Oaxaca TJ House Trip


Dear Foundation for His Ministry and Camano Chapel,

My name is Franco Vazquez and I am 18 years old. I want to thank you all for making our missions trip to the Oaxaca Mission possible and praying for us while we were gone.

I am so thankful that I received the blessing of going to Oaxaca. It blessed my life in so many ways. I learned many new things and experienced things I never thought I would.

I grew up at the children’s home in Baja, where missions teams would visit and help for a week. Those missions teams were always working and giving and being a blessing to people. This Oaxaca trip let me be the giver, the worker, the one blessing.

On our trip we visited the city of Huajuapan to help a missionary family. We were able to help them clean up their little facility, paint and fix up their little school. 

In Huajuapan I learned about thankfulness and being grateful for all that we have. I also really saw people who believe that God is always with them, no matter how little they have.

Around the children’s home we served by washing dishes, mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. 

But what I loved the most and learned from the most was taking care of the little boys and spending time with the youth. The kids at the home are so kind to one another and really accept each other as family.

We also visited the women’s prison which really ministered to me. Seeing how the women have faith in God, even while they aren’t free and their lives have been and are so hard. It is impressive.

oaxaca_building with students.png

Finally, but not most important, we were able to visit and tour the city of Oaxaca. Oaxaca has a rich, artistic culture. 

We visited the ruins of Monte Alban, the weavers in Teotitlan, and the black pottery of San Cristobal. Oaxaca is a beautiful city.

Thank you again so much for your support, and making this trip possible for me. I am so thankful for what God did in each area and part of this trip. This trip blessed my life.

Thank you, 

Franco Vazquez

Missionary Spotlight: Maria Villa Pablo


We support eight missionaries who are serving and ministering in the mountains of Oaxaca among people who have still not heard the Gospel. Over the next several months we want to use the newsletter to introduce you to these amazing people so you can be praying for them: 

My name is Maria de Jesus Villa Pablo. I am 40 years old and for me it is truly a delight to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as a missionary in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca. 

I come from a family who was affected by alcoholism. My mother raised four daughters and one son alone; I am the second daughter of five children. Because of a great need of food and care we ended up at FFHM in Vicente Guerrero in 1980. 

They took care of me and two of my siblings. Later, after one year and seven months, my mother came for us and took us to Yucuyi in Oaxaca, which is the town where I was born. I grew up there together with my sisters and my brother surrounded by violent and alcoholic family members. Because of sorcery I suffered with very strong spiritual battles for most of my childhood. 

However, seven years later, God in His sovereign grace took us back to Baja California. One day, two child evangelism teachers from the outreach ministry of FFHM arrived where I lived. It was during a Bible class that the Holy Spirit revealed to me my sin and showed me Jesus as my Savior. That day I was liberated from spiritual attacks and the extreme terror that had paralyzed me in the nights. 

The day I received Christ, I also felt a strong calling to missions. I felt the conviction to return to Oaxaca and to take the good news. 

oaxaca_maria with border.jpg

At 12 years old, I started to go to the Mission Church. At 13, I was baptized and at 14 I entered the Bible Institute for two years. 

When I was 16, I arrived in Oaxaca as a missionary. I have now been serving for 23 years as a missionary in this region of Oaxaca. 

The need continues being enormous, but I am dedicated. Like the child who gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish, I give Jesus my small contribution, trusting that He will multiply it for more people to continue the call to preach the Gospel and make disciples. 

oaxaca_family in the mountains.png


• EVANGELISM – To be the arrowhead to enter places that are difficult to access with the good news (evangelism is one of my passions).

•TRAINING OTHERS - To stimulate and help in the training of mature believers and to support them in their integration into ministry service according to their gifts. 

• DISCIPLESHIP – To strengthen in faith the new believers through Bible studies in homes or public places especially women and children. I love working with children.

