Weekly Prayer & Praise

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Many across the nation participated in the National Day of Prayer. The theme was Love One Another. This is a moment in American history when the church must rise as one to cry to God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
If love is to begin to take place across America, it must begin with us:
Love One Another! Every day should be a National Day of Prayer.

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Thank you, Pastor Mike Bayer and Janelle Keller,
for ministering to those gathered at the Prayer Dinner this
past weekend, and leading us in song. A blessed time was had by all.


Children’s Day was celebrated in Mexico by these little ones, giving glory to God. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matt. 19:14

The church at the Baja Mission was filled to capacity
with little ones hearing the Gospel. Thank you, Jesus.



Answered Prayer: On March 30, Samuel came into the world at 10:46 PM.
It took a medical team 6 minutes to resuscitate him. Samuel’s prognosis was not good. They arranged for a team of specialists to come to Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario; It looked like Samuel might not survive.
The pastor and his wife were there praying for a miracle. (Samuel was also on our prayer and praise letter.) On this one- month anniversary since Samuel’s birth, he woke up at home, whimpering to be fed. What a miracle!

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 Praise God our teen-age boys were able to attend Agua Viva
(Living Water) camp. Thank you for all who furnished camperships.
Another children’s camp will be held this summer.
Camperships are still needed for a life changing transformation.


A prayer request from Graciela while she was on a Baja outreach in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The theme we spoke on with the women was inner healing and the value of a woman. Two women were healed from wounds of their past through forgiveness. The surprising thing is what human beings are capable of doing when they are far from God. The stories that I heard there I have only seen on television. The need for God is very great. We need to call out to God for the salvation of these people. They are living an empty life with much sadness and darkness. What an opportunity to present to the children a different life in Christ Jesus!

Abel, Salvador, Raul and Mario were sharing every night the word of love and salvation that God has for men. I had the opportunity to pray for a field worker in that place, a man drowning in alcohol. We pray that God makes a total change. There the people live in laminate houses that are extremely hot and of course the mosquitos were ready to eat our blood and leave us their poison. Our niece Eveling was not doing well because of these bites. She had a high fever and her feet were swollen. Mario took her to a doctor because of the seriousness of her physical state. We were happy to take the Good News to this place.”

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Carlos Quijada, Bible Institute Director, writes about one of his students, Juventino from Santiago Jocotepec Choapan.

 “I am writing about him because of his desire to know God better. He took a four day bus ride without a bathroom, without air conditioning, without a seat; just a blanket to lay down in the aisle so that he could rest a little. He traveled for more than 3,000 kilometers in these conditions. What made Juventino decide to come to the Bible Institute? It was the fact that when he came to know Jesus as his Savior, his desire was to know Him better.”

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Laura, administrator from Oaxaca writes, “My doctor thinks
I need a tonsillectomy, and referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon
seemed to think a tonsillectomy is the best option too, however
he did his due diligence in making sure I know how difficult and painful
this will be. But when I think of the alternative, this constant discomfort
and complications, I am hoping a few weeks of pain is temporary
and worth it. So, my appointment is scheduled for July 11th

Please be in prayer for Laura’s surgery.

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Our beloved friend, Jo, missionary to Ensenada, Mexico needs prayer. Jo spent three days in intensive care with an acute kidney infection and has been transferred to a rehabilitation center. Please pray for Jo.

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Riker, Chuck and Charla Pereau’s great grandson, 2 ½ years old,
will undergo another surgery on Friday, May 10 for his eyes.
This little one has suffered so much pain. Please pray.