February 2019

March Newsletter - Changing Families One Child at a Time

This past August, Foundation for His Ministry was presented with an incredible opportunity. The local government constructed a new Daycare facility in San Quintin, approximately 15 miles south of the mission. This is an impoverished area with the majority of adults working in the fields leaving many children at home to care for younger siblings. 

DIF (social services) recognized the need for a free daycare in this neighborhood and as construction was nearing completion, approached the mission about taking responsibility for the new center in all aspects. This included operating costs of staffing, food, water and maintenance. But, it also afforded the mission the freedom to share Jesus with all the attending children and their families. As such, the Board of Directors met and discussed the opportunity and asked for prayers of discernment and accepted this exciting challenge and opportunity.  

On October 26, 2018, the Baja staff, the governor and his wife, and hundreds from the community joined in celebration to inaugurate the new facility as construction was finally complete. The daycare officially opened and received the first six children the week of  October 29. In three short months, we have grown to 91 students with the capacity to care for 120. Children range from one year to 12 years and we provide transportation for the older children to their respective schools.

daycare photos_banner.png

We currently have 13 on staff, some of whom transitioned from the Baja Mission and others who are local to San Quintin.  

Already we are seeing benefits to this community, specifically with the children we serve. Children who would potentially be alone due to working parent(s) are now being nourished and cared for in a safe Christian environment. Many of the children were bordering on malnutrition when they started attending our program, coming from a diet of rice and beans. We are grateful to USANA True Health for providing the funds for fresh produce and water in San Quintin. The telltale signs of malnutrition, including spots on the face, are clearing.  

At 6am, the center opens and before the doors are unlocked, there are families waiting in line. Children are fed a healthy breakfast and lunch and a snack throughout the day. The health and energy levels have visibly improved with more well-rounded

nutrition. With basic needs met, the rest of the day can be spent on activities, crafts, homework help, reading and enjoying the outdoors on our artificial turf. The center currently closes at 4pm.  

As the children become more comfortable with our teachers, they are opening up and allowing us to pray with them and minister to them. Our teachers are loving and kind as they not only teach basics of hygiene and manners but more so, letting each child know they have value and are cherished by a loving God.  

We thank you for your ongoing prayers as we continue to grow and serve in the San Quintin valley.

“Little Children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth”.  1 John 3:18

Sara Peterson

Daycare Supervisor

daycare playground funds.png

March Newsletter - A Home in Sinaloa

home in sinaloa.png

A few years ago, we felt God moving on our hearts to expand the work we are doing in Sinaloa to include a children’s home. We already have a house in the capital city of Culiacán. The family living there has been building a team to minister in the migrant camps surrounding the area.

Over 250,000 field workers come from all over Mexico every year for nine months to harvest tomatoes, corn, and every kind of vegetable you can think of. The team’s goal is to share the Gospel and make disciples so that when these workers return to their homes we are sending out missionaries all over the country. We knew we wanted this work to continue, but we also wanted to begin rescuing children who had been abused or abandoned.

So we began sharing our vision and what God had put on our hearts and He began providing funding through various sources to buy land to build our children’s home. Through a series of miracles and sacrificial giving, we found we had enough money to be able to purchase property.

But then we couldn’t find the right piece of property. We would think we had found the perfect piece and for one reason or another, it would fall through. Usually when someone has a dream from God they have the property and they are praying for the money. But we have found ourselves in the opposite situation – we have the money and we are praying for the property.

And that is still where we are today. We are confident that God has called us to this important work. We are praying He will show us exactly what piece of property we should buy to begin making this dream a reality. And we are trusting that His timing is perfect.

Janelle Keller

Executive Director

Weekly Prayer & Praise - February 22, 2019

Thank you for praying. “Start each day with a grateful heart and do the kindest thing you
can do today and you will always be in the center of God’s will.”
This was the advice given to me by my mother when I was about 13.

riker_pereau grandchild.png


Urgent need for prayer: 
Our son Dana sends an update on baby Riker. “Things have taken a serious turn for baby Riker. Yesterday he suffered a seizure. Now the neurologists at CHOLA are being called in. He was clearly not himself, even crying uncontrollably, 'I want my daddy,'  as Nate, his father, was holding him. Imagine terrible two mixed with I'm not sure who or where I am.

We are extremely concerned, and Dr. Melissa Pereau is now involved in trying to bring in another pediatric neurologist who specializes in Sturge Weber Syndrome. Last night he cried and fussed for hours back and forth between Nate and Alexandra, his mother. It is now 6:30 Tuesday morning and it is finally quiet. 
Please add him to your prayer list.

corrine ehrick.png


, who once served as administrator to the Baja Mission
and a beloved friend of the ministry, is moving to hospice care.
Please pray for her and her family.

connard and deanna hoffman.png


We often receive delightful greetings from Deanna.
I thought the following was exceptional. 