• ADMINISTRATION – To support in the administrative area of our church Abundant Grace Family Christian Center

• RADIO – To pray for my work at the radio station as the programmer. Through the transmissions a great diversity of programming is sent to people of different ages with a focus on the restoration of individuals and families. Believers and unbelievers have been deeply and radically impacted. 


1. For the radio station. Protection of the equipment, wisdom and discernment for the administration and programming. 

2. Protection when I travel to remote towns.

For 55 Years they met for Prayer


I do believe that by intercessory prayer, as Jesus himself has told us, the great power of God works in ways we cannot conceive.” Oswald Chambers. 

In 1963 a group of Lutherans met weekly for intercessory prayers, primarily for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

In 1966 that little group unanimously launched on a mission that would change all of their lives and the lives of countless others; the founding of the mission in Vicente Guerrero, Baja, CA, Mexico. (See Charla’s Children, chapter 14) 

During the ‘70s, our group grew in numbers and became very interdenominational and remains so. In answer to prayer, we saw tremendous miracles. God worked in ways beyond conception. 

In 2000 we moved to San Clemente and to our home in Laguna Woods, CA. We never missed a prayer meeting. The Petersons, Barnes, Schofields, Sanders, Sheltons, Knowltons, Smiths, and precious Pat Durkin was soon to follow. 

For over 55 years these intercessors continue to meet weekly for prayer.

We meet at the Pereau’s home, 2355 #3H Via Mariposa W., Laguna Woods, 92637. All are welcome; we have a prayer group dinner the first Friday of each month at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. Once again, all are invited. 

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face …” 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

Want to receive our weekly Prayer and Praise e-newsletter? Send us your email address to: info@ffhm.org  or call our office at (949) 492-2200.


By Charla Pereau, 
Founding Director

Back to School

09 sept web_back to school 1.png

Summer is over and our kids in Baja and Oaxaca have headed back to school. We believe
education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

09 sept web_back to school_student.png

We also believe having children in school all day is an amazing opportunity to truly disciple
them and help them view the world from Christ’s perspective. Because of these beliefs we put an
emphasis on providing a qualityChristian education.

Please pray for Cheryl Trevor in Baja and Abby Martin in Oaxaca as they lead the schools.

09 sept web_back to school_cheryl_abby.png

Congratulations Graduates

08 august_graduates.jpg

Every year, the Bible Institute graduation in Baja is special, as we watch these men and women take the next step in dedicating their lives to ministry and serving God. 

This year I was especially touched by the graduation because two of the graduates had been a part of Rancho de Cristo, our men’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

I was deeply touched to think about the amazing grace of Jesus at work in their lives and how much they had overcome to arrive at this event. 

God is faithful and He still is in the business of doing miracles and transforming lives.

By Janelle Keller, Executive Director

Would you like to partner with us in renovating the Bible Institute? Click here for more information.

Answering the Call

My first exposure to Foundation for His Ministry was a week long visit in March 2017. Like many others, I was changed by my afternoons in outreach, serving the children and staff, but most of all by the overt presence of God in this place.    

On the flight home to Chicago, I read “Charla’s Children” and was even more eager to recount my experience to family and friends. I was in awe of how one woman’s vision was the catalyst to sharing God’s love and grace with the people of Mexico. With each conversation, God kept growing my heart for the ministry to the point He finally said, “Don’t wait for a next time. Go now.”   

Instead of watering the seed He planted, I did my best to strangle it with weeds. “God, You know I own my own business serving Parkinsons patients. I own a house, I love my church, my friends, my Bible Study group and teaching exercise classes. Furthermore, I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t  like Mexican food.” 

And God said, “But what about THEM?” The question knocked the wind out of me.

God was asking me to choose between good and good; serving the Parkinson’s community or serving in Mexico. It was a sunrise service on Easter morning when the answer became clear. God used one lone guitar and the voice of an angel to call me again..... 

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever You would call me....” 

