good class, a good seed to be sown in the lives of these children. We so desire that they have different lives, that they be watersheds in their generation, different children, different youth, adults, and families, because with the help of God this and even more can be accomplished. 

The work needs to be watered with a lot of prayer, fasting, and perseverance. His Word will never return empty. 

It was a very good time - time to be able to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The voice of Jesus will still be heard. We plead with the Lord of the harvest to send more workers to His harvest. It is wonderful to be part of the team of Jesus Christ. 

sinaloa_children eating at camp.png

There are no words to describe the joy and happiness that was in our hearts to be able to be sent to the harvest, where we found children, women, youth, and families longing to hear the Word of Eternal Life. 

Thank you so much to the donors who from their homes, their churches and their jobs are a part of this work. You all are those above the well sustaining the rope so that we can go down into the well where we find our people, speaking the same language and bringing them out of the darkness and bringing them into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. THANK YOU!!! 

We love you and are grateful for all that you do for our people and for our country. 


Graciela Vazquez, 
Baja Outreach Supervisor

Remembering Rafa

Recently, we lost a beloved staff member at the Baja Mission, Rafael Lopez. As we gathered to mourn and tell stories about our friend and co-laborer, two themes emerged about Rafa’s life. 

One was that after living a life of darkness and addiction, he had been radically transformed in a way that is only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And because Rafa had been forgiven for much, he loved Jesus extravagantly. He had a passion for God’s Word, missions and service of others. 

The other theme was that Rafa valued people above everything else. He genuinely wanted to know people and know how they are doing. He would drop everything to help a friend – and he considered everyone his friend. He had an infectious personality and made it his mission every day to be an encouragement. 

We find comfort and joy knowing that Rafael is in heaven with Jesus and he is whole and without pain. But he leaves a huge hole in our lives and in our ministry.


By Janelle Keller, 
Executive Director