There once was a man named Valentine,
Who challenged an edict in his time,
That forbade the marriage of soldier and bride.
For the Emperor feared that this would deride,
The ability of a man to fight without fear
To fight but with heart on the one He held dear.
So Valentine offered a solution to those,
A marriage in secret to those who chose,
To place their lives in The Hands of The Lord,
Choose marriage to bind with God’s strong cord!
For this Valentine was condemned to die,
The last note he wrote, said ” from your Valentine.”
So, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day,
I think of the love that prompted him to pray.
To God who is love in its purest form,
A love that goes far beyond the norm.
A love that so loved, God sent His Son Jesus to die,
Then rise again to sit at Father God’s right side!
Valentine knew the right thing to do,
He chose God’s way, even if his life he would lose!
Will I be like one named Valentine,
Who chose the right even though a crime?
Or will I go along with the flow,
In order to keep the friends that I now know?
Each new day God gives us a choice.
So, whom will you choose from heart and voice?
Joshua said” Choose you this day whom you will serve,
As for me and my house we will serve The Lord.”

missiom church_valentine's dinner.jpg


The Mission church hosted a dinner for couples in a restaurant in San Quintin. Almost 200 people attended. Daniel, a psychologist, and his wife, Alicia shared on the subject of “Eternal Love”. 

marilyn yeadon.png


Dave and Marilynn served on our board for a number of years. On St. Valentine’s Day, Marilynn graduated to glory with her loved ones surrounding her. There will be a memorial service on February 27th at 1pm at New Life Church in Everett, WA.

angel and ofelia estrella.png


Well done, good and faithful servants

Angel and Ofelia Estrella came from the state of Campeche and served as house parents for the teen boys in Baja. They left and then returned 3 ½ years later. Angel served as a mechanic and they resumed their task as house parents. They also cared for Jose Luis, a severely handicapped young man.

Angel & Ofelia will now be going back to their state
with a vision to open a home for students there.
Pray for them as they launch another ministry for young people.



map of oaxaca.png


There was a unanimous vote to support another Bible school graduate, Carlos Caballero and his fiancé, Rosa Carro. Oaxaca, Mexico has the greatest concentration of unreached ethnic groups in all the Americas. Fifty percent of all the homes still have dirt floors. Oaxaca’s people need Jesus Christ and Carlos is capable of evangelizing and church planting in this area.

Please pray for them.

lois & jack schofield.png


Lois is one of the most talented people I know. She does everything with perfection. I know you will want to hear this humble servant’s testimony. Lois and Jack are faithful volunteers for His Ministry and attend our Friday night prayer gathering. Your are also invited.

Lois will be our speaker Friday, March 1st at
Lutheran Church of the Cross at 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods.
Please RSVP to Linda at (949) 492-2200 by Wednesday, February 27th


A heartfelt congratulations to Barry and Debi on their marriage. Barry has been a faithful supporter and brought countless work groups to the Baja Mission.

Many families and communities in Sinaloa face daily challenges. The complicated economical, social and spiritual influences at play make radical changes in these areas a seemingly hopeless and desperate challenge. We have great faith that our Heavenly Father and His overwhelming love can transform lives completely. Foundation For His Ministry is there and ready to help prove it. Please pray for Sinaloa.


A mother’s prayers availeth much. The late Dr. Sylvestre shared:
El Chapo’s mother, a Pentecostal Christian, makes her monthly trip to southern Sinaloa’s Wellness Medical Center. There at the Seventh Day Adventist facility she spends five days fasting and praying for her son.”

Now that he has been sentenced to prison in the U.S. for life,
her prayers may be answered.



A reminder: Wednesday, February 27th the Canadian
and U.S. mailing will be done. Volunteers needed!

The mailing will be held at the Pereau’s residence in the rec. room at: 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, CA. If you need to be called into this gated community, please call the San Clemente office at (949) 492-2200.

Weekly Prayer & Praise - February 15, 2019

valentine's day banner.png


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving; we can’t commercialize gratitude. My second most favorite holiday is Valentines Day. Legend has it that Valentine was imprisoned for his faith in Jesus about 270 C.E. St. Valentine sent heart shaped notes to encourage believers. Legend has it that he prayed for his jailer’s daughter and she was miraculously healed. Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he was to be put to death.

We wish we could send you all a Valentine to thank you
from the bottom of our heart for your gift of prayers. 

ariana juarez.png


arianna juarez_hospital.png


Matt Juarez, who is the Chairman of our FFHM Board was called out of our board meeting to go home to Bend, OR. His 15-year-old daughter, Arianna, was having seizures. Epilepsy was ruled out.

Please pray that the root cause of these seizures
would be revealed and Arianna would be free.

Matt writes, “these convulsions could be from past trauma.”

janice flinn_fidora.png


Please continue to pray for Janice for a total recovery.

