Weekly Prayer & Praise





Praise God a team was sent south to Bahia- El Barril.
Pastor Mario and Graciela Cordoba led the team.
There were great opportunities for ministry, preaching and teaching.
Rejoice that many came to the Lord and professed Jesus as Savior



Chava played his guitar and sang in the church Sunday night. I experienced a great reunion with this family who have served for generations.

baja_reyes family.png


Eva and Victor and their six year old daughter Emily serve as
house parents in Baja for young boys. They came from the State of Sonora
six months ago and had served with the Assemblies of God.
They now have a new ministry, loving these children
that have been entrusted to them for this time.

Please pray for wisdom and understanding.


Ruben and Linda Perez were visitors to our Baja Mission,
they had a special birthday cake and celebration for one
of their sponsored children, Axel, 6 years old.

baja_vega family.png


Can you imagine a house filled with teen age boys? This precious family have taken on that task. Joel and Yolanda with their two sons, Jonathan, 8 years old and Antonio, 4 years old. This couple also came from Sonora.

sam parsons.png


Our beloved troubadour Sam, who has a ministry throughout Orange County singing at retirement homes, praying for each individual, writes:
I am now on oxygen 24/7. The cancer in my lungs and pancreas
is spreading but I’m still trusting God!!!


greg_jan rush.png


Update on Jan, Pastor Greg's wife: Jan underwent five hours of surgery last week. It went well. She then got a blood transfusion to prepare her for the next rounds of chemo. She looks great and is walking more.

Please pray.

baja_charla with three girls.png


Your old men shall dream dreams And on my menservants and on my maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.” Acts 2:17-18.

I had a very troubling dream of three little girls and somehow,
they were related to Pastor Keith and Maya Durkin. I shared the
troubling dream with the Durkins and long story made short,
the three little girls are now safe and secure living at the Baja Mission.

wilson brothers_reuben_noel.png

NOEL WILSON                                         REUBEN WILSON 

Don’t forget to make your reservations for the prayer group dinner Friday night, June 7 at the Lutheran Church of the Cross at 6pm  Reuben will be speaking and Noel at the piano. You won’t want to miss this special occasion.

Call Linda (949) 492-2200 to make reservations.


Judy, Pastor Mike's wife, is recovering from gall bladder surgery.
Pray for these precious pastors.

Weekly Prayer & Praise

2019_national day of prayer.jpg


Many across the nation participated in the National Day of Prayer. The theme was Love One Another. This is a moment in American history when the church must rise as one to cry to God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
If love is to begin to take place across America, it must begin with us:
Love One Another! Every day should be a National Day of Prayer.

pastor mike bayer_janelle keller.png


Thank you, Pastor Mike Bayer and Janelle Keller,
for ministering to those gathered at the Prayer Dinner this
past weekend, and leading us in song. A blessed time was had by all.


Children’s Day was celebrated in Mexico by these little ones, giving glory to God. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matt. 19:14

The church at the Baja Mission was filled to capacity
with little ones hearing the Gospel. Thank you, Jesus.



Answered Prayer: On March 30, Samuel came into the world at 10:46 PM.
It took a medical team 6 minutes to resuscitate him. Samuel’s prognosis was not good. They arranged for a team of specialists to come to Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario; It looked like Samuel might not survive.
The pastor and his wife were there praying for a miracle. (Samuel was also on our prayer and praise letter.) On this one- month anniversary since Samuel’s birth, he woke up at home, whimpering to be fed. What a miracle!

baja_teen boys.png


 Praise God our teen-age boys were able to attend Agua Viva
(Living Water) camp. Thank you for all who furnished camperships.
Another children’s camp will be held this summer.
Camperships are still needed for a life changing transformation.


A prayer request from Graciela while she was on a Baja outreach in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The theme we spoke on with the women was inner healing and the value of a woman. Two women were healed from wounds of their past through forgiveness. The surprising thing is what human beings are capable of doing when they are far from God. The stories that I heard there I have only seen on television. The need for God is very great. We need to call out to God for the salvation of these people. They are living an empty life with much sadness and darkness. What an opportunity to present to the children a different life in Christ Jesus!

Abel, Salvador, Raul and Mario were sharing every night the word of love and salvation that God has for men. I had the opportunity to pray for a field worker in that place, a man drowning in alcohol. We pray that God makes a total change. There the people live in laminate houses that are extremely hot and of course the mosquitos were ready to eat our blood and leave us their poison. Our niece Eveling was not doing well because of these bites. She had a high fever and her feet were swollen. Mario took her to a doctor because of the seriousness of her physical state. We were happy to take the Good News to this place.”

bible institute_juventino.png


Carlos Quijada, Bible Institute Director, writes about one of his students, Juventino from Santiago Jocotepec Choapan.