He’s right. God always is. I have now been serving at the Baja Mission for seven months with an end date yet to be determined. My “skill set” is far greater than I ever imagined. I have a servant’s heart, being raised in a loving family who modeled grace and forgiveness. I recognize the gift of an education as a means for changing a future and surrender each day to an almighty God; these are among my “skills” for serving. God does not always call the equipped but He does equip the called.   

I invite you to listen. Is He calling you? If so, prayerfully consider your response. I look forward to serving with you. 

By Susan Eichensehr, Baja Mission

Missionary Spotlight: Teresa Rodriguez

08 august_teresa_.png

We support eight missionaries who are serving and ministering in the mountains of Oaxaca among people who have still not heard the Gospel. Over the next several months we want to use the newsletter to introduce you to these amazing people so you can be praying for them: 

My name is Teresa Tello Rodriguez. I was born in the community of Yucuyi, which is part of San Sebastian Tecomaxtlahuaca, in the Mixteca region. Currently, I live in Juxtlahuaca with my family (grandmother, mother and my brother and sister).

We heard the good news of Jesus through a missionary, Maria Villa Pablo, who not only presented us with the Gospel, but also guided us in the first steps of the faith. 

Some time after, I felt that God was calling me to serve him and doors were opened for me to study in the Bible Institute in Baja. When I finished the Institute, I returned to my town to be a light to my own people.


Cafeteria for children: Every weekend we have about 30 children attend. We share with them a Bible class, we serve them food and we spend time playing with them. My greatest wish is that the children know the truth, and the truth is Jesus. I desire for God to use them to share with their families.

Embroidery workshop: Around 40 women attend an embroidery workshop every Saturday. While they embroider, we put on music that has a salvation message. They are also able to hear Bible advice about the family and at the end we have a small Bible reflection. We hand out cookies and juice.

We want to start this workshop in other towns where God will open doors, above all else, in communities that do not have the Gospel yet.

08 august_mountains.png


Even though this year we were told we are no longer allowed to continue the work with the children of San Martin Duraznos, we continue visiting house by house the sisters there, primarily Sister Francisca who is completely blind. We take groceries, clothes and medicine according to her needs.

God has given me the opportunity to disciple the sisters of the faith. The purpose is to encourage them to continue to be faithful in the Lord. Every Sunday the brothers and sisters from these two communities travel to Juxtlahuaca to congregate in our church. 


I work with the church in the following areas:

Directing the brothers and sisters in the cleaning: Together we work to keep the church buildings clean.

Child evangelism: Once a week a group of children attend Bible and value classes. 

The focus of this group is totally evangelistic. All of the children that come are from non-Christian families. We pray that the families of these children come to repentance. 

Ministry of movies: Every Friday we show a movie with a salvation message. At the end of the movie we do a reflection about the theme covered in the movie and above all else what God has to say in His word about the theme. The purpose of this is for more people to know Christ. 

Children’s teacher: Once a month I have the privilege of giving Bible classes in Sunday School. This is something I really enjoy because it is a way to connect with the children of our church. 

I am so grateful to all of you for your financial and prayer support because I sincerely have been blessed by God through all of you. God has given me the opportunity to take the Gospel of God to people with a great need for Christ. This includes people who are grateful for the opportunity to hear the message and children who have shown hunger to know more about the Lord. 

Brothers and sisters, thank you so much. God will reward you for what you have done. As it says in Revelation 22:12, “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” 

By Teresa Rodriguez, Oaxaca Mission

Impact One Life - Become a Sponsor

Each of the children and teenagers entrusted into our care in Baja, Oaxaca and Tijuana are truly precious gifts of God. All the houseparents and staff do their best to care for them, nurture them and raise them into disciples of Jesus. But there is another group of people who play a vital role in their development and growth – their sponsors. 

Obviously, the financial investment of $30 a month is important as money is an essential part of raising children. But the most important part of sponsorship is the relational and spiritual investment made by the sponsors. These are children who have been abandoned by a parent and the fact that someone chooses them through sponsorship is an important part of their healing.

