Weekly Prayer & Praise

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Chuck and I celebrated our 70th Anniversary on Sunday, July 21st.
We committed our lives to Jesus at young ages
and met at church as teenagers.

On Saturday, July 20th we were treated to a surprise Anniversary party hosted by our son-in-law and daughter and our son Dana.

As William Borden, heir to the Borden empire and pioneer missionary
on his way to China said, “no reserve, no retreat and no regrets.
Through it all, we’ve learned to trust in Jesus.

Thank you so very much for your cards and best wishes.
We love you all dearly.

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Our little great-grandson Riker, soon to be three years old, will undergo surgery, today, Friday July 26th. He has very limited vision and a birth mark which covers his face. Through surgical procedures, the birth mark has become less prominent, but he must remain inside his home in Whittier, CA.
He can’t have any sunlight. He is a delightful little fellow.



Reyna, 18 month old, encountered an injury and has a broken femur.
While preparing her for surgery she sustained a punctured lung
and is hospitalized in Ensenada, 110 miles north of the Baja Mission.
She is cared for by Sara Peterson and Jessica Brown.

Pray for this child who has special needs.

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Shirley has been transferred to a skilled nursing care facility.
Please pray for Shirley.
She was our administrative assistant and board secretary for years.

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Praise God, Oaxaca Administrator, Laurais recovering well from her tonsillectomy and she’ll return to the Mission very soon.

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Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. We have chosen several people to give testimonies at the monthly prayer and praise dinner at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. It will be held Friday, August 2nd at 6PM.

Please call by Wednesday, July 31 before noon
for reservations at (949) 492-2200.


A reminder, the mailing is July 31st at 7am. till we get finished.
It is held at the Pereau’s rec room, 2355 Via Mariposa West, Laguna Woods.For gate clearance, please call (949) 492-2200.

Weekly Prayer & Praise



Keith and Maya recently returned from a missionary trip to Morocco.
There were glorious reports of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.
All over the world the spirit is moving.
All over the world as the prophets said it would be…

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Dirk writes, “I, Dirk have been diagnosed with a rare and fast growing cancer
in the thyroid. The surgeon wants to do the surgery as soon as possible
and we just received a call that it will take place on July 31 and possibly
will take 7 to 8 hours to complete. The thyroid will need to be taken out
as well as the surrounding areas that have connection with the thyroid.
You will understand that this news hit us very hard, but we know
also that our life and future is in Gods almighty hand

Please pray for our precious servant Dirk,
who served at the Baja Mission for many years.

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Richard is now home in Laguna Woods after having successful brain surgery, which will extend his life. Now Rich will have radiation therapy.
His wife Judy has early onset Alzheimer’s.

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Faithful volunteers Jack and Lois must sell their lovely home at Mt. Herman, CA. pray for it to sell quickly. Jack is undergoing successful cancer treatment. The Schofields’ are part of our Friday night prayer gathering.

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Maria celebrated her birthday in June. She thanks the Lord
for 41 years of receiving His love, shelter and sustenance,
and 29 years of receiving his Word, faith and peace.

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Congratulations are due. The children of our Oasis school in Oaxaca performed the play The Pilgrim’s Progress. They read the classic allegory over the course of two months and later prepared a play. It will long be remembered.



A graduate from our Bible Institute needs your prayers.
Modesto, who has little to no vision, has had pain in one eye.
He had two consultations with different ophthalmologists,
and they have said nothing can be done. But God specializes in miracles!

Please pray for Modesto.

Weekly Prayer & Praise

We can see in the distance and close up, the many firework displays from our manor. I was showered with precious greeting cards from family and loved ones. How can I say thank you to one and all? Family and friends visited me. I spent the following day praying for you all. I am so blessed.

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!" Psalm 34:8

Thank you for praying! Sam’s presentation was absolutely phenomenal and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Sam has ceased all chemo and radiation treatments. The doctor said, "it was not doing any good.”
Please pray for him.

We have scheduled Sam for Friday, December. 6th
for the prayer group dinner and Christmas concert.

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Laura, Oaxaca Mission administrator, is recovering from a tonsillectomy. Please pray for a speedy and miraculous recovery.
She had her surgery on Thursday, July 11th.

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Pastor Pedro was in a bad car accident a few days ago. He is a former Bible Institute student ministering in the mountains of Oaxaca. Pedro is in a hospital in Juxtlahuaca and his friends and family are asking for our prayers.

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Carolyn, pictured overlooking the Oaxaca Mission, had a serious fall. She had a concussion and broke both wrists. She has casts on both arms and is presently in a rehabilitation center. Please pray for a miraculous recovery.

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Bill and Kay Lawrence served our mission from 1970 to 1978. Then they purchased Rancho Santa Marta, 50 miles north of the mission where they built a school for children who had learning disabilities. Each year they host a vocational camp to teach the children a trade.


Congratulations to our graduates from Elementary,
Junior High and High School who graduated this year.
The party was hosted at our beach house in Costa Brava.


Eva was recently widowed. She served at the Baja Mission for many years as outreach supervisor, housemother, and faithful supporter.

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Weekly Prayer & Praise

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During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain in 1776 on July 4th came when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence.

