June 1, 2018

memorial day_marines.png


Hope your Memorial Day celebration was a blessed event and as inspiring as ours. There were traditional flag celebrations, honor was given to our veterans in all branches of service. A Korean gave a testimony of how they live in freedom, prosperity and are part of the world’s largest church congregation. Tearfully the man described how an American GI died at his door, laying down his life for others.

May God bless America!

sam parsons.png


Pastor Sam Parsons will be ministering at our monthly prayer group gathering tonight. Sam was recently bereaved by the loss of Colleen, his dear wife.

Sam, one of the famous Four Lads, now ministers in over 40 nursing homes in South Orange County, sharing the Gospel. He has no regular income but sends a monthly newsletter telling of his divine encounters with the sick and aged.


In July and August there will be no monthly prayer group dinners. I will be concentrating on writing the sequel to Charla’s Children.

Please pray for this ambitious undertaking. 

baja_rafael lopez.png


Rafael Lopez, one of our bus drivers for the Disabled Children's Learning Center, picked up children every morning to bring to the Baja Mission.

The children are grieving his loss and don’t understand why he was taken so quickly.
Rafa drove the bus until the very end.

Pray for the children’s consolation.

baja_dclc_boat ride.png


Dirk and Mary Kos launched an annual trip to Ensenada. The tradition is carried on. Most of the disabled have never been on a trip to Ensenada,
have never been on a boat or even a pier.

Thank you for providing for this wonderful outing.