She had three fractures in her hip and leg.
Janice, a long time friend of the ministry is a like a daughter to Chuck and Charla.

jack & lois schofield.png


Jack and Lois faithful volunteers, have served sending Alternate Christmas for years. They’re part of our Friday night prayer group. We know you will be blessed by Lois’ testimony on Friday, March 1st at our monthly prayer dinner.

the langes.png


Ross Lange, Global Recordings, fell in the dark and fractured his shoulder. He is wearing a sling. Ross has been caring for Jan, his beloved wife for 33 years. Pray for strength for Krista, their daughter – she is now taking care of both of them, and for the healing of Ross’ shoulder. The Langes have been amazing intercessors for Foundation for His Ministry and other ministries.

grant and becky peterson.JPG


Grant and Becky were at the Baja Mission this week. On Tuesday night, their group hosted a lasagna dinner for our staff, children, Rancho de Cristo
and Bible Institute students to celebrate Valentine's Day.


On January 26, 2019, many people of the Oaxaca home's past and present joined together
to remember and rejoice in all of the marvelous things that God has done in and through Foundation for His Ministry'smission in Oaxaca, now celebrating its twentieth year.
The video is a bit long but perhaps you may wish to see it
and if you have visited Oaxaca, there will be familiar faces.

Weekly Prayer & Praise February 8, 2019

marilynn_dave botzenhardt.png


Praise report, answered prayer!

Pastor Mike Bayer reports, “David’s doctor on Tuesday said he is now cancer free. He had cancer in his lungs. Dave has been taking a cancer-fighting drug for a few months now that has a lot of promise for certain cancer patients. We thank God for His inspiration to those doing medical research and the advances we’ve seen. Hundreds maybe thousands have been praying for Dave. Several besides Dave have had or have a cancer diagnosis. I saw in the Spirit people standing for prayer and the congregation coming around them to pray and felt God would heal some. But here’s the thing about prayer for healing: it’s not one person or one time (usually). It’s a combination or culmination of prayer over time by many people. There is often a moment when it all drops out of heaven and healing is manifested. Every person who has prayed for Dave is in on this blessing Everyone had a part in this. Was it the meds or the prayer? Medication can help, but ONLY GOD can heal.

riker_pereaus great grandchild.png


An update on precious Riker: Riker has had many surgeries on his face to remove birth marks, which covered his face. He has very limited vision in one eye and during the last surgery pressures were improved. But he was so upset over the surgeons probing they were unable to complete their work, so he will go back in a couple of weeks and go under general anesthesia for more work.

jean darnell_magazine cover.png


Jean was a co-founder of His Ministry. There will be a celebration of Jean’s life and ministry held at Angelus Temple on March 15th at 11am. All are welcome. This picture appeared on the cover of a British magazine in January 1975. Jean was instrumental in the charismatic renewal in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland.



Our Friday night prayer group has been meeting since 1963.
It was instrumental in founding the Baja Mission.
The effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much.
Mike and Donna Cathey shared their gripping testimonies January 25, 2019.

The Catheys have been coming to the Baja Mission
for many years and sponsor Obdulia,

You too are invited to our Friday night prayer group. The address is 2355 Via Mariposa West #3H, Laguna Woods, CA at 6:30 pm. If you come from outside of Laguna Woods, we need to call your name into the gate keeper. Chuck Braun, one of our long time board members will share his testimony this week.

john culbert_sponsored children.png


John from Ireland made the long trip to come and see Dulce and Perla,
the girls he sponsors at the Baja mission! God is so good to our children.

You too can sponsor a child at one of our missions.
Call (949) 492-2200 and ask for Linda.

domi_pastor dave.png


Pastor David first met Domi at the Baja Mission Dorcas’ room (sewing room).
They were destined to marry. Pastor Dave and Domi recently visited the Baja Mission. Pastor Dave is in need of prayer. He has been ill and has had a series of diagnostic tests. Please pray for Dave.

oaxaca_laura rodriguez.png


Laura, administrator of the Oaxaca Mission, has had strep throat since
the middle of December. She has done various rounds of antibiotics
and nothing has worked. Please pray for her.

reuben wilson.png


Thank you all who came last Friday night to the prayer dinner. Noel Wilson led us in praise and worship. Our speaker was his brother, Reuben who gave us a message on prayer for family and loved ones. It was fitting that we prayed for each other.

2018_ffhm board.png


Our Board meeting is Saturday, February 9th.
Please pray that we will be in one accord and make wise decisions for FFHM.

February Newsletter - Founder’s Corner: An Unforgettable Trip

feb_founders corner.png

Twila Belk will write the sequel to Charla’s Children. There have been several attempts, but to no avail. Janelle and I took Twila to Oaxaca and Baja so she could experience the ministry. She interviewed a number of missionaries, including Juan Merino, who worked with John Moore.