When I was serving in Oaxaca, I quickly realized that these sponsors that the children call “Tio” and “Tia” are truly family to the children. They had pictures of their sponsors carefully preserved in photo albums or hung on their wall next to their beds. They frequently asked for prayer for their sponsors. And at our annual graduation party the graduates would always mention their sponsors when they gave their speeches of gratitude. 

If you would like to play this significant role in the life of a child go to: www.ffhm.org/sponsorships or call Linda in the US office at (949) 492-2200.

By Janelle Keller, Executive Director

sponsorship_front page_children_bottom.png

Congratulations Marisol

Marisol .jpg

I was born October 11, 1995 in San Quintin, Baja California. When I was ten years old both of my parents got sick, and everything in my life changed. When I was 13 I went to live at the children’s home in Vicente Guerrero. Seven months later, my mother passed away and then a few months after that my dad passed away too. My only hope of a future was at the children’s home, so I stayed there.  
Over the last nine years, I have realized that my life has been extremely different from what a “normal” child’s life should be. In time I have come to love my time growing up in the children’s home. I have experienced blessing upon blessing.  
In arriving at the TJ House, the blessings have continued. I have studied marketing and will finish my academic studies in June. At the TJ House I have come to know people with great hearts and have made good friends. The TJ House is my favorite place. It is my place of peace and I feel safe when I am there. 

I will miss this home: the carne asada and volley ball on Saturdays, our obstacle courses in the yard, playing games and singing karaoke. I will miss going to church together and coming downstairs for pizza. I will miss each of the people I live with and this house, which is full of joy and fun.  

I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry for what they have provided in my life and the opportunities I have received through them.

Marisol Cervantes

Oaxaca, Land of Intrigue

oaxaca_charla_bob_article header.png

In a southern state of Mexico lies a rugged land full of diversity and contrast. It’s made up of over 157 spoken languages, cultures, and ethnic groups. Many of these groups still do not know Jesus Christ; many have no one to tell them. 

Bob Sundberg assessed the situation and gave thousands of hours to the task. He drove to the remote areas, and when he could no longer drive, he walked. Bob ate what he was served, often resulting in food poisoning. 

He came from Detroit, also the place I was born, and miraculously has survived three liver transplants. His courage and determination are legendary. He is my modern day hero. Our adopted son Charles Curtis, also came from Oaxaca. We have had the special privilege of working side by side with Bob.

I walked the mountain side and found a little home, where hollyhocks grew by the door. Hollyhocks grew in our backyard in Detroit. I admired the lovely blossoms and was invited into this humble home. I prayed for my precious new friends in a foreign land, in a foreign culture.

oaxaca_yadira_esteban_oaxaca article.png

Esteban and Yadira (pictured above) also ministered in Oaxaca where there were no known believers. They poured out their lives to establish a church in the remote village of Santa Maria. They now oversee our outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support of our
missionaries serving in Oaxaca.

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director

We’ll Never be the Same


Since returning from Oaxaca we have had time to process the trip and think about what we learned:


Take Away #1: Prayer is powerful

Going in, our team valued prayer. We were very deliberate to identify our main requests and invite others to join in prayer. Even with our efforts, I don’t think any of us were prepared for God to answer in the ways He did.


Every request, whether intangible (growing hearts for children abroad, developing lasting relationships, receiving a kingdom vision for life choices, initiating further partnership with the mission) or tangible (smooth travel, safety, getting the weed-whacker started), was answered. God is capable of more than we could ever ask or imagine, and He gives us the desires of our hearts when we delight in him (Psalm 37:4). 


Take Away #2: Give thanks

The Mexican people constantly give thanks to God for his faithfulness and provision. Every prayer was an outflow of gratitude. After returning, our team has been amazed by how little we see thanksgiving in the prayers of our American church, despite being materially blessed to the max. We now aspire to be models of thanksgiving in the Christian communities we’re a part of here. 