 “I am writing about him because of his desire to know God better. He took a four day bus ride without a bathroom, without air conditioning, without a seat; just a blanket to lay down in the aisle so that he could rest a little. He traveled for more than 3,000 kilometers in these conditions. What made Juventino decide to come to the Bible Institute? It was the fact that when he came to know Jesus as his Savior, his desire was to know Him better.”

oaxaa_laura rodriguez.png


Laura, administrator from Oaxaca writes, “My doctor thinks
I need a tonsillectomy, and referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon
seemed to think a tonsillectomy is the best option too, however
he did his due diligence in making sure I know how difficult and painful
this will be. But when I think of the alternative, this constant discomfort
and complications, I am hoping a few weeks of pain is temporary
and worth it. So, my appointment is scheduled for July 11th

Please be in prayer for Laura’s surgery.

jo herendeen.png


Our beloved friend, Jo, missionary to Ensenada, Mexico needs prayer. Jo spent three days in intensive care with an acute kidney infection and has been transferred to a rehabilitation center. Please pray for Jo.

riker_pereau great grandhild.png


Riker, Chuck and Charla Pereau’s great grandson, 2 ½ years old,
will undergo another surgery on Friday, May 10 for his eyes.
This little one has suffered so much pain. Please pray. 

May Newsletter - TJ House: Thriving Community of Students

may - tj house.png

The TJ House is alive and active this spring! We see the hand of God working in each area of the TJ House: the hearts of our students, construction projects, and our graduated student community.

As our students navigate college life, we are so thankful to see them coming into their own, serving in their community and growing into incredible, followers of Christ. The Lord is refining the gifts and talents each of our students have as they peruse their academic careers and achieve their goals.

may_tj house_runners.png

Two of our students recently raced in a 6K in San Quintin with a handful of other students from the children’s home in Vicente Guerrero. Other students have been serving alongside Keith and Maya Durkin in the Red-light District of Tijuana called Zona Norte.

While more students are serving with our local church, Iglesia Ancla. We are so encouraged to see the student’s faith worked in good deeds throughout our city.

Our TJ House seems to be under a constant state of construction. After our big remodel we have continually had maintenance projects going on to

improve or beautify the grounds.

We are thankful to be in the midst of reroofing the entire house, and are grateful to those of you who continue to give, helping to keep us dry through the rainy season.

Finally, we are grateful for a growing TJ House community as students who have graduated in recent years continue to be a part of our lives. Recent graduates continue to visit us on a weekly basis, go to church with us and still come to the house for birthday parties and holidays. We are grateful to see the Lord continuing to work in their lives as they persue their professional careers, marry, and have babies.

This work God is doing is an extension of faithful givers and sponsors.

Andrea Bolaños
TJ Houseparent

May Newsletter - Oaxaca: Provision and Favor

oaxaca_provision and favor.png

With a rough start, and each new day seeming to bring more hard news, this month of the year felt so long. But there were also special times and ways we saw God working all things, even the challenging ones, for our good.

We have been dealing with many illnesses among the staff, as well as family of the staff (several family members requiring trips to the hospital and emergency surgeries). Staff have been visiting the doctor this month with fevers, pain, and infections. And I have been experiencing throat issues which appears to be problems with small holes in my tonsils that get easily infected; I may need to get my tonsils removed soon.

One of the biggest events for the mission this month was a visit from the wife of the governor of Oaxaca, Ivette Morán (pictured above wearing white with Laura wearing black), de Murat. She is the honorary president of social services (DIF) in Oaxaca and came accompanied by many members of DIF and the state government. We received a few days notice before her visit, so all the children were able to be here, and Edgar gave her a tour of the home. She seems to be a genuinely kind and caring person and we enjoyed her visit.

Miguel Angel is a psychologist who comes to meet with some of our children. His uncle is now the mayor of Tlacolula. Miguel was able to help us

present a request to the governor’s wife for the paving of the road that runs from the highway to our front gate. The response has been swift, and plans are in motion to get that done as soon as possible – so that is exciting.

Another special highlight for me this month was being able to attend the Oaxaca Women’s Retreat with two other ladies from our staff (Anita – kitchen supervisor and Abby – principal of Oasis). One of my main takeaways from that retreat was that just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it is not for our benefit. I’m so thankful for the reminder that God still acts and moves even when it is hard for us to perceive it. That helped me a great deal during this challenging month and continues to be an encouragement. Thank you for your prayerful support.

Laura Rodriguez
Oaxaca Mission

BECAUSE OF THE INCREASING scope of the ministry in Oaxaca and because of new requirements by the Mexican govern ment, we have to purchase a new electric transformer for the Mission. This new transformer will allow us to handle the electric needs of the Mission and dream about expansion in the future. We still need $10,000 for the transformer.