This leather-skinned Trique man swung heavy sacks of pineapples on his back. Sweat soaked his torn shirt but at least he had work. (For three years, illness prevented him from supporting his family.) Juan followed the seasonal work: pineapples then tomatoes. Rumors told of work in Baja, so Juan and his family migrated there in 1981. They discovered a more bitter reality there: a tiny room for his family of ten that stunk of raw sewage and stale smoke.


Unattended, sickly children sat in the dirt. Juan had to accept what he could not change; he had no money to return to Oaxaca. They fought despair and both turned to alcohol and native witchcraft for escape.

Their son, Felix, came to visit from Tijuana. He spoke to them about God and His Son, Jesus, and their need to repent. He took his father to the Mission church and Juan and Maria were converted to Christianity.

Juan was given a job in the macadamia nut orchard where John Moore had covered the cost of five employees anonymously until he graduated to Heaven. “There he would eat of the Tree of Life in paradise.” Genesis 2:7

Please pray for Twila as she takes on this project.

It is a heart-wrenching story of faith in God and

miraculous answers to prayer.

Charla Pereau

Founding Director

February Newsletter - Come and See

Getting a front-row view to the workings and movements of God is one of those experiences that fills your spirit and gives you the hope that one needs to continue forward with confidence.

I see God working when the child who arrived at our home with a vocabulary smaller than his hands learns to speak in a safe space. I see it when children with heavy hearts learn to forgive the ones who were supposed to protect them and didn’t. I see God when families reunite and learn to live in the shared grace that Christ offers us.

I see God at work when we step outside of the walls of our home and boldly walk into the darkness, being faithful to an indigenous community, a restoring man, or even a prisoner who needs the gospel message. I see God working every single sunrise as this home stands tall.

Rachel Little

Oaxaca Groups Coordinator

February Newsletter - Serving Oaxaca for 20 years

feb_woman in oaxaca.png
feb_boy in oaxaca.png

This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our ministry in Oaxaca. The whole mission began with a vision to reach the unreached people in the mountains.

It is now a multi-faceted Mission with a children’s home, prison ministries, church and missionaries who live and minister to the indigenous people in the mountains.

God has worked and is working in amazing ways and we want Him to receive all the glory.

So I asked some of the staff in Oaxaca to share how they see God at work in the Mission and in their areas of ministry.

feb_two girls.png

This month we want to share some of these stories with you as we celebrate our anniversary.

Janelle Keller,

Executive Director

Weekly Prayer & Praise - February 1, 2019

reuben wilson.png


It is not too late to attend the monthly prayer group dinner at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA. Reverend Wilson will be speaking and his brother Noel Wilson will lead the singing.

baja_cheryl trevor.png



Cheryl Trevor is the administrator of the Baja Mission school. She writes: "God brought some amazing staff from Canada and the U.S. as part of our school team of teachers. They upgraded our library and dozens of children are reading before we ring the morning bell. We received twenty new children between 8 and 12, some who had never been to school before. They create a challenge for us but it is wonderful to see answered prayer for each. It has taken a lot of effort but the smiles on their faces when they can read are priceless. Our favorite field trip was going to the beach to discover what lives inside the tide pools. The children built sand castles and did a scavenger hunt. They discovered a real octopus. That was a great moment.

laguna woods_pat durkin_shirley harper_charla pereau_.png


Shirley Harper celebrated her 89th birthday! Shirley was an administrative assistant to the board, served for eight years when our office was in North Hollywood and one year after the BIG move to San Clemente. She served as a volunteer!

oaxaca_bob & roccio sundberg.png


jesus statue.png


Please pray for Bob Sundberg, our co-laborer in Christ. He will be traveling January 29th - February 7th to one of the groups of the unreached people of Oaxaca, the Chinantecos, Prisci and Cesiah are planting two churches in that region. They have problems with attacks and robberies in the nearby village.

Please pray for their protection.

baja_jill adams_tim smith.png


Jill and Tim will be married February 21st in San Diego in a small ceremony.
Pastor Keith Durkin will officiate at the wedding.

Congratulations and God’s blessing on this precious couple.

janice flinn_fidora.png


Janice sustained a serious fall this past week. She broke her hip and is hospitalized. Janice is like a daughter to the Pereaus and served FFHM as an administrative assistant and on the FFHM Board. She now serves at Saddleback Church.

george & lucy stand.png


Lucy is recovering from surgery. Lucy has been a very faithful volunteer
to our Canadian mailing. Please pray for her.



A memorial service was held at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA for Reverend Darnell, who founded our ministry in Mexico, FFHM. Jack Hayford and many notables participated. Jean traveled the world preaching the Gospel. Jean spent 25 years in England ministering in the Anglican Church and Hawaii at University of the Nations.