Full Time Staff

Full Time Staff

Long-term missionaries – individuals (21 years of age or older) and families who commit to serve at the Mission for more than 10 days up to many years – are an essential part of the stability and peace of our orphanage homes and ministries. Our staff has grown to over 150 missionaries who come from Mexico (some of the Mexican Nationals on our staff today have grown up at the Mission), Canada, the U.S… and sometimes from other parts of the world.

Some of our staffing needs are best filled by bi-lingual Spanish-English speakers. However, there are other positions where this is not required. We have staffing needs at all our Missions. If you are flexible to go where the need is greatest, you will have a better chance of gaining an opportunity to serve.

Staff personnel receive housing and meals. Some receive a monthly allotment – as the Lord provides. Others serve as volunteers. All are missionaries. If you are interested, download the application and both reference forms (two personal references from friends who know you well, not relatives; and one pastoral reference are required) and email the completed application to the Baja Mission at bajagroups@ffhm.org or the Oaxaca Mission at oaxacagroups@ffhm.org. All applicants must have a letter of acceptance before going to an FFHM Mission.


Nursery Workers—We have a nursery for up to 12 children between the ages of newborn and when they are potty trained. We need workers to help create a safe, loving environment for them where all of their needs are met. This job requires some overnight shifts.

Daycare Workers—One of our ministries is a daycare that ministers to the children of single mothers who are working in the fields. 30 children are picked up from their homes every day, cleaned up and taught in a preschool environment. We need someone to help care for the children and also to keep the daycare clean and organized.

Construction Workers—We are currently working on new staff housing and need people who have previous skills and experience in construction. Must be able to lift heavy things and be on your feet all day. 

Maintenance WorkersMany of our buildings are now over 20 years old and are consistently in need of maintenance. We need people who know how to fix things to come and help us with the overwhelming maintenance needs.

Professional Painters— We are in need of professional painters who can help us get the buildings into top shape. Overall, we desire for our children and staff to live in a clean, beautiful place. We need help to make that happen.


Maintenance Worker – Help maintain the facilities and grounds.

Teen Housemother – We need committed, dedicated Christian women who can take on the responsibility of raising a house of teenage girls into adulthood.