Next Steps

Kyle has a growing friendship with Rinzgüin, a teenage boy at the home. He is excited to sponsor Rinzgüin and prepare a surprise gift for his 18th birthday. Lord willing, Kyle will return to Oaxaca to deepen his relationships with the kids, further his mastery of the Spanish language, and experience God’s presence there. 


Michael is still processing/praying about the experience to determine what the next step is. Brian is sponsoring Baltazar, a teenage boy at the home. Brian sees himself playing an ongoing role with the ministry through financial support. 


What is the next step for you? Perhaps it’s 

visiting one of the missions or committing to financial support. Please visit the FFHM website www.ffhm.org for more info and ways to give. 


By Michael, Brian, and Kyle

Hope for Sinaloa

I can remember the words that Jesus said: “My food is to do the will of him who sent me…lift up our eyes and look at the fields, because they are white for the harvest.” Today, there are many things that distract us and we turn our eyes and look at different things, and not what Jesus wants us to see. 

He wants us to see the fields of souls ready to hear and receive His Word. In that same part He tells us that some sow, some harvest, and the fruit is for eternal life and that is exactly what happened on our recent trip to Culiacán. 

We harvested what Hugo and Lizette have sowed. We joined a group from Texas. The work was INTENSE for them and for us. Our team was focused 100% on the spiritual work – the sowing and harvesting for eternal life. 

We put together a winter version of Vacation Bible School with the children of San Pedro. We began with 17 children and we finished with 30. Even though it was a time of classes, we had new children coming every day. 

10 children received Jesus for the first time, which is the most important thing. Our prayer is that what was harvested gives fruit, and the lives and families of these little ones can do a COMPLETE turn around. 

The children memorized the Word of God and did crafts related to the classes. We had a time for games, which is where the group from Texas helped a lot. I firmly believe God has great things planned for every one of these children!!!

In the evenings we covered three camps, El Guayabito, El Ranchito, and San Jose. Every one of the teachers prepared a good class, a good seed to be sown in the lives of these children. We so desire that they have different lives, that they be watersheds in their generation, different children, different youth, adults, and families, because with the help of God this and even more can be accomplished. 

The work needs to be watered with a lot of prayer, fasting, and perseverance. His Word will never return empty. 

It was a very good time - time to be able to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The voice of Jesus will still be heard. We plead with the Lord of the harvest to send more workers to His harvest. It is wonderful to be part of the team of Jesus Christ. 

sinaloa_children eating at camp.png

There are no words to describe the joy and happiness that was in our hearts to be able to be sent to the harvest, where we found children, women, youth, and families longing to hear the Word of Eternal Life. 

Thank you so much to the donors who from their homes, their churches and their jobs are a part of this work. You all are those above the well sustaining the rope so that we can go down into the well where we find our people, speaking the same language and bringing them out of the darkness and bringing them into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. THANK YOU!!! 

We love you and are grateful for all that you do for our people and for our country. 


Graciela Vazquez, 
Baja Outreach Supervisor

Remembering Rafa

Recently, we lost a beloved staff member at the Baja Mission, Rafael Lopez. As we gathered to mourn and tell stories about our friend and co-laborer, two themes emerged about Rafa’s life. 

One was that after living a life of darkness and addiction, he had been radically transformed in a way that is only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And because Rafa had been forgiven for much, he loved Jesus extravagantly. He had a passion for God’s Word, missions and service of others. 

The other theme was that Rafa valued people above everything else. He genuinely wanted to know people and know how they are doing. He would drop everything to help a friend – and he considered everyone his friend. He had an infectious personality and made it his mission every day to be an encouragement. 

We find comfort and joy knowing that Rafael is in heaven with Jesus and he is whole and without pain. But he leaves a huge hole in our lives and in our ministry.


By Janelle Keller, 
Executive Director

A Tribute to our Housemothers


In both Baja and Oaxaca there are a set of women who are heroes to us all – the housemothers. 

They take abandoned and abused children with deep spiritual and emotional wounds and they love them as if they were their own children. 

These women create safe homes and create beautiful memories for their families. They pray with the children for their needs, cry with them over their pain, and rejoice with them in their victories. 

