September 2018

Weekly Prayer & Praise Newsletter

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Chuck and Charla will be ministering at the monthly dinner on October 5th. There are some stories that have been seldom told; “Chasing the Ice Cream Man”, “All God’s Children Got Shoes” and others. Chuck will be ministering in song.

Please make reservations by calling Linda at (949) 492-2200
by noon on WednesdayOctober 3rd.



Glenda Mira from the Oaxaca Mission writes: We give thanks to God for this new school year that He allows us to begin, with new challenges, new children, and new needs among these little ones. We think that we will have fewer children this cycle because several children finished last year. For this cycle, we have around 30 children, preschool and elementary aged. May God provide us with the materials and everything we need to give quality attention to these little ones and, above all, may their lives be blessed and changed by the word of God and the knowledge.

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Daycare children in Baja, celebrating Independence Day.    



We are so blessed to have Elaine Croft as our Art Instructor in Oaxaca.

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new daycare center will soon be open in San Quintin. Praise God that for 52 years we have maintained an excellent reputation in Baja and beyond.
DIF, Mexican social services, has asked us to open up a daycare center
without any restrictions. We can share the Gospel with His little ones without censorship. The buildings built by DIF are near completion.

Thank you God for another opportunity to make disciples of Christ.

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It is easy to get caught up in the never ending to do list, since it is in the service of the Kingdom. Often we are spending ourselves to the point of exhaustion, often we think everything depends on us.

Pray our Mission staff will take time to be still with God,
hear from Him and recognized that He is in control.


We are so thankful for our new Bible students. Please keep them in prayer.


Another beautiful team will be traveling to Oaxaca for an evangelistic outreach to the mountains and beyond. Please pray for much fruit.  

We’ll be sharing this picture until they return as a reminder.


Charla Pereau

Back to School

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Summer is over and our kids in Baja and Oaxaca have headed back to school. We believe
education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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We also believe having children in school all day is an amazing opportunity to truly disciple
them and help them view the world from Christ’s perspective. Because of these beliefs we put an
emphasis on providing a qualityChristian education.

Please pray for Cheryl Trevor in Baja and Abby Martin in Oaxaca as they lead the schools.

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When Children Pray

A sixteen year old boy had been shot in the head and left for dead on the near-by beach. He was taken to Buen Pastor, the hospital in San Quintin. Miraculously he lived, but was left blind. He was sent to the Mission and was eventually able to push a broom, sweeping our many walkways.

His name was Lucio, which means light. One of the little children said, “With a name like light he should not be blind.” Frequently the children prayed for Lucio and then one day it happened. Lucio bent down and swept up trash into a dust pan. The children ran to the administrator and said, “Lucio sees!” It was true. God had miraculously restored his vision. He proclaimed, “I was blind, but now I see.” Later Lucio returned to Capala, Oaxaca, to preach the Gospel. He was later martyred.


There have been numerous other occasions when there has been a revival among our children. Sonya Bertelsen and Corrine Ehrick reported there has been an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our children. There has been healings, repentance, confession of sin; restoration of relationships and forgiveness with weeping.

The joy of the Lord had fallen on these children. The revival lasted several days. In 1982, giving was at an all time low. Our children, from their meager resources, gave all they had.

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Jill Adams, our Baja adminstrator’s adopted son, Nathan, is in need of prayer. He was diagnosed at birth as having Hepatitis C. Now at age seven, he has severe liver damage, but he is not a candidate for special treatment until age 12.

Our children at the Mission have faith to believe for a miracle. And Nathan needs one. Will you join us in praying for Nathan?

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director

Group Travels to Madrid, Spain

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A small group from the Baja Mission Church took a trip to Madrid, Spain, this year.

We are grateful for all the support we received to be able to put together a camp for children in Madrid, Spain. It was a very blessed time. The children were very happy and participated in all the activities.

Despite being asked specifically not to speak about Christ, we looked for a way to do it and on the last day we shared the Gospel.

We prayed for every one of the children and strongly felt the presence of God.

We had 90 children attend including Muslims, Moroccans, and Spanish people; 52 of them heard the Gospel for the first time.

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My job was primarily in the area of coordination and training for the camp, but I did have the privilege of ministering to these little ones.

The church in Madrid invited us to do a camp next year, but this time not only for the children but also for teenagers.

By Lula Hernandez