Jacob Alfredo Barragan (Hernandez)

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 21

I found out about the Bible Institute CPSM through my family and I wanted to experience and to know more about its teachings. I thought: if they teach only the Bible I will go because I want to know more about the word of God. I believe I am here because that is the will of my heavenly father. I am here to be trained in order for me to be able to serve him with all the wisdom he will give me. Since I was a child, more than three of his servants, God has promised me that I will be a pastor. Of course everything will happen in God’s time, I believe in his promises.

My parents have instructed me in the way of God since I was a child but when I was 12 years old I decided to get away from God completely. My parents serve God as pastors of a church but did not matter to me. I used to hide the bad things I was doing and the people I was hanging out with but people would see them and would tell my parents, I know I caused them many problems and I made my mother cry very much, I know she would lock herself up in church just to pray for me, he would cry out to God for me and she would ask God to get me out of all those things the world offered me and God took me out of them many times and I noticed when he did. What I want to do is to tell you of God’s power and how he touched my heart, how he changed my thoughts and how Little by Little the prayers of my mother started to affect my life and changed my wrong thoughts and made me to see I was not well. I started watching testimonies of people that used to be witches or Satanists and those started to impact my heart and to show me how powerful is God and how His power has no limits and how he is a God of love and mercy and how he can get you out of any situation you find yourself in. It was then that I repented from all the bad things I had done and accepted God in my heart again.

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