Please join us in celebrating and praying for these amazing women as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month. 

Graduate Gives Back - Yulissa Brought to the Home at age Three

tj house_yulissa.png

Over the next several months we want to share the stories with you of our graduating university students. We are so proud of them and we want to share with you the amazing ways God is at work:  I arrived at the children’s home in Baja when I was three years old. I grew and met incredible people: people full of love for their job and for Jesus. 

These people loved me and taught me my value, my gifts, my talents, and most of all, the love of God.
Today, thanks to their time invested in me, I am who I am.

Now I am studying languages with the goal of teaching
English as a second language. 

I am also studying French and Mexican Sign Language. I hope to continue studying Sign Language and be an interpreter one day.

This spring I will graduate from the university, and I will miss a lot of things about the TJ House. I will miss knowing that when I get home there will be someone to chat with, eat with,
and spend time as a family with. 

I’ll miss playing soccer and volleyball, going to the beach, and getting ice cream. But I also know that I am part of a family that loves me and accepts me just how I am.

After I graduate this May I plan on staying in Tijuana and finding a job as a teacher while I also look for opportunities to use my sign language, continue going to church, and serving my community in any way I can. 
I am so thankful to Foundation for His Ministry and all the people who have helped to give me the incredible opportunities I have been blessed with. 

I’m so thankful.

tj house_students_houseparents.png

Bringing Hope to Oaxaca

Come and see.”  Oaxaca already is an amazing corner of this world, and it’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit has been working and moving in the Mission here over the past year. Under the leadership and direction of our pastor, Edgar Rivera Aguilar, we are experiencing spiritual healing and growth in the lives of the children and staff, along with members
of the community who have begun congregating with us. 

oaxaca_boy with hat.png
oaxaca_girl eating snacks.png

I personally feel flooded with gratitude when I look around
to see the people I serve alongside with their hands raised
in worship and adoration to our Lord. 

Joy springs up in my heart to witness children and youth feeling the freedom to dance before the King. Truth is being spoken in love, deep wounds are beginning to heal, and relationships are slowly being restored. We hear reports of how God is working through
outreach efforts as well. 

oaxaca_children praying.png

We have discovered new ways to share God’s bounty with those in need around us, through supplying rehabilitation centers and local Bible schools with food staples that they sorely lack. God has produced blessings from the earthquakes last September, opening up connections with new communities from the valley to the isthmus,
and even in Chiapas. 

The mountain missionaries continue to enter new communities with their ministry teams. They join us once a month so we can
learn more about them, the work they are doing,
and the ways they see God moving. 

oaxaca_children outside.png

And the teenagers here are shining so brightly that other churches are beginning to invite them to their events, in an effort to inspire
their own youth. God truly works in wonderful ways. 

One of our staff members often says, “We are not a children’s home. We are a family.” As with many families, life is not all sunshine and roses. 

We continue to have struggles, misunderstandings, and disappointments. But this family has an amazing Father
who unites us and we are eternally grateful for His mercy and grace,
and for the ways He is moving among us, even now.

Planting Seeds

The Boys at The Ranch

The Boys at The Ranch

Hans Benning and I had planned the day, but things did not go as planned and half of the group cancelled due to the flu. As Proverbs 16:9 tells us, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps”. God had His own agenda for us and as I contemplated what to do about the shortage of workers, God simply said, “Take the teenage boys.”

Nine young men joined us as we headed out to the ranch. Hans gave us a brief tour and talked about the men’s stories of drugs, alcohol, crime, self destruction and often violation of others.

He also talked about redemption and hope. This time planted seeds in these boys. As we began working, I got to know them better. Some boys worked quietly, some tried to find any reason to take a break, and some began sharing their lives. I soon realized that some of these boys had never thought about their future outside of the mission walls. So, we began brainstorming about their passions, skills and what it means to be disciples.

