Paola 2018.jpg

Paola Narvaez

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 26

I grew up with my mother and two younger brothers. We lived in a violent environment and my mother separated from my stepfather. My mother started to work after her separation and thanks to God we were able to keep going forward and she worked hard to give is the best she could. The hard part was when my mother went to the United States to make more money and we had to stay with my grandmother. It was at that time that Jesus came to my life. Since the first time I step into the church I just loved it! When my mother came back two years later she did not want to know anything about  “religion” but God worked in her heart and she got to know Jesus too.I started going to church all the time I became part of the worship ministry (dance) and children’s ministry and God transformed my life and healed the wounds of my past. I have been at that church for 10 years called: “Cornerstone Puebla Oriente” . Through missionary trips and my career as a nurse God called me to be a missionary to the nations. I finally have this opportunity and left everything to come and to be an instrument in the hands of God and use my training as a nurse and the gifts he has given me to take His word to places that have not been reached yet.  

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