Isai Garcia Hernandez.JPG

Isai Garcia Hernandez

Location: TJ House

Age: 21

Major: International Relations

School: University of Tijuana CUT

My time in the TJ House has been good. They have helped me integrate and make friends with people I might have not been friends with otherwise. In getting to know these friends and spending time with them, we have formed a great family. I’m thankful to FFHM for giving me the opportunity to study in an academic program that will give me a future. I’m also thankful to our houseparents, Ricardo and Andrea, who have helped me in so many ways. They have made the house so much nicer, they have been generous, and require that we value the blessings we have received whether large or small.

My goals are to finish my program and find a job within my field. I hope to help Mexico from an international position. I also want to support my younger siblings with their studies. Finally, I hope to have a family and support missionaries.

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