Rancho de Cristo

Rancho de Cristo

After lunch Hans had us remain in the dining hall. The words he began to speak echoed my heart’s desire. He shared the fear he had for the boys, not because of who they are or where they came from but because of the broken world we live in. He reminded them that God knows each of their names, but so does the devil and the men at the ranch are examples of listening to the wrong voice. We had each boy stand as we called them by name and laid hands on them as we prayed boldly for their minds and hearts. The men from Rancho and the visitors committed to praying daily for each one of these boys for the next year.

Hans and the boys

Hans and the boys

As I drove back to the mission, I was grateful for the plans God had for the day. This day was a highlight for the serving group, for me, and for these boys. A seed has taken root and lives have been changed!!

By Susan Eichensehr, Baja Mission

Hard at work

Hard at work

The Agave

The Agave painting

The Agave painting

Reverend Reid Lunsford was a lifelong friend of my parents and a mentor to me. Reid had a terminal disease and we made frequent trips to visit him in his beloved desert home in Phoenix, AZ. He loved the desert.

In 1966, oil painting classes were offered at our church and I signed up. I chose a picture of an Agave, a desert cactus, to paint as my first oil painting for Reid. The painting wasn’t even dry on the canvas when we received the call, “come now,” his departure is very near.

Reid was still coherent and delighted with the painting. Other family members flew in as we gathered around his hospital bed in the living room of their home. Chuck began to sing “In the Garden”. As he sang the words “and the voice I heard...the Son of God is calling,” an angel appeared in the room. Some saw it and others felt its presence. Reid was escorted home by an angel.

In February 1967 the hills of Baja were covered with Agave. Somehow I knew this trip was preordained; negotiations began toward the purchase of the mission property in Vicente Guerrero. I never knew what became of the painting of the Agave. In 2012 I was scheduled to speak at the Lutheran Church of Joy in Glendale, AZ. To my surprise, Reid’s daughter, June Griffin, came to the service. She brought me the painting which had been lost for over 46 years.

By Charla Pereau, Founding Director

Another University Graduate



I was born in Sinaloa on Nov. 20, 1994 to a single mother. We traveled to Baja, with the hope of finding better working conditions for my mom. I was given the opportunity to live at the student’s home in Tijuana and to attend the University, majoring in Marketing. With God’s grace I’ve done very well academically and am now graduating with a degree.

At the student’s home I found friends who have become like brothers and sisters; family for the rest of my life. Memories will be cherished; soccer games, parties with carne asada and each semester kickoff meeting are things I will never forget. Now as I graduate from the University, I plan to go to Camalu, Baja CA Mexico to find employment in my field of expertise. I am so thankful to the Foundation for His Ministry for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. It could never have been done without your support.At the student’s home I found friends

Earthquake in Oaxaca

The devastation

The devastation

It started with a question from a doctor about where we had purchased the wooden pallets for our new stage. This question resulted in our driving with a caravan of vehicles to an earthquake damaged community that is five hours away from the Oaxaca Mission. We brought them wooden pallets to create a floor so that those most affected wouldn’t have to sleep on the wet ground.

More than the visible destruction, they were struck by the continued fear in the people there. There have been hundreds of aftershocks, which brings back the memory of the first one that changed their world. So, after seeing this deep need we gathered a team to go and share about a God who loves and cares for them and a hope that casts out all fear.

Temporary housing

Temporary housing

We spent time building relationships with the women and creating fun for the children there.

We also had the opportunity to give out 500 warm blankets with notes of encouragement. It struck me how receptive people were to us. I am hopeful that the notes will leave a lasting impression on those who received them, and that this donation will warm their bodies and hearts as they endure very cold nights.

Handing out blankets

Handing out blankets

We live in a time when it is easy to become overwhelmed by the natural disasters and evil acts in our world.

In this age of information, we get news so quickly about the hurting state of our world. But we are NOT without hope. There is great power in prayer and in the tangible ways we can love those God has placed around us in this life.

Laura Rodriguez, Oaxaca Mission Administrator