May Newsletter - Gratitude

I just returned from a 12-day speaking trip in Oregon and Washington. I love these trips because I get to meet and connect with some of the amazing people who are a part of our team through financial support, volunteering and sponsorship.

I love when I hear a pastor tell their congregation “we have a ministry in Mexico.” They understand that we are all working together, doing our part to expand the Kingdom of God in Mexico.

Another highlight of these trips is telling stories repeatedly about what God is doing in Mexico.

This turns into a spiritual exercise of gratitude that is good for my soul and gives me motivation to continue.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

We also hear these stories each month when each of our locations turns in a monthly report to the Board of Directors. In this newsletter I want to share the latest submissions from these reports of some of our leaders so you can hear their hearts and get a glimpse of God’s work.

Janelle Keller,
Executive Director

May 11, 2018


Bob was a bridge builder, a volunteer, a good and faithful servant of his Lord Jesus Christ. Chuck and I met Bob and Marie Southard in 1973. Pastor Gordon Shira introduced us and we became the best of friends. 

Bob organized the first work groups from Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, Illinois. He arranged speaking engagements throughout Illinois and then chauffeured me from church to church.

Bob was a salesman for Allis Chalmers, a manufacturer of pumps. He arrived at the Mission and found the pump in our well broken. He prayed and somehow managed to repair it. 

Bob made many harrowing trips with Chuck in the big truck to Mexico. On one occasion they were carrying a huge water tank; but driving in the mountains, the wedges came loose and
the tank rolled from side to side. Both men were white
as ghosts when they reached the Baja Mission. 

You too can be a bridge builder, a volunteer for Jesus, tried and true.

Others have been enlisted, 
why not you?

The Bridge Builder
By Will Allen Dromgoole

An old man, going a lone highway, Came at the evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm, vast and deep and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The sullen stream held no fears for him; But he turned when safe on the other side  And built a bridge to span the tide.

"Old man." said a fellow pilgrim near, 
"You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day; You never again will pass this way; You've crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build you the bridge at the even tide?"

The builder lifted his old gray head:"Good friend, in the path I have come," he said, "There follows after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been naught to me, To that fair-haired youth  may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!

colleen parsons_article & photo.png

Many of you prayed. Today, we received the heartbreaking news that Colleen,
beloved wife of Sam, has passed away.

Please pray for strength for Sam and family. 

baja_nathan adams.png
baja_glenn almarez.png


What do these two have in common? They both have Hepatitis C.

Nathan will hopefully be treated in Ensenada in the coming weeks
and your prayers will make the difference in a full recovery.

Hopefully Glenn will be scheduled soon. 

riker pereau.png


Little baby Riker, Dana pereau's grandson, was hospitalized this week at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He requires multiple surgeries on his eyes and face.

Please pray for this precious little one.



amelia pereau_certificate.png


Amelia, Dana’s granddaughter, has completed her cancer treatment from Seattle Children’s Hospital. 

everett wilson.png


Everett Wilson is now going through volumes of history related to the sequel to Charla’s Children. Please keep him in your prayers. Everett now has a full time caregiver for his beloved wife Lois, and can devote his full attention to the book.

Please pray. 

the little lost pup.png


Pray that prison doors will be open as our precious minister of the Gospel will be going Saturday morning, May 19th, to the Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Nashville, TN. He will distribute copies of the Little Lost Pup in that institution.

Please pray that the books will be given to inmates
and they will be receptive to the Gospel.   



Mark is a new man in Christ and will be released from Corcoran State Prison in California to Teen Challenge in Orange County on Thursday, May 17th.
He has been incarcerated for eight years.

Carolyn Libby and Charla will take him from the prison to Teen Challenge. 

oaxaca_embroidery workshop.png


Teresa has an embroidery workshop in a prison at Rio de Hielo, Oaxaca

May 4, 2018

colleen parsons.png


Sam Parsons ministers to nursing homes in South Orange County. He is a beloved friend and frequently ministers at our Friday night monthly prayer group dinner.

Last week, he and his wife, Colleen, went on vacation to see family in Texas. Colleen became critically ill and was hospitalized in grave condition. She needs a miracle.

An update from her CaringBridge page: All her numbers are slowly moving in the right direction. The antibiotics are bringing her infection numbers down and her oxygen levels are good enough that they are beginning to back off her ventilator - hoping they can remove it in the next few days. 

Please pray for increased circulation to her legs as they have beenseverely affected.

You can follow her progress and offer support for Colleen and family at the following link:

Please pray for strength for Sam. He is too tired to sleep. 

stephen ashby.png


Please pray for Stephen Ashby, our beloved friend, who is studying for the Lutheran Ministry. He is facing finals, like many other students this season. Chuck and I met Stephen a few years ago. To know him is to love him. He is very conscientious.
His daily Homilies are on hold during this season. 

everett wilson.png


The sequel to Charla’s Children is in  process!

