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Canadian Donors: All contributions, including sponsorships and resources, made by Canadian donors must be made through our Canadian affiliate The Maranatha Evangelistic Association. You can donate on their website This way you will receive a tax receipt and comply with Canadian regulations for giving to a non-profit.

Baja Mission Staff Housing

Project details:
Demolish old adobe motel building
Build a 2-story staff housing complex in cement block
Remove the old trailers – keep newer ones
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Property for Mission in Sinaloa

We are looking at a piece of property that is on the beach and it is about 13 acres of undeveloped property but it does have electric, water and sewage already.

The land purchase is $600,000 approximately and the buildings, vehicles and equipment needed to start a children’s home are going to cost around $1.3 million.

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Baja Mission Maintenance and Renovation

This will help us keep up with regular maintenance and renovation of the facilities and grounds at the Baja Mission.

Cost: $15,000

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Oaxaca Church Construction

Help us build a church at our Mission in Oaxaca.

Cost: $250,000

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Truck for Maria in Oaxaca

Maria Villa Pablo, our precious missionary in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca is in urgent need for a replacement of her little truck. She must walk the mountains without this vehicle. Any amount of money could be designated to meet this need. Approximate cost could be $16,000. More Info »