Bringing Light into Darkness

Hugo and Lizette serve in a suburb of Culiacan, Sinaloa. They minister in the migrant laborers’ camps, which surround the city. 

If you want to reach all of Mexico for Christ, Sinaloa is the place to serve. Laborers come from every state to work in this coastal, fertile valley. 
But it’s the drug capital of Mexico and possibly the world.

We have felt strongly led to establish an orphanage for the countless children left orphaned in the Southern part of the state. 

Through generous donors, God provided the funds to purchase property. But it wasn’t to be had as there were disputes among the sellers. So we are waiting and trusting for God’s timing. 

We want to have a beautiful property that will bring peace and healing to the lives of children who have experienced violence and abuse. And we want a property located near migrant camps so we can continue the work of reaching the lost in this area.


Our children receive a Christ-centered education. As we mentioned in our June newsletter, ACE and AMO curriculums are used. Aida Carrasco and our children were invited to the community of Tlacochahuaya to present the Pinocho (Pinocchio) puppet show.
Even though they couldn’t openly evangelize in the public school, they were able to share biblical principles of obedience, honoring parents, integrity and always speaking the truth.

How has so much been done with so little? The answer…volunteers

How has so much been done with so little? The answer…volunteers

Dirk Kos, who has a great vision for our ministry to those with special needs writes: “I have many tasks consisting of wheelchair repairs, overhauling of electric wheelchair control, fixing the ever-returning flat tires and rusted solid brake cables of the orphanage bikes, but a special opportunity crossed my path.