Please continue to pray that Everett Wilson and I will be able to transcribe the many stories or events that will be presented in the book. It is our hope that we will be able to go back to the many supernatural events throughout Chuck’s and my life.   

elanor_gerald goolkasian.png


Eleanor Lugo served in our medical center for years and is married to a Bible Institute student. They are pastoring a local church in the Baja.

Eleanor asks, “Will you please pray for my Dad, Gerald Goolkasian? He fell again and has three fractured ribs with demineralization in more. He's being transferred from our local hospital to Mass General which makes visitation and taking care of mom more challenging for my siblings. We also need to pray for his salvation.” 

2018_children's day_eating.png
2018_children's day_game.png


Once again, we hosted 750 children in our church with festivities following.
Mexico celebrates Children's Day on April 30th.

Praise God, another opportunity to touch His little ones for Christ. 

hans_nancy benning.png


We wish Hans and Nancy Benning a Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary. 
They celebrated on May 3rd.    

Volumes could be written about this couple who have literally poured out their lives for others, and  have given sacrificially; 42 years of their married life to His Ministry

jorge diaz_ordination.png


We congratulate Jorge Diaz on his recent ordination
at a Baptist church in Artesia, CA.

Jorge was one of the first children interned
in the home in Baja in the 60s.

We praise and thank God for his life.

A Tribute to our Housemothers


In both Baja and Oaxaca there are a set of women who are heroes to us all – the housemothers. 

They take abandoned and abused children with deep spiritual and emotional wounds and they love them as if they were their own children. 

These women create safe homes and create beautiful memories for their families. They pray with the children for their needs, cry with them over their pain, and rejoice with them in their victories. 

Please join us in celebrating and praying for these amazing women as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month. 

Graduate Gives Back - Yulissa Brought to the Home at age Three

tj house_yulissa.png

Over the next several months we want to share the stories with you of our graduating university students. We are so proud of them and we want to share with you the amazing ways God is at work:  I arrived at the children’s home in Baja when I was three years old. I grew and met incredible people: people full of love for their job and for Jesus. 

These people loved me and taught me my value, my gifts, my talents, and most of all, the love of God.
Today, thanks to their time invested in me, I am who I am.

Now I am studying languages with the goal of teaching
English as a second language. 

I am also studying French and Mexican Sign Language. I hope to continue studying Sign Language and be an interpreter one day.

This spring I will graduate from the university, and I will miss a lot of things about the TJ House. I will miss knowing that when I get home there will be someone to chat with, eat with,
and spend time as a family with. 

I’ll miss playing soccer and volleyball, going to the beach, and getting ice cream. But I also know that I am part of a family that loves me and accepts me just how I am.

After I graduate this May I plan on staying in Tijuana and finding a job as a teacher while I also look for opportunities to use my sign language, continue going to church, and serving my community in any way I can. 
I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry and all the people who have helped to give me the incredible opportunities I have been blessed with. 

I’m so thankful.

tj house_students_houseparents.png

Bringing Hope to Oaxaca

Come and see.”  Oaxaca already is an amazing corner of this world, and it’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit has been working and moving in the Mission here over the past year. Under the leadership and direction of our pastor, Edgar Rivera Aguilar, we are experiencing spiritual healing and growth in the lives of the children and staff, along with members
of the community who have begun congregating with us. 

oaxaca_boy with hat.png
oaxaca_girl eating snacks.png

I personally feel flooded with gratitude when I look around
to see the people I serve alongside with their hands raised
in worship and adoration to our Lord. 

Joy springs up in my heart to witness children and youth feeling the freedom to dance before the King. Truth is being spoken in love, deep wounds are beginning to heal, and relationships are slowly being restored. We hear reports of how God is working through
outreach efforts as well. 

oaxaca_children praying.png

We have discovered new ways to share God’s bounty with those in need around us, through supplying rehabilitation centers and local Bible schools with food staples that they sorely lack. God has produced blessings from the earthquakes last September, opening up connections with new communities from the valley to the isthmus,
and even in Chiapas. 

The mountain missionaries continue to enter new communities with their ministry teams. They join us once a month so we can
learn more about them, the work they are doing,
and the ways they see God moving. 

oaxaca_children outside.png

And the teenagers here are shining so brightly that other churches are beginning to invite them to their events, in an effort to inspire
their own youth. God truly works in wonderful ways. 

One of our staff members often says, “We are not a children’s home. We are a family.” As with many families, life is not all sunshine and roses. 

We continue to have struggles, misunderstandings, and disappointments. But this family has an amazing Father
who unites us and we are eternally grateful for His mercy and grace,
and for the ways He is moving among us, even now.