Charla was born on the Fourth of July in Detroit, Michigan.
Eastwood Park celebrated with a fireworks show which we watched from the roof of our home. I didn’t know that they were celebrating the Fourth of July until about age seven. My father told me they were celebrating my birthday!

Happy Fourth of July to you and yours.

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We will celebrate the Fourth of July on the 5th.
A special surprise awaits, Sam Parsons will be ministering in concert
and a great time will be had by all. The dinner is at 6 PM at the Lutheran Church of the Cross, 24231 El Toro, Laguna Woods.

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Richard is having surgery sometime this week.
The tentative diagnosis is that it’s a glioblastoma tumor in his right brain
lobe and may be cancerous. Recovery after surgery is about
two weeks, and then he will need chemo and radiation for six weeks.

Pray for healing and his wife, Judy.

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Mabel is celebrating her 100th year. Mabel, a precious saint
will soon be going home. She walks through the valley
of the shadow of death and fears no evil, for the Lord is with her.



Thank God in the past we have been able to distribute hundreds of wheelchairs and diapers to individuals with disabilities in the Baja mission. We are praying about passing this ministry onto another like ministry. “Grant us wisdom.”



Mario, Graciela, Ludy, and Loula in a state wide evangelistic
crusade in Peru. Sixty thousand people attended the last night’s event.

Pray many will find their way to a local church
and the evangelistic movement will continue.

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After retiring from 27 years at the Veteran’s Administration, Shirley
served as my personal administrative assistant and secretary to the Board.
Later, she moved to Laguna Woods. She then served at the American Legion as secretary and leading the singing. Shirley now lives at Villa Valencia Retirement Home. Pray for Shirley. She has become a recluse.





Celebrating the graduation of four students.
We thank God and you, our faithful donors, for making this a possibility.

Impact One Life - Become a Sponsor

Each of the children and teenagers entrusted into our care in Baja, Oaxaca and Tijuana are truly precious gifts of God. All the houseparents and staff do their best to care for them, nurture them and raise them into disciples of Jesus. But there is another group of people who play a vital role in their development and growth – their sponsors. 

Obviously, the financial investment of $30 a month is important as money is an essential part of raising children. But the most important part of sponsorship is the relational and spiritual investment made by the sponsors. These are children who have been abandoned by a parent and the fact that someone chooses them through sponsorship is an important part of their healing.

When I was serving in Oaxaca, I quickly realized that these sponsors that the children call “Tio” and “Tia” are truly family to the children. They had pictures of their sponsors carefully preserved in photo albums or hung on their wall next to their beds. They frequently asked for prayer for their sponsors. And at our annual graduation party the graduates would always mention their sponsors when they gave their speeches of gratitude. 

If you would like to play this significant role in the life of a child go to: www.ffhm.org/sponsorships or call Linda in the US office at (949) 492-2200.

By Janelle Keller, Executive Director

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Congratulations Marisol

Marisol .jpg

I was born October 11, 1995 in San Quintin, Baja California. When I was ten years old both of my parents got sick, and everything in my life changed. When I was 13 I went to live at the children’s home in Vicente Guerrero. Seven months later, my mother passed away and then a few months after that my dad passed away too. My only hope of a future was at the children’s home, so I stayed there.  
Over the last nine years, I have realized that my life has been extremely different from what a “normal” child’s life should be. In time I have come to love my time growing up in the children’s home. I have experienced blessing upon blessing.  
In arriving at the TJ House, the blessings have continued. I have studied marketing and will finish my academic studies in June. At the TJ House I have come to know people with great hearts and have made good friends. The TJ House is my favorite place. It is my place of peace and I feel safe when I am there. 

I will miss this home: the carne asada and volley ball on Saturdays, our obstacle courses in the yard, playing games and singing karaoke. I will miss going to church together and coming downstairs for pizza. I will miss each of the people I live with and this house, which is full of joy and fun.  

I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry for what they have provided in my life and the opportunities I have received through them.

Marisol Cervantes

Oaxaca, Land of Intrigue

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In a southern state of Mexico lies a rugged land full of diversity and contrast. It’s made up of over 157 spoken languages, cultures, and ethnic groups. Many of these groups still do not know Jesus Christ; many have no one to tell them. 

Bob Sundberg assessed the situation and gave thousands of hours to the task. He drove to the remote areas, and when he could no longer drive, he walked. Bob ate what he was served, often resulting in food poisoning. 

He came from Detroit, also the place I was born, and miraculously has survived three liver transplants. His courage and determination are legendary. He is my modern day hero. Our adopted son Charles Curtis, also came from Oaxaca. We have had the special privilege of working side by side with Bob.

I walked the mountain side and found a little home, where hollyhocks grew by the door. Hollyhocks grew in our backyard in Detroit. I admired the lovely blossoms and was invited into this humble home. I prayed for my precious new friends in a foreign land, in a foreign culture.

oaxaca_yadira_esteban_oaxaca article.png

Esteban and Yadira (pictured above) also ministered in Oaxaca where there were no known believers. They poured out their lives to establish a church in the remote village of Santa Maria. They now oversee our outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of our
missionaries serving in Oaxaca.

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director