Application For Service

Application For Service

One primary requirement for serving on a mission field is to have a servant’s heart.  Whether you serve for a few days or many years, you are a missionary when you come to one of our children’s homes, and being a missionary also means you must

  • be willing to submit to one another
  • be able to work without recognition
  • be self-motivated
  • be capable of taking directions
  • and …. a sense of humor helps!

We receive visitors and long-term volunteers at all of our Mission locations – Baja California, and Oaxaca, Mexico.  Once you visit … you will never be the same.

We require all visitors to register by contacting the Baja Mission at or the Oaxaca Mission at

Long-Term Volunteers

If you are interested in serving for more than 10 days, you would be considered a long-term missionary.   Acceptance is contingent upon receipt of a completed application and all references, available housing, and current staffing needs (applicant must be 18 years or older for Baja California and 21 or older for Oaxaca). Retirees with mobile homes are given special consideration. Please allow up to three months to process an application. Please do not make plans to go to a Mission until the application review process has been completed and you have been notified of acceptance.

Click here to learn more about serving at the Mission as a Long-Term Missionary.

Short Term Volunteers and Visitors

If you would like to volunteer to serve at one of our Missions for no more than 10 days – either as an individual, head of family, or leader of a group – please CLICK HERE for applications, resources and information.

Click here to learn more about Serving at a Mission on a short term basis.